Chapter 1695: Tit for Tat

“Abyss Devils!”

Qin Lie’s eyes turned serious when he heard the roars of Abyss Devils from inside the passage. He finally realized that Castor was unusually concerned with the Bone Race.


A giant Abyss Devil with a long tail was the first to fly out of the spatial passage.

“By Castor’s orders, I’ve come to help you!”

This Great Lord of the Abyss clearly had rank ten bloodline. At first glance, he looked like a giant crocodile that was covered in dark blue scales.

He floated high up in the sky after he came to the Bone World. His entire body was surrounded by rich abyss devil energy.


Two more Great Lords of the Abyss flew out of the spatial passage after him.

These new arrivals...

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