Chapter 1699: Setting Up a Front

“I’m not leaving!”

Qin Lie did not move a muscle despite being stared by Bick of the Bone Race and Talon of the Night Ghosts.

“It’s okay, Qin Lie! There’s no need for you to stay behind!” Salleh said hurriedly.

He had stayed at the Frost Desolation Abyss for a long time, and he thought of Qin Lie as a friend. He didn’t want to see Qin Lie’s impulses get the better of him.

When his father, Lartigau, had submitted to Castor, he knew that the Bone Race’s future was set.

The fact that Castor had permitted Qin Lie to leave was already a better outcome than they expected.

They didn’t even have control over the giant titan corpse anymore. Qin Lie’s decision to stay was practically suicide.

He didn’t want to see Qin Lie sacrifice himself for nothing.

“We’ve made up our mind, it’s meaningless even if you stay any longer. You should just go,” Lartigau also said.

“There’s no point in you staying behind.” Even Bredo had joined in on the persuasion.


Even Gutas and Kun Luo had grown anxious.

If the Bone Race decided to fight Castor with everything they had, then it wasn’t like they didn’t have a fighting chance.

However, the Bone Race had decided to stay loyal to Castor.

They would only be attacked by all parties if they continued to linger.

Qin Lie’s soul slaves knew what was about to happen, and all they were thinking about was leaving the Bone World as soon as possible. They couldn’t understand what Qin Lie was thinking.

“Heh, if that is your wish, then I won’t hold back any longer.” Castor grinned at Qin Lie and said, “The only thing that’s important to me is your real body, the one with the Perfect Blood in it. Your Soul Race subsoul on the other hand…”

Castor shook his head as his eyes turned cruel and heartless. “ completely useless to me. Eliminating you won’t affect me whatsoever!”

“Lord Castor! Why should we go easy on him when he himself wishes to commit suicide?” Bick said in an inflammatory tone. 


Mo Luo of the Three-Eyed Race and Thamur in the body of Trusi suddenly showed up at this moment.


Mo Luo took a step forward before bowing towards Castor reverently. “My lord!”

Castor gave him a nod of acknowledgment.

Mo Luo abruptly shot a glare at Qin Lie before saying, “Leader, you can’t let him go! He killed all our men!”

“Our men?” Talon of the Night Ghosts exclaimed in surprise.

“He killed everyone besides me using that titan Corpse Demon!” Mo Luo’s said angrily. “Even Badi is dead!”

His words angered Talon deeply.

The Night Ghosts weren’t a powerful force. They were at best a bunch of drifters who had come together as a group.

However, they were still the power Talon had built bit by bit with his sweat and blood.

He had wanted to use the power he had accumulated to invade the Darkness Abyss and become its ruler one day.

However, not only had Qin Lie turned the pillars of his forces—Gutas, Kun Luo, Xin Da and Tia—into his soul slaves, he had killed off most of his rank ten experts as well.

He and Mo Luo were the only peak experts left in the Night Ghosts now.

The Night Ghosts might as well be dead as this point. Not only was this force utterly incapable of taking on the Darkness Abyss, his status among Castor’s subordinates would become much lower as well.

Castor wouldn’t care about the Night Ghosts because of their weakness. He wouldn’t be able to accumulate much profit for himself.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that the Night Ghosts had been single-handedly destroyed by Qin Lie.

How could he possibly accept this?

“Lord Castor! Please give the Night Ghosts justice!” Talon yelled.

“He killed Rigel as well! Lord Castor, please don’t let him leave!” Bick also said.

Castor frowned slightly after hearing Bick and Talon’s requests.

Talon and Bick were useful to him. They were also quite important in his envisioned power structure.

He couldn’t disregard their opinion completely.

Moreover, Qin Lie was the one who refused to leave. He had given him the perfect excuse to eliminate him.

“Lartigau, don’t blame me for this. He’s the one who asked for this.”

After thinking for a moment, Castor narrowed his eyes and stared at Qin Lie coldly. He said, “If you insist on committing suicide, then I suppose I can help you on your way.”

“Bick, Talon, you are free to do with him as you please.”

“Thank you, my lord!”

Bick and Talon immediately readied themselves for action.

“Lord Castor! You promised me you’ll let him go!” Lartigau begged.

“I already gave him a chance. He’s the one who threw it away,” Castor said indifferently. He added comfortingly after pausing for a moment, “There’s no need to be too anxious. The Qin Lie in front of you is just an avatar. His true body is currently evolving into a Devil Monarch in the purgatory, so losing an avatar isn’t that big of a deal.”

He then turned around to look at the three Great Lords of the Abyss behind him.

The three Great Lords of the Extermination Abyss immediately joined Bick and Talon against Qin Lie upon seeing Castor’s gesture.

The group of rank ten bloodline experts glared ferociously at Qin Lie, looking like they would pounce him at any moment.

“Who dares raise a hand against Qin Lie?” Suddenly, Lieyan Zhao’s shout cut through the air.

“Whoosh whoosh!”

Clumps of fire joined together to form a whole new spatial passage in the sky.

Lieyan Zhao and Han Che then flew out of the spatial passage unhurriedly. 

“Qin Lie is a member of the Blaze Family!” Lieyan Zhao declared proudly.

“Anyone who harms Qin Lie is an enemy of the God Race!” Han Che said in a chilly tone.

“The God Race!”

“God Race clansmen!”

“How is this possible?”

Lieyan Zhao and Han Che’s arrival stunned many of the foreign experts present.

Even Lartigau, Bredo, and the rest of the Bone Race.

They knew that Qin Lie had some Blaze Family bloodline in him, but judging from Salleh’s intel and the God Race’s usual attitude, they didn’t believe that Qin Lie shared a great relationship with the God Race.

They never imagined that two of the God Race’s patriarchs would show up personally to support Qin Lie.

“The God Race!”

The forces who were even weaker than the Night Ghosts cowered like mice before cats when they saw Lieyan Zhao and Han Che. They tried to hide themselves behind cover so that Lieyan Zhao and Han Che wouldn’t spot them.

Even Bick and Talon looked very surprised.

They were aware how powerful the God Race was. They had no intentions of clashing against the God Race at this time.

Unless Castor returned to full strength, became the Abyss Master, and regained control of all the Abyss Devils, they were simply no match for the God Race at all.

The God Race had ruled over a corner of the galaxy for tens of millions of years.

The Bone Race could invest all their power and still be no match for the God Race, let alone the Eisenberg Family and the weakened Night Ghosts.

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