Chapter 1691: The Corpse Demon Ranked Third!

"Pop pop!"

The Corpse Demon waved its thick arms and crushed the Night Ghosts.

Members whose bloodlines had not reached rank ten were immediately killed.

"Not good!"

Thamur saw the unusual state of the Corpse Demon and knew that Qin Lie had successfully planted his soul in Rigel.

At this moment, Rigel was dead. Qin Lie's soul had taken over Rigel and became the master of Rigel's body.

Obviously, the Corpse Demont Rigel controlled started to listen to Qin Lie's orders.

"Whoosh whoosh whoosh!"

The titan corpse released copper light and started to attack the nearby rank ten experts of the Night Ghosts.

Gutas, Kun Luo, and Tia's pressures eased greatly...

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