Chapter 1697: King of Flame Devils!

“If all eight of Castor’s avatars are allowed to return to peak strength and become the Abyss Master once more, the Imperial Soul Monarch of the Soul Race might be the only entity in the universe capable of fighting him.”

An Hao of the Darkness Family suddenly appeared at the entrance of the Temple of Gods with a gloomy look.

Behind him, Kuang Jue of the Bloodthirst Family and Yu Xi of the Light Family also showed up with serious expressions on their faces as well.

When they heard that Qin Lie had arrived, these leaders had rushed to the Temple of Gods to meet him. However, they were ultimately slower than Han Che and Lieyan Zhao.

Castor was a thorn in the side of all five patriarchs of the God Race.

They knew just how terrible and tyrannical Castor was at his peak.

Even they had to avoid confronting the Abyss Master in a frontal clash back in those days.

“But Castor is weak right now,” Qin Lie said.

“That’s right.” Kuang Jue grinned eerily and said, “Even I can defeat him if it’s just one avatar, even if we assume that this avatar is at peak form!”

Qin Lie’s eyes lit up upon hearing this. He said, “All we need to do is show the Bone Race that Castor isn’t invincible. Lartigau and Bredo should be confident enough to rebel against him after that.”

“I can beat him, but… I can’t kill him,” Kuang Jue added.

“Not even the Imperial Soul Monarch, the eight Devil Monarchs and the patriarch of the Demon Spirits of Time and Space were able to kill him. All they could do was seal him temporarily,” An Hao said bitterly. “He has entered the ultimate realm before, and the power of dead souls is notoriously strange and unpredictable. It would be incredibly difficult to kill and neutralize him completely, if not… impossible.”

“It’s not that it’s completely impossible, but that one person who could kill Castor completely had... perished before him,” Yu Xi of the Light Family added.

The other four patriarchs looked caught off guard by Yu Xi’s remark. Then, they started frowning in thought.

“The power of dead souls is the ultimate power of the world’s yin souls. This dark, bizarre power is different from the Imperial Soul Monarch’s soul power, but it is still a kind of soul power.”

Yu Xi pondered for a moment before continuing, “That’s why the Imperial Soul Monarch wasn’t able to wipe him out completely. The characteristics of their power were very similar.”

A pause later, he looked at Lieyan Zhao and said, “Only the ultimate fire has a chance to break down his hoard of dead souls into nothing!”

“If someone in the Blaze Family enters the ultimate realm, they might just be able to refine him to ashes!”

“That is why Lieyan Yuan had taken part in the awakening of Castor. It’s because he isn’t afraid of him even if the latter did manage to become the Abyss Master again. He’s confident that he could kill Castor if the need were to arrive!”

Qin Lie exclaimed in shock, “Lieyan Yuan can kill Castor?”

“Well, he can’t kill him right now, of course.” Yu Xi shook his head while he spoke. “But that’s only because he hasn’t entered the ultimate realm. If he succeeds, his Blaze Family bloodline will climb to a whole new height, and he’ll stand shoulder-to-shoulder with that Flame Devil King who’d burned ten thousand worlds!”

“Lieyan Yuan must be confident in his chances, or he wouldn’t have allowed Castor to return to his peak and become the Abyss Master once more.”

“At its peak form, the Blaze Family bloodline directly counters Castor’s power.”

An Hao nodded slowly and said, “That makes sense.”

Han Che also voiced his agreement, “That’s right, the Blaze Family bloodline should be able to break down Castor’s dead souls at its peak form.”

“If the King of Flame Devils is still alive, he’d be able to burn Castor to ashes as well. Unfortunately…” Yu Xu shook his head.

“King of Flame Devils? Who’s that?” Qin Lie asked curiously.

“He’s the Abyss Master before Castor and the eternal pride of the Flame Devils.” Yu Xi clearly looked respectful when he spoke of the late Abyss Master. “I don’t know much about the King of Flame Devils, unfortunately. After all, he had passed away before we were even born. All I know is what my elders told me when I was young. They said that the Flame Devil King is the ultimate ruler of fire, and that the cause of his death was a mystery to this day. Some said that he had died after engaging the Imperial Soul Monarch in battle. Some said he had slipped into fiendish rebound and accidentally refined himself into a strange meteor engraved with the ultimate secrets of fire.”

“To us, he’s a character from an ancient past. All the elders in our race who had seen him in person are long dead.”

“So I’ve only ever heard of his name and reputation.”

Lieyan Zhao also let out a sigh before saying, “I’ve heard of him from uncle too. He said that the Flame Devil King’s knowledge of fire is the best in the entire world.”

“A meteor engraved with the ultimate secrets of fire...?”

Qin Lie muttered to himself as a strange expression overcame him. It was because he was suddenly reminded of the meteor buried in the heart of the Vermillion Bird Realm’s volcanoes. “It can’t possibly be that meteor… right?”

“What’s wrong?” An Hao asked in puzzlement.

Qin Lie didn’t answer him immediately. Instead, he contacted his main soul and scanned Flaming Sun Purgatory for a bit.

When he used his Dark Soul Beast subsoul to scan Flaming Sun Purgatory, he felt like he was looking into his own bloodline or checking the inside his own mind…

Before he knew it, Flaming Sun Purgatory had become his flesh and blood.

It was an incredibly strange and profound feeling.

Scanning Flaming Sun Purgatory felt like looking into his own dantian’s spirit sea. He could see everything clearly and directly.

A wisp of soul thought abruptly appeared in the Vermillion Bird Realm of Flaming Sun Purgatory.


He immediately heard a cry from the fire spirit when his soul consciousness took form inside the Vermillion Bird Realm.

He immediately realized that the fire spirit’s presence was everywhere in the world. It had also become incredibly powerful.

He saw burning lands, active volcanoes, and boiling lava flowing through the crevices on the ground.

He saw many Vermillion Birds cultivating happily in this extreme environment.

At the same time, he could sense the strange meteor imprinted with the laws of fire submerged in the hottest part of the world’s flame.

“Is this the crystal of the Flame Devil King?”

His main body’s one-level Soul Altar had once formed a connection with the meteor at the heart of the Vermillion Bird Realm’s volcanoes. His body had also been tempered once by the meteor.

He had imprinted the meteors with the words “Flaming Sun”. He now shared a strange connection with it.

“The Flame Devil King is a Flame Devil whose bloodline had exceeded rank ten. If this meteor truly is his crystal, then it makes sense that it was compatible with my Soul Altar.”

“After all, my one-level Soul Altar was originally an Origin Crystal of the Flaming Sun Abyss. It was also a product of the Abyss.”

The King of Flame Devils wields the ultimate power of fire. The Flaming Sun Abyss and my Blaze Family bloodline were both power of fire as well.”

“Perhaps that meteor… really is the crystal of the Flame Devil King.”

Qin Lie thought to himself quietly as his soul consciousness continued to hover in the Vermillion Bird Realm’s airspace.

A while later.


His soul consciousness suddenly slipped into the heart of the flames.

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