Chapter 1695: Tit for Tat

“Abyss Devils!”

Qin Lie’s eyes turned serious when he heard the roars of Abyss Devils from inside the passage. He finally realized that Castor was unusually concerned with the Bone Race.


A giant Abyss Devil with a long tail was the first to fly out of the spatial passage.

“By Castor’s orders, I’ve come to help you!”

This Great Lord of the Abyss clearly had rank ten bloodline. At first glance, he looked like a giant crocodile that was covered in dark blue scales.

He floated high up in the sky after he came to the Bone World. His entire body was surrounded by rich abyss devil energy.


Two more Great Lords of the Abyss flew out of the spatial passage after him.

These new arrivals looked like they were evolutions of Cave Devils. They looked like giant beetles encased inside a turtle-like shell.

“Extermination Abyss Devils!” said the Bone Race Chief Lartigau while staring gloomily at the three Great Lords of the Abyss.

“Extermination Abyss…”

An instant later, Qin Lie recalled that Stanca of the Winged Race, one of the people he had encountered at the Origin World, was a mixed-blood between an Abyss Devil from the Extermination Abyss and a Winged Race clansman.

“Castor’s birthplace is quite close to the Extermination Abyss. It’s why the Abyss Devils there trusted him deeply and viewed him as their master,” the great elder of the Bone Race, Bredo explained in a soft voice.

“Most Abyss Devils don’t want to be ruled over by Castor again,” Lartigau said quietly, “but there are a hundred and eight Abyss levels in total, so some Abyss Devils are bound to think differently from others. Some of them were affiliated with Castor, and some of them cultivated the same truths of power. Whatever their reason may be, they all wanted Castor to return to peak strength. The Extermination Abyss was one of those few Abyss levels that supported Castor from the start till the end.”

“I see,” Qin Lie said with a slow nod.

“Get out of the way!”

The long-tailed Great Lord of the Abyss that looked like a crocodile immediately pounced toward the giant titan corpse.

“Slap slap slap!”

Swinging his tail, he instantly became entangled with the giant titan corpse. As a result, Bick of the Eisenberg Family and Talon of the Night Ghosts were freed from their predicament.

“Ding ding ding!”

Qin Lie shook the corpse bell once, causing the titan to roar loudly. Its divine bronze aura and raw power instantly became stronger.

At the same time, a rich aura of death appeared inside the godly presence.

Although the Great Lord of the Extermination Abyss looked like it had the upper hand, it was actually losing a lot of lifeforce every second.

“This Corpse Demon is my family’s greatest treasure. It’s extremely powerful, and it won’t go down so easily.”

Bick stared coldly at Qin Lie before saying, “Why don’t we kill that guy and take back the corpse bell instead of attacking the Corpse Demon? Once I get the corpse bell, the Corpse Demon will obey me again!”

“That’s right,” Talon said with a nod.

The two Great Lords of the Extermination Abyss seemed to know Talon, because they immediately trained their violent gazes on Qin Lie when Talon gave his approval.

Qin Lie frowned as he reevaluated the situation and both sides’ strength again.

The enemy consisted of Bick, Talon, the three Great Lords of the Abyss, and six rank ten bloodline experts made of Bone Race clansmen and other minor races.

On their side, they had Lartigau, Bredo, Sarto, Gutas, the giant titan corpse, Kun Luo, Xin Da, Tia, and finally, him.

At first glance, things looked pretty even. In fact, it looked like they were slightly stronger.

He had no idea where Bick found his confidence from.

However, when he noticed that the spatial passage above Talon’s head was still intact, he realized that more Great Lords of the Abyss could be coming through.

According to Lartigau, Extermination Abyss wasn’t the only Abyss level that was loyal to Castor.

If more Great Lords of the Abyss were to charge into the Bone World… the Bone Race wouldn’t be able to fight them all.

“Castor sure is persistent,” Lartigau said while staring at the spatial passage. He thought he could sense Castor inside the spatial passage, and it felt like he would arrive any moment.

At first, Lartigau thought that a weakened Castor wouldn’t be able to affect the Bone Race much. That was he had turned down the latter’s offer for alliance.

However, Castor probably realized that he had no intentions of submitting to him meekly when he left the Bone World.

That was why Castor had employed his power and started his backup plan immediately after he left the Bone World. He would help Bick become Chief of the Bone Race.

Once Bick had become the patriarch of the Bone Race, he would be have access to the Bone Race’s resources and be able to deploy Corpse Demons on the battlefield.

“If there is no end to their reinforcement of Abyss Devils… it won’t be easy to fight Castor at our current strength,” Bredo said with a sigh. Even he was hesitating and wondering if they should just cooperate with Castor like before.

“Qin Lie, what happened at the Eight Purgatories?” Salleh asked suddenly.

Lartigau, Bredo, and Sarto immediately looked at him as well.

The reason these Bone Race clansmen hadn’t fallen in line with Castor yet was because Castor had already failed once, and because they didn’t know Castor’s current condition.

If Castor was sure to return to his peak and become the Abyss Master, if it was guaranteed that he wouldn’t make the same mistake and be destroyed again, they might just choose to join him again.

“Two of his eight avatars had awakened at Nine Hells Purgatory and Yellow Springs Purgatory. The avatar at Yellow Springs Purgatory had claimed Grom and a couple more Great Lords of the Abyss, so that one should be able to return to peak form.” Qin Lie paused for a moment to think. He added, “The avatar at Nine Hells Purgatory failed to get anything, however. He had no choice but to retreat with nothing.”

“Meanwhile, my main body is consuming the fragments of Yellow Springs Purgatory. I will become the new Devil Monarch.”

“The other six Devil Monarchs are doing their best to stop Castor. He won’t be able to restore all of his avatars easily.”

“In my opinion, he’s trying to use your power to restore himself quicker and become the Abyss Master once more. Otherwise, he could just threaten you after he’d returned to full strength.”

“If he had chosen that route, you wouldn’t even be able to resist.”

Qin Lie paused again before continuing in a chilly tone, “Long story short, he is no longer as strong as he used to be after his first death. Since it’s unlikely he’ll become the Abyss Master once more, that old plan of his becomes even less likely.”

“If you choose to serve him, all you’re choosing is to die with him.”

“Oh, is that so? Do you truly believe that?” Castor’s scornful laugh came from the spatial passage at this moment.

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