Chapter 1705: Nine Lights Realm

Spirit World.

It was a blue and boundless sea with several giant continents that looked like diamond adornments on a garment.

One of the continents was filled with giant demon pets. The creatures lived peacefully by the seashore or the forests.

This continent has belonged to the Great Sage of the Spirit Race since ancient times.

Many grand palaces could be seen on this continent. They stood like mountains, and inside the biggest palace of them all, Tian Qi could be seen sitting inside an empty hall, gripping the Scepter of Fate and studying the laws and truths of power.

“Swhoosh swhoosh!”

Suddenly, odd-colored lights intermingled in front of Tian Qi before transforming into a spatial entrance.

Castor’s soul abruptly passed through the spatial entrance and appeared in front of Tian Qi. It was the soul that had escaped from the Bone World.

Tian Qi opened his eyes slowly and shot him a glance. Then, he exclaimed in astonishment, “What happened to you?”

Castor replied gloomily, “My body was burned to dust by Qin Lie at the Bone World.”

Tian Qi grew even more surprised. He asked, “But how? I thought his true body is still at Flaming Sun Purgatory?”

“It was his Soul Race avatars,” Castor replied with a snort.

“That’s not possible.” Tian Qi withdrew the Scepter of Fate and examined Castor seriously, saying, “None of his Soul Race avatars have the Blaze Family bloodline, so how could they possibly burn your body to dust? Even his true body shouldn’t be able to do anything against you with his current mastery of the power of fire. Right now, Lieyan Yuan is the only one who could burn your avatar to dust... Don’t tell me Lieyan Yuan attacked you?”

“No, that can’t be right,” Tian Qi shook his head and muttered to himself, “Lieyan Yuan and I had an agreement on this. He wouldn’t attack you at this time.”

“Qin Lie had obtained the life crystal of the Flame Devil King,” Castor said.

“The Flame Devil King’s life crystal?” Tian Qi exclaimed. A look of shock finally appeared on his face.

Castor continued gloomily, “The Bone Race didn’t swear loyalty to me because of Qin Lie, and the plan to take control of their power hadn’t gone smoothly. Without the Bone Race’s aid and their powerful Corpse Demons, it won’t be an easy task to restore my other six avatars to full strength.”

A moment of hesitation later, he added, “Those six Devil Monarchs are far more difficult to deal with than Grom. My avatars can’t do anything against them until they regain their full strength.”

“I need your help.” Castor ended with a plea for help.

Tian Qi frowned and fell silent for a moment. Finally, he said, “Our plan has already been exposed. I don’t think it’ll be easy for Lieyan Yuan and I to help you a second time.”

Castor chuckled once before replying, “Oh, I’m in no hurry. As long as that remains asleep, no one can kill me permanently, not even the six Devil Monarchs combined. The most they can do is seal me away a second time.”

A pause later, he shot Tian Qi a serious look and said, “Moreover, I’m sure you’re itching to use the Scepter of Fate, aren’t you?”

“Lieyan Yuan is also waiting to enter the ultimate realm as soon as possible.”

“Both of you have waited for this for a long time. In fact, you could’ve ascended to the ultimate realm a long time ago. The reason neither of you did is because you were afraid that he would wake up and target you two, right?”

“I’m in no hurry. I can wait longer. But can you two wait?”

“I know the two of you want to use me as your shield. I don’t mind, but… don’t you think you should work a bit harder?”

Castor’s tone turned scornful and cold by the time he finished.

Tian Qi fell into a long silence.

A while later, he finally stood up and said, “Give me some time to contact him.”

“If you’re afraid, you should try your best to help me,” Castor sneered.

Tian Qi hesitated for a moment before asking, “If the King of Flame Devils is still alive, if both of you are at the ultimate realm… do you think you’ll be able to beat him?”

Castor’s expression turned colder. “I don’t know.”

“It’s just a reminder.” Tian Qi smiled at him and said, “If Lieyan Yuan successfully enters the ultimate realm and masters the ultimate power of fire, he will become a second Flame Devil King. He’ll be the bane of you.”

This time, Castor didn’t say anything.

“Oh, one more thing. He’s the one who created Qin Lie’s Perfect Blood so he can strip it for himself when the time is right. You won’t be able to take over Qin Lie so easily,” Tian Qi added.

“I have my ways,” Castor replied coldly.

“I just want you to know that coexistence is possible between you and I. Neither of us will be able to harm the other when we’ve both entered the ultimate realm. On the other hand, Lieyan Yuan has the power to refine you to nothing,” Tian Qi said with a smile.

“I understand,” Castor replied with a nod.

“Good.” Tian Qi smiled.


At an unknown corner of the universe.

There were nine suns burning hotly like nine gigantic fireballs.

There was a crimson-colored realm in the middle of the nine suns. It was baked constantly by the nine suns.

This realm was called the Nine Lights Realm.

The land of the Nine Lights Realm seemed to permanently on fire. Sometimes burning meteors would drop from the sky, and the volcanos of its land spouted lava constantly.

It was even hotter than the Vermillion Bird Realm at Flaming Sun Purgatory.

This realm was inhabitable to most of the life in the universe.

However, it was the cultivation world of one’s dreams to those who were dependant on fire.

For example, the Vermillion Birds, the Flame Devils, and the Blaze Family would like this place a lot…

At the center of a circle of volcanoes, there was an entire sea of lava.

Palaces made of fire crystals could be seen floating on top of the sea of fire. The entire palace seemed to be permanently on fire, and it was hotter than even the surrounding volcanoes.


Right now, a spatial entrance was forming bit by bit above the palace.

While the spatial entrance was taking form, the surrounding power of fire suddenly slipped into the fire palace in the blink of an eye.

This corner of the world suddenly became a lot cooler.

A Blaze Family warrior stepped out of the spatial entrance and shot the fire palace a reverent look before saying, “Old patriarch, I just received news that Qin Lie had burned one of Castor’s avatar to dust at the Bone World. He was using the life crystal of the King of Flame Devils. As a result, Castor’s plan to take over the Bone Race had failed, and our new patriarch and Han Che had gone to the Bone World as well. Right now, we’re allies with the Bone Race…”

This God Race warrior had rank nine bloodline. He was respectfully reporting to the master of the burning palace everything that had happened as of late.

“Got it. You may return.” An imposing voice came from inside the burning palace.

The God Race warrior bowed once before he stepped back into the spatial entrance.


Not long after the rank nine bloodline warrior left, the Blood Emperor Li Xin stepped out of the same spatial entrance.

He bowed towards the master of the burning palace before reporting in a spiritless tone, “Master, it took me a couple of teleportations to finally return to Nine Lights Realm. I had almost… died at Yellow Springs Purgatory. It was thanks to the young master that I was able to return safely.”

“Did he replace Grom as the new Devil Monarch?” Lieyan Yuan asked from inside the burning palace.

“Yes. However… I think he had Castor’s help at the time.” Li Xin paused for a moment before saying, “The young master had noticed your imprint inside the Ancient Life Tree, master. He… no longer trusts you.”

“No longer trusts me, you say.” Lieyan Yuan’s tone was indifferent. “He had never trusted me from the beginning.”

“I also received news that Qin Hao… is staying in the purgatories. He’ll probably try to snipe Castor’s avatars across six purgatories.”

“Got it,” Lieyan Yuan replied indifferently.

Suddenly, his expression changed when he sensed a change in the spatial laws of Nine Lights Realm.

“Tian Qi…”

The Great Sage Tian Qi was coming to Nine Lights Realm.

He was the only person capable of slightly altering spatial laws to appear any time he wanted.

“You may go.” He told Li Xin to leave.

“Understood.” Li Xin walked toward the spatial entrance after a final bow.

“You should avoid contact with Qin Lie after this. Now that he’s on his guard… just leave him be,” Lieyan Yuan said.

“Understood.” Li Xin vanished through the spatial entrance after that.

At the same time, Tian Qi tore through space and appeared in Nine Lights Realm.

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