Chapter 1691: The Corpse Demon Ranked Third!

"Pop pop!"

The Corpse Demon waved its thick arms and crushed the Night Ghosts.

Members whose bloodlines had not reached rank ten were immediately killed.

"Not good!"

Thamur saw the unusual state of the Corpse Demon and knew that Qin Lie had successfully planted his soul in Rigel.

At this moment, Rigel was dead. Qin Lie's soul had taken over Rigel and became the master of Rigel's body.

Obviously, the Corpse Demont Rigel controlled started to listen to Qin Lie's orders.

"Whoosh whoosh whoosh!"

The titan corpse released copper light and started to attack the nearby rank ten experts of the Night Ghosts.

Gutas, Kun Luo, and Tia's pressures eased greatly due to the help of the gargantuan Corpse Demon.


Sarto of the Bone Race stilled when he saw Qin Lie overtake the body of Eisenberg Family's Rigel.

A moment of thought later, he suddenly jolted and shouted, “Thamur!”

Sarto mobilized his rank ten bloodline and swung two giant bone blades as he charged toward Thamur inside Trusi’s body.

"Crack crack!"

Strange hair-raising sounds came from within Sarto's bone blades. That sound... made even Thamur feel a hint of anxiousness.

"Mo Luo!" Thamur shouted.

The Three-Eyed Race clansman Mo Luo knew that Thamur had extraordinary origins but his bloodline rank was not high.

He knew that Thamur was not a match for Sarto.

Seeing Sarto target Thamur in anger, Mo Luo could only temporarily ignore Qin Lie and help Thamur against Sarto.

"Soul plant, wonderful..."

At the same time, Qin Lie's soul completely entered Rigel's mind and refined his consciousness, leaving behind only memories.

Through Rigel's memories, he immediately learned about the death power of the Bone Race and how to use their bloodline. He also learned how to control the Corpse Demon refined from Titan Race clansman.

He also knew that Castor's avatar that had left Nine Hells Purgatory went to the Eisenberg Family not long ago.

The Eisenberg Family's patriarch, Bick, immediately swore his allegiance after recognizing Castor's avatar.

After that, Bick immediately notified the Bone Race clansmen that had been loyal to Castor previously and gathered another force.

When Castor went to see Lartigau, a group of Bone Race clansmen led by Bick was already preparing an uprising.

Thamur of the Soul Race, the Night Ghosts, and some other forces sneaked into Bone Race’s territory with the Eisenberg Family’s help.

Those forces chose to join Castor after he woke up.

However, in Rigel's memories, there was no explanation about the partnership between Thamur and Castor.

Thamur was a Soul Race clansman, and Castor’s death was deeply connected to the Imperial Soul Monarch.

It could be said that while the eight Devil Monarchs and the Demon Spirit of Space and Time Race had sealed Castor, the mastermind behind the ploy was the Imperial Soul Monarch.

Castor should hate the Imperial Soul Monarch greatly. He should also think of the Soul Race as enemies.

Rigel also didn’t understand why Thamur would work with Castor and help them force Lartigau to join Castor.

"Sst sst!"

He absorbed the memories in Rigel's soul at a lightning pace.

He removed irrelevant memories of Rigel’s life and only absorbed selected memories.

After a while, he no longer felt any hint of Rigel’s presence in the Bone Race body.


He shifted his skeleton. Its jade-like eyes suddenly burned with green ghostfire.

His soul presence completely took over Rigel's skeleton body. As he examined his bones that closely resembled jade, he rang the bell that resembled his Corpse Summoning Bell.

"Ding ding ding!"

As the bell rang, the Corpse Demon suddenly gave off an earth-shaking howl. Waves of copper light spread in a fan ship.

An invisible power came out of those copper ripples of light and immediately drowned the dozen rank ten experts of the Night Ghosts.

There was a sticky power in the copper light that restrained the drowned Night Ghosts.

"Whoosh whoosh!"

The Titan Race clansman opened its mouth and sucked it.

He swallowed the copper light and the bodies of the experts of the Night Ghosts.

These experts struggled furiously in the copper ripples of light but death power came over them, corroding their lifeforce.

Their resistance was very weak. They soon entered the mouth of the Corpse Demon.

"Creak! Crack!"

The Titan Race clansman closed its mouth and chewed vigorously. Blood leaked out of the corner of its mouth.

The Night Ghosts’ experts didn't even have time to scream before they were chewed up and swallowed by the titan corpse.

"Ha, expected of a Corpse Demon forged from a rank ten Titan Race clansman. So strong."

Thamur shuddered from terror. His soul suddenly flew out of Trusi's mind and split into several hundred wisps of ghostfire.

The wisps of ghostfire flew in all directions like sparks.

Before Qin Lie could use a Soul Race secret art, he found that Thamur's split souls had disappeared completely.

When Thamur left, the Three-Eyed Race clansman Mo Luo also appeared terrified.

He looked coldly at Qin Lie who had taken over Rigel and said, "The Eisenberg Family will not spare you. Once things at the Bone World have settled, you will die!"

Subsequently, Mo Luo turned into a bolt of green lightning and flew after Thamur. Qin Lie didn’t even have time to speak.

The remaining members of the Night Ghosts attempted to flee but were killed by Sarto and Gutas.

The state of battle started to turn after Qin Lie successfully planted his soul in Rigel and used his body to control the Titan Race clansman to exterminate members of the Night Ghosts.

The Night Ghosts’ experts could not withstand the power of the Corpse Demon and were killed.

"This Titan Race Corpse Demon is ranked third in power among the Bone Race's Corpse Demons." Sarto looked with slight reverence at the titan and said, "He is the ultimate treasure of the Eisenberg Family. I didn’t think Bick would leave him with Rigel and head to the Bone World without it..."

"The Corpse Demon ranked third?” Qin Lie was shocked as well.

Sarto slowly nodded and said, "His bloodline was rank ten before death! He was a War God of the Titan Race, but he was ultimately killed by Lieyan Yuan of the God Race."

"The Eisenberg Family used three large realms to trade for this corpse from the Blaze Family."

"The power of this Corpse Demon might be even greater than Eisenberg Family’s patriarch’s. I didn’t think he would let Rigel bring it with him, just to be taken over by you."

Sarto’s words reflected his conflicted expression.

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