Chapter 1701: Burning Devils!

“That’s right, this is the life crystal of the Flame Devil King!”

Lieyan Zhao said while staring passionately at the fiery meteoroid and feeling the laws and powers coming off of it.

“Whoosh whoosh!”

The whole sky of the Bone World was covered in flames in just a short time.

“Crackle! Crackle!”

Even the three spatial passages in the sky seemed to be burning under its might.

The spatial passages belonged to Castor, Lieyan Zhao and Qin Lie.

However, they all seemed to be burning up after the meteoroid had arrived. The powers and laws of the Bone World seemed to be undergoing a forceful change as well.

The culprit behind it all, Qin Lie, sucked in a deep breath. He noticed that the world around him was slowly transforming into another Vermillion Bird Realm.

The life crystal of the King of Flame Devils seemed capable of transforming a realm into a realm of pure flames even without entering the ultimate realm.

“Qin Lie! P-please finish this as soon as possible!”

The Bone Race patriarch Lartigau shook on the inside as the Bone World changed around him.

He knew that the Bone Race couldn’t adapt to a burning world at all. Moreover, the bone burying grounds they used to refine Corpse Demons could only exist in frigid environments.

If the natural laws of the Bone World were completely altered… the Bone Race would be forced to migrate out of their own home.

He simply couldn’t afford to lose the Bone World.

“I understand.”

Qin Lie replied to Lartigau simply before controlling the fiery meteoroid with his mind to melt Castor apart.


Crimson ripples of fire abruptly surged toward Castor like waves.


Castor lifted his head and roared. He grew rapidly like an ancient tree that kept swelling.

In just the blink of an eye, he had completed his transformation and become a giant Abyss Devil about several thousand meters tall.

There were clumps of phantoms lurking behind the head of the giant Abyss Devil. It almost looked like Castor had extra heads.

A closer inspection revealed that there were eight giant clumps of phantoms behind Castor’s head in total. They swayed around like eight giant heads.

“Dead Soul Chains!”

Countless souls and evil wraiths entangled around one another to form black chains.

The chains abruptly vanished when they were fully formed.


Instead, they reappeared inside Qin Lie’s mind.

Before Qin Lie could react to it, he discovered that the chains had wrapped around his soul and were currently pulling it out of his Blood Soul Beast avatar.

The Soul Race’s Soul Tree instantly emerged from the Blood Soul Beast’s forehead.

The giant Soul Tree was entangled by the chains of dead souls. They looked like live pythons that were trying to constrict the life energy in Qin Lie’s Soul Tree.


Grayish brown sparks kept appearing between the chains and Qin Lie’s Soul Tree.

Qin Lie’s rank ten subsoul suddenly felt incredibly weak. His Soul Race secret arts suddenly lost their effectiveness.

Even his connection to the fiery meteoroid had been forcefully severed.

He could no longer sense its presence.

“Good! Very good!”

Castor’s violent and hateful soul screech reached Qin Lie through the Dead Soul Chains.

“I admit I had underestimated you. Who could’ve thought that both the Perfect Blood and the life crystal of the Flame Devil King were in your hands? You really are the darling of this generation.”

“But unfortunately for you, you ran into me!”

“So what if the King of Flame Devils is stronger than me? He no longer belongs to this era, and even his soul and memories had vanished into nothing. All that is left of his existence is a crystal engraved with the power of fire.”

“Do you really think a mere mindless, soulless crystal of power and laws is enough to refine the likes of me?”

“Dream on!”


Suddenly, a branch broke off Qin Lie’s Soul Tree.


Green flames suddenly burned up inside the eye sockets of the Winged Race clansman, Tia.


Qin Lie’s loyal soul servant abruptly screamed in pain.

The green flames spread from his eye sockets to his whole body.

Despite his rank ten Winged Race bloodline, Tia was unable to stop his soul flames from burning out completely.

Next to Tia, Gutas, Kun Luo, and Xinda stared at their comrade in fear.

They were all Qin Lie’s soul slaves. They knew that they were implanted with a special soul imprint from the moment of their enslavement.

When the imprint was formed, a wisp of their True Soul became attached to Qin Lie’s Soul Tree. As a result, they were connected to Qin Lie.

The thickest soul branches on Qin Lie’s Soul Tree represented their souls.

They all saw how Castor’s Dead Soul Chains were able to break the soul branch that represented Tia and kill him instantly.

If Castor was allowed to continue breaking the soul branches on Qin Lie’s Soul Tree, it would be only a matter of time before they shared Tia’s fate.


Gutas screamed and threw all caution to the wind, charging Castor.

The Earth Demon Race clansmen Xinda and Kun Luo also executed their unique secret arts after just a brief moment of hesitation.

“Earth Split!”

The earth of the Bone World started rippling like actual sea waves as the giant rocks were lifted by Xinda and Kun Luo’s combined power.

The rocks turned into sharp objects under the effects of their bloodline powers.

“Hundredfold Gravity!”

A strange magnetic field abruptly enveloped Castor the moment the sharp rocks flew into the air.

Castor started sinking into the ground because the gravity around him had been increased a hundred times over.

However, Castor quickly adapted to the gravity field after sinking just dozens of meters.

In his giant Abyss Devil form, Castor’s pupils shone like a pair of purple suns. He stared coldly at Gutas and Xinda before saying, “Foolish.”

After that, he ignored Gutas completely and turned his attention back to Qin Lie’s Soul Tree.

The chains entangled around it started tightening once again.

“Crack crack!”

The soul branches representing Gutas, Kun Luo, and Xinda bent as if they would break at any moment.


It was at this moment another Qin Lie stepped out of Lieyan Zhaos’s spatial passage.

It was Qin Lie’s Dark Soul Beast avatar!

This new Qin Lie seemed to know what was going on before he even stepped into the Bone World.

He immediately took control of the fiery meteoroid the moment he appeared.

The fiery meteoroid hadn’t moved from its spot after Qin Lie’s Blood Soul Beast avatar was bound by Castor’s chains. After Qin Lie’s Dark Soul Beast avatar had appeared, it abruptly rammed toward Castor.


The gigantic meteoroid burning with the ultimate laws and power of fire slammed right into Castor’s body.


Castor let out an earthshaking roar of anger. The burning meteoroid had knocked him several steps backward.

Sparks kept appearing on Castor’s body. They started small and insignificant, but they quickly grew large and ferocious.

“Sizz! Sizz!”

More and more flames started erupting from Castor’s giant body. The meteoroid on the other hand, abruptly shrank in size.


The life crystal of the King of Flame Devils suddenly vanished into Castor’s chest.

From that moment onward, Castor’s scream grew even more painful and terrible.

Everyone noticed that flames were coming out of Castor’s nostrils, eyes, and ears.

They immediately realized that the meteoroid had entered Castor’s body!


Castor kept screaming in pain. The entire Bone World became shrouded by dead soul aura because of his scream.

But no matter what ability he tried to execute, the ultimate laws of fire continued to forcefully disrupt the flow of his bloodline power.

Just like how the meteoroid had forcefully transformed Vermillion Realm and the Bone World to suit it better, Castor’s gigantic body was also being “transformed”..

Alas, unlike realms, Castor’s body was made of flesh and blood. Ultimately, he was burned to dust in mere moments.

His purple, translucent bones slowly emerged after his flesh was completely burned.


A ball of seemingly infinite dead souls flew out of the jade-like skeleton and escaped into the spatial passage instantly.

The three Great Lords of the Abyss whom Castor had summoned earlier also followed him into the spatial passage without a second thought.

“Swhoosh swhoosh!”

The Dead Soul Chains entangled around Qin Lie’s Soul Tree also relinquished their prey and swam into the spatial passage like snakes.

Castor’s soulless corpse continued to burn under the fire.

“Crack crack!”

It wasn’t long before even the skeleton was turned into dust under the fire’s might.

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