Chapter 1692: Forcing

The giant titan’s corpse was the third strongest Corpse Demon of the Bone Race. It was extremely powerful.

The Eisenberg Family had spent far too much resources to obtain this corpse.

However, this giant titan corpse had fallen into Qin Lie’s hands.

It was true that Qin Lie had used it to kill the Night Ghosts' experts and defeated Thamur and Mo Luo, but Sarto still felt a little uncomfortable.

This titan Corpse Demon was their treasure, and it rightfully belonged to the Bone Race. He didn’t want Qin Lie to have the Titan Race clansman from the bottom of his heart.

However, it was also true that Qin Lie had saved him using the titan.

“What’s wrong? Can’t bear to part with it?”

Qin Lie walked up to Sarto in the body of the Bone Race clansman, Rigel.

“It was the Bone Race’s ultimate treasure,” Sarto said with a clear look of pain.

“Even if it was, it was in the hands of the Eisenberg Family until I took it over,” Qin Lie said while communicating with the soul he left behind in the Blood Soul Beast avatar.

The Blood Soul Beast that had shied away from the giant titan corpse earlier flew out from behind an asteroid and moved closer.

The Blood Soul Beast stopped and hovered quietly in front of Sarto.

Qin Lie was controlling the Blood Soul Beast using a small part of his soul.

Most of his soul was entrenched inside Rigel’s body. It was so that he could command the titan Corpse Demon.

“Ding ding ding.”

He shook the bell and called back the titan who was busy killing the Night Ghosts' experts.

“Bick of the Eisenberg Family probably knows how to control this Corpse Demon too. Do you think I should bring it back to the Bone World?” he asked suddenly.

Sarto trembled at Qin Lie question. “Y-you still want to travel to the Bone World?”

Right now, the rebel army led by the Eisenberg Family, the leader of the Night Ghosts, and some other minor forces had probably all invaded the Bone World.

A great turmoil that affects the very future of the Bone Race was probably happening right now!

If Qin Lie was smart, he would leave the Bone World’s star system with his giant titan corpse immediately.

That was what Sarto had predicted Qin Lie to do at least.

But Qin Lie had defied his expectations and insisted to stay on course to the Bone World despite knowing what was happening.

“I’ll do everything in my power to destroy Castor’s plan. If I cannot hinder him, it’s only a matter of time before I die,” Qin Lie said seriously.

“What do you mean?” Sarto asked in confusion.

“You don’t know?” Qin Lie looked surprised by Sarto’s ignorance.

The latter shook his head in response.

When Qin Lie’s surprise had passed, he said, “I’ll explain everything after I meet with Salleh and the Bone Race’s patriarch.”

“You… seem to know a little of Castor’s power over dead souls,” Sarto said reluctantly.

Earlier, he had suspected if Qin Lie, Thamur, and Mo Luo were all slaves of Castor.

It was only after Qin Lie had successfully implanted his soul in Rigel and killed the Night Ghosts invaders with the giant titan corpse that he started to believe that Qin Lie and Castor weren’t on the same side.

However, Qin Lie clearly knew a bit of Castor’s power…

“It’s not something I can explain briefly.” Qin Lie looked towards the Bone World before continuing, “Lead us to the Bone World quickly. We should be able to do help the Bone Race.”

“Swhoosh swhoosh swhoosh!”

Clumps of soul fragments suddenly flew out of the giant titan corpse. They all belonged to the Night Ghosts experts it had just eaten.


Qin Lie’s Blood Soul Beast avatar activated his bloodline power and executed the bloodline ability “soul devouring”.

The soul fragments were swiftly pulled into the Blood Soul Beast’s stomach.

The Blood Soul Beast could gradually strengthen its bloodline power by consuming souls.

Some of the souls of the Night Ghosts experts who had been chewed up by the giant titan corpse were at rank ten bloodline. Their souls were a source of great nourishment to him.

Not only did the Blood Soul Beast avatar regain all of its used energy in a short time, its bloodline power became stronger than before.

This was why the Soul Race viewed the Soul Beasts as their best flesh and blood puppets. They greatly complemented each other.

The Soul Beast avatar’s bloodline abilities were all most practical and effective for a Soul Race clansman.

Even Qin Lie inside Rigel’s body felt incredibly comfortable as the Soul Beast digested the soul fragments.

“Are you sure you want to head to the Bone World?” Sarto asked seriously.

“I’m sure.”

“Alright, then I’ll take you there!”


Meanwhile, at the Bone World.

The patriarch of the Eisenberg Family, Bick, was leading his group of Bone Race traitors, the Night Ghosts’ leader Talon, and a couple of minor forces towards the burial ground where the Giant Star Beast was refined.

The Bone Race patriarch Lartigau, Bredo, and Salleh were waiting for Sarto and Qin Lie to show up.

However, Bick was the one who showed up first.

Lartigau immediately realized that Castor hadn’t visited just them. He had gone to the Eisenberg Family as well.

“It’s you!”

Lartigau stared at Bick angrily, “Bick! You’re granted free passage to the Bone World, but why have you brought Talon and these outsiders with you!?”

They had received no warning about Bick’s sudden arrival. It made Lartigau realize that some of his people had probably defected to Bick.

He knew this was coming. Castor’s appearance was sure to shake up the Bone Race. He just hadn’t expected it to happen this quickly.

Bick had appeared way too soon, disrupting his plans and putting him on the defensive.

“Patriarch, you know why we’re here.” Bick of the Eisenberg Family stared coldly at Lartigau as he said, “Lord Castor was here, but you… had purposely kept the news under wraps instead of spreading it like you should. I know that you don’t want to ally with Lord Castor just like before, but there are a lot of clansmen like me who believe that Lord Castor is our natural ally. His power over dead souls only robs the living of their souls, and we require the bodies of many experts!”

“Our family had to trade three large-sized realms to the Blaze Family just for that giant titan corpse. It was a terrible price to pay.”

“However, when Lord Castor was at his peak, a Corpse Demon like that would’ve come to us without us needing to lift a finger!”

“At the time, even the Soul Race was afraid of us. The God Race and the Spirit Race also viewed us as equals!”

“The Bone Race was at its golden age at the time!”

“Lord Castor has awakened once more, and he’ll take us back to our former glory. I cannot find any reason to turn down his offer!”

Bick declared his stance.

The Bone Race clansmen behind him also echoed his declaration. They all wanted to ally with Castor just like before.

“Golden age? Really? The Bone Race nearly went extinct because of him! We had to spend millions of years just rebuilding our strength! Do you want history to repeat itself?” Lartigau asked harshly.

“If we succeed, then the only transcendent bloodline races left in the galaxy will be the Abyss Devils and the Bone Race. The God Race, the Spirit Race, and the Soul Race will be removed from the equation! I believe that it’s worth the gamble!” Bick said.

“Well I don’t think so,” Lartigau retorted.

“Then I must say that you’ve outlived your position,” Bick replied coldly.

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