Chapter 1694: Interfering

Everyone was speechless with shock with what had just happened.

It wasn’t the Bone Race clansmen either. Even the Night Ghost leader Talon and the minor forces knew that the giant titan corpse was the Eisenberg Family’s strongest weapon.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to call it their ultimate trump card.

Not only did Rigel pay a terrible price to trade it from the Blaze Family, it took a mountain of resources and effort to finally refine it into a Corpse Demon.

The fact that they had refrained from bringing in the giant titan corpse even though they were trying to overthrow Lartigau right now showed just how precious the Corpse Demon was to them.

However, this trump card had just attacked its master, Bick without any warning whatsoever…

No one knew what the hell was going on.

Bredo’s harsh scoldings were cut short by the giant titan corpse’s unusual action. Salleh had become speechless as well.

They both stared at Sarto in confusion and tried to figure out what was going on.


This time, the Corpse Demon moved again and tried to slap the Night Ghosts’ leader, Talon.

“What the hell are you doing, Rigel?!”

Talon shouted at Qin Lie angrily, but dared not clash against the giant head-on, dodging out of harm’s way in a flash.

He was a member of the Night Devil Race. This race was rumored to have been birthed from a union of an Earth Demon Race clansman and an Abyss Devil of the Darkness Abyss.

Talon was the patriarch of the Night Devil Race, and he had some Abyss Devil blood in his veins. For millions of years, his biggest dream was to lead the Night Devils back to the Darkness Abyss and replace its current ruler.

That was why he had chosen to submit to Castor.

“No! He’s not Rigel!”

Bick’s sorrowful cry came from the bottom of the giant titan corpse’s foot.


The sound of bone breaking came from the bottom of the giant titan corpse’s foot, followed by a sudden and powerful burst of strength.

The giant titan corpse’s foot was slowly pushed up as a result.


Having been pushed into the ground, Bick immediately dashed out from the bottom of the giant titan corpse’s foot the moment he freed himself.

Bick glared hatefully at Qin Lie before shouting, “Who are you?”

“Greetings, patriarch!”

Sarto jumped off the titan and saluted Lartigau in a humble manner.

Lartigau looked completely confused by Sarto’s presence. He asked, “Didn’t I ask you to welcome Qin Lie?”

“He’s already here,” Sarto answered solemnly.

“He is? Where?” Lartigau asked in surprise.

“Rigel!” Salleh was the first to react.

“That’s right,” Qin Lie replied.

Salleh had stayed at the Frost Desolation Abyss for a time, and he knew that Qin Lie had a Soul Beast avatar. He realized what was going on after considering Rigel’s unusual movements carefully.

“It’s you!” Bick came to realization as well.

“Whoosh whoosh!”

Qin Lie’s Blood Soul Beast avatar leisurely made its appearance from the sky right after that.

Salleh grew even more certain that Qin Lie had possessed Rigel after seeing the Soul Beast. He asked suddenly, “This giant titan corpse…”

Qin Lie casually shook the corpse bell once, and the giant titan corpse beneath him immediately roared and charged at Bick and Talon again.

He was informing Salleh through his actions that the Eisenberg Family’s strongest Corpse Demon was under his control.

As he digested more and more of Rigel’s memories, Qin Lie realized that Bick knew how to control the Titan Race clansman, but needed the corpse bell as a medium.

However, there was only one such corpse bell in existence, and it was in his hands.

Unless Bick could kill him and take the corpse bell off his body, there was no way he could regain control of the giant titan corpse.

“Gutas greets the patriarch and Lord Bredo.”

The soul servant Gutas also jumped down the Corpse Demon and saluted the Bone Race clansmen while the titan was busy harrassing Bick and Talon.

“You’re…” Bredo frowned a little.

“He’s my subordinate now,” Qin Lie interrupted.

Bredo hesitated for a moment before nodding at Gutas. He said, “I don’t know if you’re doing this willingly or not, but it’s a fact that you’re standing here with us right now. We can reconsider the sentence of your former crimes.”

“Thank you, my lord!” Gutas sounded incredibly emotional.

A long time ago, he was a famous expert of the Bone Race. However, his family was small and weak, and it had been oppressed by another powerful family for the longest time.

When Gutas made a name for himself and reached rank ten, he ignored the laws of his race and attacked his family’s oppressor.

That powerful family was almost annihilated as a result.

Bredo had personally come after Gutas after hearing the news.

Gutas learned that he was no match for Bredo after they clashed, but he also knew that his fate would be tragic at best if he allowed himself to be taken captive. That was why he decided to escape the Bone Race’s star system.

After that, the Bone Race publicly declared their exile of their clansman Gutas. If he ever showed his face in their territory again, he would be killed on the spot.

After Gutas had left the Bone Race, the powerful family swore to get rid of him and tried their best to kill him.

Given no choice, he joined the Night Ghosts and was finally found a place for himself.

However, he still thought of himself as a member of the Bone Race. He still dreamed of winning his clansmen’s acknowledgement and returning home one day.

That was why he had always found an excuse to skip any Night Ghosts’ operation that involved the Bone Race.

Many years had passed, and he was able to return to the Bone Race thanks to Qin Lie. Even Bredo had decided to reconsider his former decision to exile Gutas.

It was only natural that Gutas was overjoyed by this.

“You would accept even the likes of Gutas? It would appear that the Bone Race is in dire need of change.”

A cold, grudgeful voice came from the group of Bone Race clansmen behind Bick. It was a rank ten Bone Race clansman, and he was glaring at Gutas with extreme prejudice.

When Gutas matched eyes with his hater, he suddenly realized why Bredo had decided to indulge him.

It turned out that the Utrede Family, the powerful family he had nearly succeeded in eradicating had joined Bick’s side.

Gutas was the Utredo Family’s sworn enemy, and the Utredo Family was Bredo’s enemy. Naturally, Gutas’ old crimes against the Utrede Family suddenly became a lot less of a problem.

“Patriarch, Lord Bredo! Leave the Utrede Family to me!” Gutas volunteered himself.

“Alright.” Lartigau nodded and said, “When this is over, I’ll send out the order to permit you back into our race myself!”

“Thank you, patriarch!” Gutas said excitedly.

“You can’t seriously be thinking of overthrowing the current leadership with just this?” Qin Lie looked at his surroundings and discovered that the Bick’s forces were fewer than he expected.

“Of course this isn’t all our power,” the leader of Night Ghosts, Talon, said coldly.

“Whoosh whoosh!”

A black, oval-shaped spatial passage suddenly took form above Talon.


The roars of Abyss Devils could be heard from the spatial passage.

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