Chapter 1707: Towering Success!

Out of all these people, the Song Family from Profound Heaven Alliance was the most emotional of them all.

Profound Heaven Alliance was a dominant force on the Scarlet Tide Continent. When Qin Lie was still in Armament Sect, they had viewed him as a threat to their faction.

However, Song Tingyu held Qin Lie in high regards, resulting in Profound Heaven Alliance slowly accepting the Armament Sect into their fold.

Not long after, Qin Lie’s brilliance started to shine as he won the trust of the Horned Demon Race and unlocked the seal of the Ice Emperor at Arctic Mountain Range, awakening many frozen Ancient Beast Race clansmen.

After that, Qin Lie’s rise was unstoppable. He successfully walked out of the Scarlet Tide Continent and entered the Land of Chaos.

Many years had passed since that day. Profound Heaven Alliance was now the Flaming Sun Island’s vassal force, and the Alliance Chief Song Yu was infinitely glad and proud of his daughter’s eye for people.

After all, her chosen man had changed the entire picture of the Land of Chaos single-handedly and become the number one person in the Land of Chaos. 

Even better, Qin Lie’s current influence wasn’t just limited to just the Land of Chaos, or even Spirit Realm anymore.

“Thank goodness we made the right choice back then…” Song Yu thought to himself.

“Enter the universe!” Feng Yi of the Celestial Artifact Sect asked hurriedly after his surprise had worn off. “What does that mean? Do you mean that we can leave Spirit Realm and operate freely in Asura Realm, Giant Spirit Realm, and Dragon Realm now?”

“Is it what he said?” Qi Yang of Ten Thousand Beast Mountain also asked.

A lot of Land of Chaos martial practitioners looked excited about this. In their opinion, just being able to expand their scopes beyond Spirit Realm was a huge improvement already.

However, Qin Lie shook his head with a smile and said, “It’s not as simple as expanding beyond Spirit Realm.”

“If it isn’t that, then…” Lei Yan trailed off in puzzlement.

“The five patriarchs of the God Race are at Sky Bearing City right now, but this time they aren’t here to invade Spirit Realm.” Qin Lie grinned at them before continuing, “They are here to make an alliance. Right now, there’s a realm entrance at Sky Bearing City that’s directly connected to God Realm. From here on, we’ll be able to use the God Race’s realm entrances to travel to any corner of the universe. The Spirit Race, the Soul Race, the Bone Race, the Winged Race, the Earth Demon Race; they are all races of the vast universe, and we can meet in the future.”

“We can travel to their realms whenever we want, and they may come to Spirit Realm to deal with us.”

“Right now, we are allies with the God Race and the Bone Race. No force will be blind enough to cause trouble here unless they want a huge intergalactic war.”

“For example, the Night Ghosts had cost us greatly last time, but now… they’ve been wiped from the face of the universe.”

“From here on, the races of Spirit Realm belong to the millions of races of the galaxy.”

“Also, many strange races will be appearing in Spirit Realm. Please don’t be surprised if you run into a race you’ve never seen before.”

“Of course, joining the table of races of the universe means that we’ll be able to interact with those truly powerful races. We’ll be dealing, trading bloodlines, and learning combat techniques and cultivation methods from them.”

“Everyone needs to work hard to strengthen themselves so that our footing as a member of the universe is solidified.”


Qin Lie gave them an in-depth explanation of their current situation.

The leaders of the Land of Chaos exploded after he was finally done speaking. They all looked absolutely excited.

Most of them had gone to the Frost Desolation Abyss before, and they were able to learn a bit about the universe through the Abyss Devils.

In fact, their knowledge of the outer realms probably exceeded even the forces at the Central World.

They knew that the races of Spirit Realm were in fact largely inferior to the truly powerful races of the outer realms.

The Night Ghosts’ invasion made their weakness pretty clear.

Night Ghosts were a faction that was at best a small fry in the universe, but they were able to slaughter the Giant Race and Wood Race like they were nothing.

It was proof enough that the races of Spirit Realm were weak.

“In addition, I’ve gained a piece of land at the Eight Purgatories.” A pause later, Qin Lie smiled and continued, “It’s a purgatory called Flaming Sun Purgatory. Jiang An, Miao Fengtian, Xue Li, and the eight god corpses were forcefully teleported there while my true body was studying the laws and powers of Flaming Sun Purgatory because they share a special connection with my soul. The vanished Vermillion Bird Realm had also become a part of Flaming Sun Purgatory; its denizens currently acclimating to life in Flaming Sun Purgatory…”

“What?! A purgatory?” Lei Yan blurted before Qin Lie could finish. “Does… does that mean you’re about to become a Devil Monarch?”

“T-this is…”


“A Devil Monarch?”

Qi Yang, Feng Yi, and Yu Lingwei had fought in the Frost Desolation Abyss before, so they knew exactly what the Eight Purgatories were.

They were also present when Auston, the Devil Monarch of Nine Hells Purgatory had taken the Ling Family into Nine Hells Purgatory.

They knew that Devil Monarchs were Great Lords of the Abyss that surpassed even the Great Lords of the Abyss of the first hundred Abyss levels. They knew that the Eight Purgatories were the sacred ground of the Abyss Devils.

However, Qin Lie was saying that he was about to become a Devil Monarch.

It was something that completely overturned their common sense.

“That’s right, it is exactly what you’re thinking. Yellow Springs Purgatory is destroyed, and my Flaming Sun Purgatory has devoured and taken over its place.” Qin Lie’s grin was aggressive and domineering. “I am soon to replace the deceased Yellow Springs Monarch, Grom, as the new Devil Monarch. Moreover, thanks to the six Spirits of Void and Chaos, my Flaming Sun Purgatory is slightly different from the rest of the Abyss Purgatories. Abyss devil energy isn’t the only element that Flaming Sun Purgatory has.”

“Fire, water, lightning, wood, earth, and metal. The six Spirits of Chaos had brought these elements to Flaming Sun Purgatory and created territories out of them.”

“These six territories are suitable for all martial practitioners and bloodline experts who cultivate these six types of powers and bloodlines. Everyone, be it humans, Abyss Devils, or other races, can cross over to Flaming Sun Purgatory and see if they can adapt to these environments.”

“Once Flaming Sun Purgatory is fully formed, I shall open the gates to all of you,” Qin Lie said with a bright smile on his face.

“Heavens! You’ve reached such heights already?” Hong Bowen of the Blood Fiend Sect exclaimed in shock.

“Who would’ve thought that you would achieve such amazing things one day?” Yu Lingwei muttered to herself.

“I see, Xue Li’s in Flaming Sun Purgatory.” Mo Lingye let out a sigh of relief.

“I cultivate the power of fire, and I would like to go to Flaming Sun Purgatory and cultivate in the Vermillion Bird Realm when it’s ready,” Feng Yi of the Celestial Artifact Sect expressed.

“Qin Lie, send me to that lightning world as soon as you can, okay?” the Forefather Terminator, Nan Zhengtian, yelled.

“Of course, just give it a bit more time, okay? I’ll make arrangements as soon as I can,” Qin Lie said while laughing.

When Flaming Sun Purgatory was fully formed, it could easily accommodate millions and millions of people. It was probably even bigger than Spirit Realm itself.

The people who lived in Flaming Sun Purgatory weren’t the only ones who would benefit. The more people lived and cultivated there, the more benefits he would gain as the creator as well.

Just the same, the native Abyss Devils of Flaming Sun Purgatory would evolve faster since they had plenty of competitors to fight with.

Accomodating a large amount of people in Flaming Sun Purgatory could only be beneficial to him and his purgatory.

He had a vague feeling the strength of his true body was tied to Flaming Sun Purgatory itself.

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