Chapter 1702: Wholehearted Acceptance

“Castor—Castor ran!” 

“Castor actually lost!”


Every Bone Race clansman around the bone burying grounds was shouting at the top of their lungs.

Their faces were riddled with disbelief. It looked like they couldn’t believe what had just happened.

Castor was the former Abyss Master. He was almost invincible back in those days.

To the Bone Race, Castor was like an eternal nightmare, whose terror permeated them to the very marrow.

Many of the seniors of the Bone Race had witnessed Castor’s strength before. They had also witnessed him turning countless peak existences into dead souls.

Even the previous Bone Race patriarch and many rebels had been killed by Castor.

That was why all Bone Race clansmen who survived that era were instinctively afraid of Castor, including Lartigau and Bredo!

They dared not fight against Castor even though they knew that the latter had already died once, and that he wasn’t at his peak strength.

All because of this innate fear of Castor!

However, Qin Lie had just used that foreign meteoroid that was the life crystal of the King of Flame Devils to burn Castor’s avatar to dust right before their eyes.

Even Castor’s soul was forced to escape the Bone World.

This was the first time they had seen Castor like this. It was something they did not dare to even imagine in the past.

“L-Lord Castor, he…”

“He left. What do we do now?”

“How did this happen?”

Bick, Talon, Mo Luo, and the others suddenly panicked after Castor had left.

Stunned and helpless, their future suddenly looked bleak and full of despair.


Trusi suddenly collapsed to the ground lifelessly. Thamur’s soul had long since vanished.

The Soul Race clansman had escaped the second he noticed that something was amiss.

“Whoosh whoosh!”

Meanwhile, the fiery meteoroid that had burned Castor’s body to dust was still churning high in the sky.

The Bone World’s natural laws continued to change because of it.

“Qin Lie! Please take that thing away from the Bone World!” Lartigau said hurriedly.

“What a shame…”

Qin Lie, who was regretting the fact that he failed to kill Castor’s soul took action after hearing Lartigau’s cry.


The fiery meteoroid immediately left through the spatial passage.

The Bone World’s temperature dropped at an astonishing rate after the fiery meteoroid was gone.

The sea of fire in the sky vanished in an instant, and everything started to return to normal.

“Congratulations, master!”

“Master, you defeated Castor!”

“We have nothing but admiration for you!”

Gutas, Xinda, and Kun Luo stared at Qin Lie with wholehearted reverence.

Before this, they didn’t really think that highly of Qin Lie. After all, they had been forced against their will to serve him.

But after Qin Lie had summoned the life crystal of the King of Flame Devils and defeated the Abyss Master Castor with it, they came to accept Qin Lie wholeheartedly.

They no longer felt that it was a shameful thing to serve Qin Lie.

“This guy…”

Lieyan Zhao of the God Race was shaking his head as well.

He was going to save the Blood Soul Beast avatar, but the Dark Soul Beast avatar had shown up first, taken control of the fiery meteoroid and turned the entire battle around instantly.

The realization struck; before he knew it, Qin Lie had become an expert of their level.

Moreover, that was just his subsouls.

Qin Lie’s true body was currently studying even more complicated laws of the Abyss in Flaming Sun Purgatory.

If Qin Lie obtained the acknowledgement of the other seven Devil Monarchs, reached rank ten bloodline, and became a Devil Monarch… the entire universe might undergo a drastic change.

Lieyan Zhao suddenly felt thankful for the fact that the God Race hadn’t viewed Qin Lie as an enemy, or harbored sinister motives towards him like Lieyan Yuan.

If they did, they would’ve become sworn enemies with Qin Lie.

Instead, a terrifying expert whose rise was unstoppable and his potential limitless had become the God Race’s staunchest ally.

Lieyan Zhao started chuckling strangely to himself.

“Who knew that Castor could be defeated, and by your hands no less?”

Bredo was still in shock as he said this. He couldn’t help but smile when Qin Lie’s Blood Soul Beast avatar dropped down from the sky.

“Thank you!” Lartigau said solemnly.

“Boom boom boom!”

The giant titan corpse Bick of the Eisenberg Family was sitting on suddenly took off in a run.


The Bone Race experts who came to reinforce their patriarch immediately cursed at Bick when they saw the escaping giant titan corpse.

“It’s fine. Let him go,” Lartigau said a little dejectedly.

“But why?” Sarto looked at him in puzzlement. “Patriarch, he betrayed us and colluded with Castor. Why are we letting him go?”

“Yeah, why should we?” Many Bone Race clansmen were asking the same question.

“We can’t blame him for supporting Castor,” Lartigau said with a bitter smile. “After all, we nearly submitted to Castor ourselves, didn’t we?”

All Bone Race clansmen who wanted to pursue Bick fell silent all of a sudden.

He was right. If Qin Lie hadn’t appeared and defeated Castor’s avatar… they wouldn’t have had the courage to resist Castor.

How could they judge Bick for joining Castor when they themselves didn’t have the courage to resist him?

“Bick can leave because he’s one of our people. But the Night Ghosts…” Lartigau let out a cold snort and looked at Talon and Mo Luo, ordering, “The Night Ghosts shall not leave this place!”


The Bone Race experts had been wanting to vent their frustrations for quite some time already. They abruptly charged toward Talon and Mo Luo.

“Please forgive us, Castor’s the one who forced us into doing this. We, we did not dare to resist him!”

“Please forgive us!”

The minor forces begged because they knew that they would become the Bone Race’s targets as well.

But Lartigau had no mercy to show. He waved a hand and ordered, “Kill them all!”

The Bone Race experts immediately started slaughtering their enemies.

“Should we find another place to chat?”

Lartigau turned around and said in a sincere tone to Qin Lie, Lieyan Zhao, and Han Che.

“From now on, you’re free to come and leave the Bone World whenever you wish, like Bone Race clansmen,” Bredo said with a smile.

“Thank you patriarch, thank you elder!” Gutas exclaimed in pleasant surprise.

For the longest time, he had dreamed of returning to the Bone Race. It was because some of the relatives he wished to protect were still there.

After he joined the Night Ghosts, he thought that such a day would never come.

But Qin Lie fulfilled his dream not long after he had joined him.

“Thank you, master…” He thanked Qin Lie in his mind.

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