Chapter 1703: Alliance

Bone Race, the Temple of Bones. 

Bone Race experts such as Lartigau, Bredo, and Sarto were sitting together with Qin Lie, Lieyan Zhao, and Han Che in the wide hall.

The Temple of Bones was built solely from bones. It was their sacred ground.

“Thank you for being here, Qin Lie. If it wasn’t for you… we would’ve submitted to Castor already,” Lartigau said regretfully.

He knew that he and Bredo alone were no match for Castor.

It was because they had both witnessed Castor’s full might before. They were so afraid of him that they couldn’t even imagine resisting his influence.

“Castor had died once already. He’s no longer the terrifying figure he was before. The reason you’re afraid of him is because of the shadow he cast in your hearts,” Qin Lie said.

That was what he said, but if he were to be truthful with himself, he himself was slightly afraid of Castor.

If he didn’t have that life crystal of the King of Flame Devils, his avatars together would’ve been no match for Castor.

Lieyan Zhao and Han Che might be able to put on a real fight, but whether they could defeat him or not was unknown.

The life crystal of the King of Flame Devils could counter Castor’s power and even melt part of his subsoul into dust.

Castor retreated because he was afraid that his soul would burn to dust just like his body.

However, he didn’t feel such oppression from  Lieyan Zhao, even though the latter was a master of fire himself. Without knowing the ultimate power of flames, it was incredibly difficult to refine even one of Castor’s subsouls.

“When Castor awakens, the universe is sure to descend into chaos,” Bredo said solemnly.

“Castor’s not the only threat either.” Han Che pondered for a second before continuing, “The Spirit Race and the Soul Race are getting restless as well. The Spirit Race even tried to restore Austin to full strength after entering Nine Hells Purgatory. We were lucky that his resurrection was stopped, or the situation would be even more problematic.”

“On behalf of the Bone Race, I would like to form an alliance with the God Race. What do you think?” Lartigau asked suddenly.

Neither Han Che nor Lieyan Zhao could hide their joy when they heard this.

“We welcome you fully, of course!” Lieyan Zhao laughed.

After millions of years of rest, the Bone Race was slowly regaining their former strength.

The Bone Race was without a doubt the strongest race besides the four transcendent bloodline races. They were stronger than even the Winged Race.

The Bone Race could refine powerful Corpse Demons. If they were given a large amount of powerful corpses, their strength would increase rapidly.

The reason Castor was able to rampage through the universe unhindered wasn’t completely due to his own strength. He was powerful, but the Bone Race undoubtedly played a role in his dominance as well.

The Bone Race was a powerful ally to make. The God Race would have the upper hand against the Soul Race or the Spirit Race with the Bone Race on their side.

The Soul Race especially had much to fear from the Bone Race.

The Bone Race’s Corpse Demons were the perfect counter to the Soul Race.

For the longest time, the God Race had thought of the Soul Race as their greatest enemy. But with the Bone Race on their side, the Soul Race suddenly looked a lot less threatening.

The Bone Race had been developing themselves quietly for many years. They had never let themselves be embroiled in the intense conflict of the four transcendent bloodline races.

The God Race had sought out Lartigau and tried to make an alliance with them many times in the past, but they had always been turned down until now.

Lieyan Zhao hadn’t thought that he would obtain an offer of alliance when he came to the Bone World with Qin Lie.

It was a pleasant surprise.

“The God Race was willing to invest all their energy into protecting Qin Lie. It shows just how much value you placed on him.” Lartigau shot a glance at Qin Lie before continuing, “Also, it’s a fact that Qin Lie had saved us from our predicament, and the strength he displayed is… shocking to say the least. More importantly, His true body may very well transform into a Devil Monarch of an Abyss Purgatory. This proves that the God Race has also stretched their influence to the purgatories.”

A pause later, Lartigau added, “Now that we’ve officially rejected Castor’s offer, he’s sure to take revenge eventually. Our choice to join Qin Lie can only be correct since Qin Lie’s fiery meteoroid can suppress his power.”

Both the Dark Soul Beast avatar and the Blood Soul Beast avatar were present in the Temple of Bones.

They replied in unison after hearing Lartigau’s explanation, “Don’t worry. The universe can’t accommodate both Castor and I.”

“Time will prove that you’ve made the right choice!” Lieyan Zhao laughed loudly.

Han Che shot Qin Lie an odd look.

The two patriarchs realized that Lartigau hadn’t agreed to ally with the God Race because of their fame.

It was because of Qin Lie!

Qin Lie’s life crystal of the King of Flame Devils could counter Castor, and his true body was about to become the Devil Monarch of an Abyss Purgatory.

The Bone Race saw the potential in Qin Lie, believing that he would be able to defeat Castor one day. That was why they had chosen to ally with the God Race.

“If you don’t mind, I’d like to leave an avatar behind temporarily at the Bone Race,” theBlood Soul Beast avatar said.

“That’s perfect!” Bredo agreed immediately.

The spatial passages that appeared out of nowhere in the Bone World proved that Castor, Lieyan Zhao, and Qin Lie all had ways to access the Bone World whenever they wished.

The Bone World wasn’t the Abyss Purgatory after all, its spatial isolation ability wasn’t nearly as powerful. A sufficiently powerful existence would be able to tear through the restriction and appear in their world.

By leaving an avatar in the Bone World, Qin Lie would be able to react to Castor’s attack immediately and retaliate with the fiery meteor.

Moreover, he could contact the God Race instantly and summon reinforcements.

“We should build a large teleportation passage between our worlds,” Lieyan Zhao said.” This way, we’ll be able to take care of each other.”

“That’s a good idea.” Bredo nodded.

“The Bone Race may run into some enemies in the future, and even we… aren’t one hundred percent safe from danger. There’s no harm in our race working closer with each other,” Lieyan Zhao said.

Han Che spoke up. “Oh right, we have a… couple of powerful corpses you may be interested in.”

“Powerful corpses? Do you mean something like the Eisenberg Family’s corpse of a Titan Race clansman?” Bredo looked moved.

The Bone Race had no lack of corpse refiners. What they really lacked were powerful corpses to practice their arts on. If they could secure a supply of powerful corpses, they’d be able to refine them all into Corpse Demons.

Corpse Demons were where the true strength and main force of the Bone Race lay.

“That’s right. They’re at the same level as that giant titan corpse,” Han Che said with a nod.

“W-well then…” Bredo said while rubbing his hands together. It was obvious that he was itching to see these corpses.

“We’ll send them over once we return to God Realm, and after the teleportation channel is established.” Han Che smiled a little and added, “The Bone Race’s rise in power will benefit us as well. We won’t be expecting any payment.”

“Thank you very much!” Lartigau got up and gave them a bow.

“You’re welcome,” Han Che replied hurriedly.

“Then that’s that.” Lieyan Zhao also got up to his feet and said, “The great change will be coming very soon. Let’s get to work as quickly as possible.”

Qin Lie’s Dark Soul Beast avatar stood up and said, “I’ll go with you to God Realm.”

“And I’ll stay behind,” the Blood Soul Beast avatar said.

“Good, good.” Bredo looked very pleased.

The Bone Race was just as pleased as their allies were with how this negotiation turned out.

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