Chapter 1700: Meteor

“Lieyan Zhao, Han Che!”

Castor announced their names with a cold expression. He looked a little annoyed by the unexpected disruption.

“Castor, this avatar of yours hasn’t regained its peak strength, and the one at Yellow Springs Purgatory is still digesting Grom and Lawton’s bodies, am I right?” Lieyan Zhao said calmly with a chuckle. “Why don’t you wait until all eight of your avatars have regained their strength before you come out and play? For now…”

“You don’t have the power to change the universe!”

Lieyan Zhao was already displeased with Castor way back at Yellow Springs Purgatory. If Castor hadn’t awakened from his slumber, they absolutely could’ve consumed Yellow Springs Purgatory bit by bit.

“As for the rest of you!”

He looked at Bick of the Eisenberg Family, Talon of the Night Ghosts, and the warriors of minor races before declaring, “I’d advise you lot to vanish from my sight as soon as possible!”

“Qin Lie is a God Race clansman. Anyone who tries to kill him is an enemy of the God Race.” Han Che joined in on the threat.

Bick, Talon, and the rest of the experts looked at the patriarchs gloomily.

Lieyan Zhao and Han Che’s open support of Qin Lie had put great pressure on them.

The God Race was one of the four transcendent bloodline races, and they were both powerful and forceful.

Talon might have the courage to wreak havoc in the Bone Race’s territory, but he would never dare do the same to the God Race.

They knew full well that the God Race could wipe them from the surface of the universe easily if angered.

The reason Talon chose to join Castor was because of his strength and old fame.

However, it was a fact that Castor had died once and lost his strength.

Castor could drive the God Race away if he became the Abyss Master and the ruler of the Abyss once more.

But right now…

“Castor isn’t invincible.” Qin Lie wasn’t looking at Bick or Talon. He slowly transformed into human form while facing towards Lartigau and Bredo.

He said sincerely, “It’s a fact that Castor was beaten when he awakened at Nine Hells Purgatory and Yellow Springs Purgatory.”

“If he was truly invincible, both his avatars would’ve returned to peak form already.”

“His six remaining avatars won’t be able to recover that easily either.”

“Right now, he isn’t as strong as you imagine him to be. You have the power to resist him.”

A third spatial passage slowly took form in the sky as he spoke.

This time, it was a spatial passage that looked like ice. A terrible heat wave gushed out of its entrance the moment it took form.


A giant, burning meteor flew out of the spatial passage.

The surface of the crimson meteor was covered in countless fiery patterns. The surging patterns seemed to contain the ultimate secrets of fire.

It was as if the entire Bone World was ignited the moment the burning meteor had appeared.

Every being in the Bone World could feel something forcefully altering the natural laws of the Bone World!

“What is that!?”

“Even the natural laws of the Bone World are being affected!”

“Is it a Divine Grade artifact?”

The Bone Race clansmen suddenly erupted into discussion.

Even their bloodline had been affected by the meteor’s appearance.

The Bone Race preferred cold, dark places. They were less adaptable to hot environments.


After Qin Lie had taken on human form, he suddenly landed on top of the fiery meteor.

In that moment, it was as if the meteor had transformed into his Soul Altar. He flew straight towards the former Abyss Master.

“Whoosh whoosh whoosh!”

In that moment, the very sky itself became covered in flames. It was as if the sky had been replaced by a sea of fire.

“T-this is…”

“The aura of the ultimate fire!”

“The most ancient power of the Abyss!”

The three Great Lords of the Extermination Abyss shouted loudly in the sky.

They could feel an indescribable sense of fear growing inside them as they stared at the enlarged meteor. The fear… came from their bloodline itself.

They were all rank ten Great Lords of the Abyss. The fact that their bloodline was afraid could only mean one thing.

—They were facing an Abyss Devil who was much, much, much stronger than they were! 

When a low rank Abyss Devil met a high rank Abyss Devil, they would feel an instinctive sense of fear that made them feel like groveling.

However, they were all rank ten Abyss Devils, Great Lords of the Abyss. They shouldn’t be this afraid even if they were facing the eight great Devil Monarchs right now.

This fear… was something that only an Abyss Master could induce!

These three Abyss Devils had only hit rank ten during the past million year.

Therefore, Castor was the only Abyss Master they knew.

However, the ancient aura of the Abyss emanating from that burning meteor was extremely hot and fiery. It clearly didn’t belong to Castor.

However, there was no mistaking the pure and ancient aura of the Abyss inside that meteor. It was something that terrified their very bloodline.

All three Great Lords of the Abyss were suddenly gripped by a deep sense of unease.

“This aura…”

Lartigau, patriarch of the Bone Race suddenly realized something.

“The aura of the King of Flame Devils! Heavens, this is the aura of the King of Flame Devils, isn’t it?” Bredo, the great elder of the Bone Race screamed.

Bredo was the oldest clansman of the Bone Race. He might not have seen the King of Flame Devils himself, but he had heard of him from his seniors.

Extreme heat, a pure and ancient aura of the Abyss, and a power that could terrify even the Great Lords of the Abyss. The only person that matched all three characteristics was the Abyss Master before Castor!

“The King of Flame Devils! Do you mean the ultimate ruler of fire and the eternal pride of the Flame Devils?” Sarto exclaimed in shock.

“Who else could it be?” Bredo said with a bitter smile.

“But… but how in the world did Qin Lie manage to recruit such a person?” Sarto asked in confusion.

“How would I know?” Bredo retorted with a huff.

“Whoosh whoosh whoosh!”

The entire sky was flooded in a sea of fire. The three Great Lords of the Extermination Abyss were so terrified that they landed on the ground.

They subconsciously looked at the spatial passage Castor had created, ready to escape at first notice.

“I-it’s his aura…”

For the first time, Castor looked panicked.

Lieyan Zhao and Han Che’s arrival had surprised him, but that was all.

However, the soulless meteor that only possessed nothing except extreme heat had terrified him the moment it appeared at the Bone Word.

It was clear that Castor was more afraid of a soulless King of Flame Devils than Lieyan Zhao and Han Che combined.

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