Chapter 1693: The Running Titan!

Sarto of the Bone Race immediately got moving after making up his mind to lead Qin Lie to the Bone World.

Unfortunately the bone warship was destroyed, so Sarto had no choice but to do this in the dumbest way possible—flying towards his homeworld with his own power.

The moment Qin Lie realized what Sarto was trying to do, Qin Lie immediately called out to him, “Wait!”

“What’s wrong?” Sarto asked in confusion.

He thought that Qin Lie had decided to change his mind and stay out of the Bone Race’s troubles.

“Are you going to fly back to your world?” Qin Lie asked with a frown.

“Well, yeah,” Sarto replied.

“I have a better way,” Qin Lie said suddenly.

Sarto looked surprised. “What way?”

“Come with me,” Qin Lie said.

He then flew toward the cluster of floating asteroids behind him, which was the the opposite direction of the Bone World. Sarto grew even more confused as a result.

Although Qin Lie had possessed Rigel of the Eisenberg Family, it took time to digest the latter’s critical memories and knowledge.

Still, he had learned of a shortcut through Rigel…

A short while later, Qin Lie descended on an inconspicuous asteroid with Sarto, Gutas, the giant titan corpse, and the Blood Soul Beast avatar.

This asteroid was dark blue in color, and its surface was full of holes. They were filled with a faint aura of death.

“Over here.”

Qin Lie flew toward a particular hole and shook Rigel’s corpse bell once.

“Ding ding ding!”

The crisp sound and a bit of energy cut through the silence of the void for a moment.


A loud, strange noise came from the sunken ground, and it slowly opened up like a creature’s maw.


A hexagonal teleportation formation made of bones abruptly rose to the surface.

“This is how Rigel and the titan Corpse Demon had come over just now. We can use it to reach the Bone World directly,” Qin Lie explained.

Sarto stared coldly at the surfaced teleportation formation before saying, “So, Bick was planning to betray us since a long time ago! He should’ve reported construction of this teleportation formation to the patriarch!”

“Let’s go!”

Ignoring Sarto’s displeasure, Qin Lie beckoned his soul slaves to follow him into the teleportation formation.

The teleportation didn’t look big, but everyone noticed its peculiarity the moment they stepped in.

They suddenly became dozens of times smaller than normal. They were like ants compared to Sarto, who was still outside the teleportation formation.

“Whoosh whoosh!”

Qin Lie’s Blood Soul Beast avatar and the Titan Race clansman’s corpse also stepped in one after another.

Despite their size, they all became dozens of times smaller when they entered the teleportation formation.


Qin Lie muttered to himself. This teleportation formation could probably teleport thousands of people at once.

It was an entire level higher than the spatial teleportation formations he knew at Spirit Realm.


Sarto was the last one to enter the teleportation formation. His gloomy eyes were a clear sign that he was furious by the Eisenberg Family’s transgressions.

“We’re heading over.”

Qin Lie gave everyone a reminder before shaking the corpse bell once more. The teleportation formation abruptly brightened before the light wrapped them all completely.

The world turned upside down for a moment, and Qin Lie soon appeared inside a valley. They had arrived at the Bone World.

Inside the valley, a dozen or so Bone Race clansmen saw Qin Lie and saluted him hurriedly, “Lord Rigel!”

These Bone Race clansmen were all members of the Eisenberg Family. They were responsible for guarding this place.


The giant titan corpse abruptly burst out of the teleportation formation and crushed all of them into bits in one hit. These poor fellows were only at rank eight.

In the blink of an eye, all of the Eisenberg Family guards had been dealt with.

It was only then Qin Lie flew out of the teleportation formation and landed on the giant titan’s shoulders. He shot a glance at the distant mountains before looking at Sarto. “Now you can lead the way.”

The Bone Race’s burial and corpse refinement grounds could be vaguely seen beneath the mountains and the gray white sky.

Broken bones could be seen everywhere on this cold and desolate land. The entire realm was filled with the presence of death and desolation.

This was definitely the Bone World.

“Lord Bredo’s bone-burying ground isn’t far away. Let’s go!” Sarto took to the sky, checked his bearings and ran off immediately.

Qin Lie sat quietly on the giant titan corpse’s shoulder and shook the corpse bell once. The titan immediately started running.

At top speed, the Corpse Demon was even faster than Sarto.

Qin Lie’s soul servants wisely heeded their master’s command and sat down on the giant titan corpse’s shoulder.

Even Sarto had wised up and jumped onto its shoulder instead. It was much faster than him anyway.

And so the giant titan corpse ran violently across the cold, hard ground of the Bone World like some giant god of an ancient world.

“That’s the Eisenberg Family’s titan Corpse Demon!”

“Rigel has come!”

“Oh no! That’s the third ranked Corpse Demon of our race!”

A lot of Bone Race clansmen ran toward Bredo’s bone-burying ground the moment they caught wind of the titan’s appearance.

When they saw Rigel on top of the giant titan corpse’s shoulder, they all thought that new reinforcements had come to support the Eisenberg Family.

“Sarto’s a traitor too! I can’t believe he’s allied himself with the Eisenberg Family!”

A lot of Bone Race clansmen gritted their teeth in hatred when they noticed Sarto on the giant titan corpse as well.

They knew that Bick of the Eisenberg Family was trying to put down their patriarch Lartigau with a group of outsiders.

That was why they had rushed in from everywhere to aid their race in its time of need.

“Boom boom boom! Boom boom boom!”

The giant titan corpse’s mad dash was loud and not subtle in the slightest. Even the nearby mountains were shaking from its footsteps.


At the bone-burying ground, Bick of the Eisenberg Family suddenly sensed the giant titan corpse’s aura.

He looked towards the direction of the noise in puzzlement before thinking. “I didn’t order Rigel to come here… Did something happen?”

Bick knew that Castor had other plans to deal with Lartigau. The latter didn’t require the full power of the Eisenberg Family to dethrone.

That was why he had sent Rigel and the titan Corpse Demon away to cooperate with the Night Ghosts. Rigel was supposed to show up after receiving his summon.

But the giant titan had appeared in a hurry even though he hadn’t made any attempt to contact Rigel. It confused him.

“The Eisenberg Family’s titan!”

The Titan Race clansman slowly entered Bredo’s view. The elder saw Rigel and a person he wasn’t expecting, Sarto.


Fury blazed in Bredo’s pupils as a shout burst out of his mouth.

Beside him, Salleh’s fury had skyrocketed as well. “Even Sarto has betrayed us!”

Sarto had always been the most loyal member of their faction. The fact that they had sent him to inform the elders of Castor’s appearance was proof that they trusted him completely.

However, Sarto was currently standing side by side with Rigel on the giant titan corpse. They immediately thought that Sarto had betrayed them.

Sarto’s “betrayal” was a huge blow to their morale. They even started to suspect all the trustworthy Bone Race clansmen around them, wondering if they had all defected to the other side.

“Rigel actually managed to persuade Sarto into betraying Lartigau? This is a pleasant surprise…”

Bick also noticed that Sarto was standing together with Rigel after Bredo’s shout.

He felt like an unexpected boon had landed right in his lap.

“Boom boom! Boom boom boom!”

The giant Corpse Demon ran toward the crowd imposingly. It never slowed even when it was near the bone-burying ground.

Without waiting to stabilize itself completely, the giant titan corpse abruptly stepped on Bick of the Eisenberg Family.


Bick was instantly crushed beneath its foot.

Every Bone Race clansman and outsider present in the area were stunned by the unexpected turn of event.

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