Chapter 1690: Soul Plant!

The copper arm of the titan Corpse Demon smashed onto the Blood Soul Beast with a gust of wind.

Qin Lie's Blood Soul Beast avatar did its best to dodge but was still hit.


The Blood Soul Beast avatar spun and landed heavily on a meteoroid. The meteoroid, that had existed for an unknown number of years in the universe, immediately shattered.


Qin Lie's rank ten subsoul flew out of the eyes of the Blood Soul Beast and immediately split up.

One soul shadow fell down like blue ghostfire and headed towards Rigel of the Bone Race.

The other soul stayed inside the Blood Soul Beast and took the Blood Soul Beast far away from the enormous Titan Race clansmen.

The other strands that had split apart surrounded Rigel.


Thamur of the Soul Race saw Qin Lie switch tactics and abandoning his Soul Beast body. He immediately issued a warning.

Rigel also frowned. He hurriedly summoned the titan Corpse Demon to use it against Qin Lie's souls.

The Corpse Demon stopped chasing the Soul Beast that had lost its main soul and lifted its hand to slap at Qin Lie's split souls.

From a thousand meters away, the palm of the titan flashed with light.

"Pop pop!"

All the meteoroids along the way shattered under the wild power.

The small pieces of rock flew in all directions.


"Manage your dead corpse!"

"Damn it! Even we were attacked!"

The Night Ghosts’ experts were coincidentally scattered around that area. They were hit by the exploding rocks and injured in the process.

One rank eight Three-Eyed Race clansman had a rock hit penetrate his third eye all the way through.

The clansman screamed in grief. He appeared to have lost half of his life.

"Lord Mo Luo!"

The screaming Three-Eyed Race clansman shouted in hopes that Mo Luo would get justice for him.

Mo Luo, who was responsible for this matter, saw his subordinates being affected, his face turning green.

However, he knew Rigel's strength. He knew that the Night Ghosts were inferior in status compared to the Eisenberg Family in this mission.

He could only ignore the wails of his subordinates. He didn't dare to blame Rigel.

Seeing Mo Luo remain silent, the Night Ghosts could only accept their misfortunes.

After seeing the situation clearly, they moved far away from the Corpse Demon to avoid being wounded again.

"Whoosh whoosh whoosh!"

The copper light released by the titan's giant palm passed through all the meteors blocking the way and landed on Qin Lie's souls.


Qin Lie's wisps of soul felt a strong pain after being illuminated by that light.

Because his souls had split and were attempting to gather together the light greatly impacted his movement.

Before his soul gathered, he couldn't cast an appropriate Soul Race secret art on Rigel.


At this time, the titan corpse roared, his enormous body crushing the rocks as it flew over.

The titan corpse ignored the Blood Soul Beast.

"Death Entanglement!"

Gutas hurriedly activated his bloodline power seeing Qie Lie trapped.

Streams of gray death power came out of Gutas' body and wrapped around the enormous body of the titan.

Strangely, the enormous Corpse Demon suddenly had difficulties moving under Gutas' ability.

Qin Lie could feel this death energy immediately penetrating into the Titan Race clansman and forcibly changing its bloodline flow.

He suddenly understood that Gutas was using the bloodline power he comprehended and the corpse-controlling arts of the Bone Race to disrupt Rigel's control of the Corpse Demon.

Each Bone Race clansman had vast knowledge of corpse refinement arts in addition to comprehending death power.

Gutas, who reached rank ten bloodline, had been an important person in the Bone Race and was exceptionally talented.

He had his own insights in controlling Corpse Demons with secret arts.

"Master! I did not refine this Corpse Demon, so I cannot affect it for long!"

Gutas hurriedly warned after slightly obstructing the titan corpse's actions so that Qin Lie would gather his split souls as soon as possible.

"You will die!"

Rigel's jade-like eyes immediately showed great anger as he shouted at Gutas.


The Night Ghosts experts led by Mo Luo suddenly surrounded Gutas and attacked.

Kun Luo, Xinda, and Tia knew that they could not avoid death if Qin Lie died. They could only help Gutas against their old friends.

Qin Lie, as Gutas tangled up the Corpse Demon, finally broke free of the Titan Race clansman’s influence.

His split souls gathered back together.

"Soul Race secret art—soul plant!"

A magical soul mark flew out of his soul and disappeared.

Rigel instinctively wanted to flee when he saw the mark appear. But the soul mark that came from Qin Lie seemed able to ignore the obstruction of space and suddenly appeared in front of his eyes.

A wave of soul presence from Qin Lie appeared in Rigel's mind and suddenly increased in effect.

At this moment, Rigel could feel that Qin Lie's resolve was starting to affect and control him.

Rigel became dizzy, his eyes full of puzzlement. He could not discern who he was.

He thought he was Rigel in one moment, and then he was Qin Lie in the next.

Soul plant was an evil secret art the Soul Race clansmen used to possess physical puppets.

Those Soul Beasts had been completely taken over by Soul Race experts using the "soul plant" secret art.

It was the same when Thamur killed Trusi.

Planting one's soul mark and resolve into the enemy's soul to completely replace the other was a harder secret art than controlling a soul servant.

Soul servants had their own souls, and were temporarily enslaved.

Once "soul plant" succeeded, Rigel would completely die, and his body would become Qin Lie’s.

"Not good!"

Thamur saw hints of Qin Lie's soul shadow in Rigel's eyes and realized something was wrong.

He knew that Qin Lie, who had rank ten soulline, had the strength to successfully plant his soul in Rigel.

"I, who am I, who... am I?"

Rigel stood amid the stars, his eyes confused. He sank into a nightmare he couldn’t wake up from.

The Corpse Demon he controlled also sank into a confused state due to the change in his soul.

The Titan Race clansman stayed there motionless as though it was accepting something.

A moment later.

The Titan Race clansman roared and suddenly started killing the nearby Night Ghosts experts but crushing them into meat patties.

"The soul plant succeeded!"

Thamur's expression changed. His mood immediately turned gloomy. He knew that Rigel was dead, Qin Lie completely replacing him.

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