Chapter 169: Armament Sect Will Give You Whatever You Want!

Chapter 169: Armament Sect Will Give You Whatever You Want!

On the plaza, the twelve standing spirit pattern pillars flashed.

The wisps of clouds that floated in the air, the tall and vast mountains that reached the clouds, and the exquisitely grand dwellings at the summit, each of these scenes were otherworldly.

A great and ancient tree seemed to touch the sky from the ground. Its leaves were thick like the layers of cloud and each bright green leaf was filled with the essence of life.

There were monsters and beasts howling while baring fangs and swiping their claws, but they were imprisoned by enormous rays of light and could not come forth.

Bright flowers at full bloom, roaring rivers, dazzling stars…

All the wondrous scenes formed a splendid picture on the plaza. The energy vibrations it exuded released rainbows of light.

“A peerless genius!” Ying Xingran was crying as he repeated the words in the plaza. “To be able to see this before death, even if I were to die this very moment, my life would have been worth living.”

Qin Lie dignifiedly sat at the center of the plaza in the middle of the twelve spirit pattern pillars. He slowly closed his eyes.

The plaza had gone completely silent. Everyone was witnessing the occurrence of a miracle, and was astounded at the light that came from the twelve spirit pattern pillars.

A long time later.

“Clear the plaza!” Chief Reverend Luo Zhichang shouted.

A male dressed in blood-red armor and of great stature suddenly seemed to have appeared from thin air.



The Blood Spear martial practitioners that surrounded Qin lie hurriedly bowed when they saw this person.

This person looked as though he was in the prime of his life with tendons bulging at his neck, giving off the presence of being as imposing as a mountain.

He nodded minutely at the Blood Spear martial practitioners and then instantly stood next to Luo Zhichang. He bowed slightly, looked around at the surroundings, and then said, “Please, everyone, leave Armament Sect.”

A thick, almost tangible, presence of blood spread with this person as the source.

The looks of those who came from the surrounding factions changed at this moment. Many of those who possessed low cultivation started to tremble as they walked and fearfully retreated.

Xie Jingxuan, Lian Zhong, Wu Tuo, and the others also held shock in their eyes as they looked deeply at this person.

At this time, this person’s bloody scent became even thicker, so thick that people felt it was hard to breathe.

Many people had the feeling they were situated in thick blood. Just from standing there, terror rose in their souls and they had the thought of fleeing far from this person.

“Sorry for the disturbance,” Xie Jingxuan shouted. She bowed towards Ying Xingran and the three reverends with respect and then left of her own accord.

Liang Zong followed closely behind her.

“Apologies, I just wanted to come see the prosperity of Armament Sect,” Wu Tuo smiled honestly.

He also walked outside, leading his group away.

“We have just come in to look and definitely do not have any malicious intentions. Please forgive us.”

“We’re going now, please forgive us for our presumptuousness.”


The people responsible from each faction became careful and wary after this person appeared, giving their apologies and bidding their farewells.

That person stood behind Luo Zhichang and did not threaten any of them verbally. However, almost everyone left of their own accord. A brief amount of time later, no martial practitioners from other forces could be seen near the plaza.

Only disciples of Armament Sect remained.

“This lowly officer will go down first.” This person saw the crowd dissipate and bowed towards Luo Zhichang before walking down alone to the rear mountains of Armament Sect.

Many Blood Spear martial practitioners had nervous expressions after he came as though there was a boulder hanging above their heads. After he left, the Blood Spear martial practitioners recovered and relaxed.

Yi Yuan and Pang Feng were standing straight like pine trees.

Since this person appeared, Yi Yuan and Pang Feng stood there, unable to move with terror in their eyes.

“He finally left…” After he left, Yi Yuan fell on his bottom. He found cold sweat was flowing down his back. Thinking back to the nightmarish days, Yi Yuan couldn’t help but shudder.

“Is that him?” Lian Rou asked Tang Siqi in a low voice.

Tang Siqi nodded fearfully and said in a light voice, “That’s him.”

Lian Rou secretly tsked, “How come he came out today?”

“The twelve spirit pattern pillars have all been lit up, as long as they are human,… they would not be able to stand the curiosity. No matter how cold-blooded and cruel he is, he is still human, and all humans would be curious,” Tang Siqi explained in a low voice. “Also, Sect Master and the three reverends are all present. There are also martial practitioners from other factions in the sect. It should be required that he worries.”

Lian Rou nodded lightly.

At this time, Qin Lie suddenly opened his eyes. He woke up from recovering his spirit energy.

“I need time at this place to comprehend the wonders of the spirit pattern pillars.” He looked at Ying Xingran and calmly said, “but if Sect Master is not willing to change your verdict, I am willing to go to Fire Prison Cliff first and be imprisoned there for one year.”

Tong Jihua and Cheng Ping laughed. They awkwardly looked at Ying Xingran to see how he responded.

Mo Hai, Tan Dongling, Tang Siqi, and the others also suppressed the mirth they felt and stared at Yin Xingran.

“As long as you will stay here and comprehend the profoundness of the spirit pattern pillars, even if you want to imprison me at Fire Prison Cliff, one year, three years, a decade, or even for my entire life, I will comply!” Ying Xingran said heavily.

When these words came out, all the disciples and elders of Armament Sect shook. Their eyes were full of complex emotions.

Many people suddenly felt great respect. No one looked at him in mockery any more.

Ying Xingran might have made thousands of mistakes, might have been too prejudiced, might have possibly broken the rules of the sect and incurred the dislike and possibly the hatred of many, but no one could refute the contributions he made towards Armament Sect.

Additionally, no one felt more towards Armament Sect than he did, and no one cared more than he did about Armament Sect’s future !

Everything he did was for the prosperity of Armament Sect!

On this, none of the elders and disciples of Armament Sect were qualified to laugh at him!

Qin Lie’s mind also shook. His brow creased. After a moment of silence, he said, “I need a long time to comprehend the wonders inside the spirit pattern pillars.”

“Armament Sect can wait ten years, even a century is fine!” Ying Xingran shouted.

“My identity is not clear,” Qin Lie said.

“No matter who you are or where you came from, as long as you are willing to stay in Armament Sect, as long as you are willing to help Armament Sect prosper, we will definitely never ask again in the future!” Luo Zhichang said.

“I have offended people in the past. If my identity is exposed in the future, it may create trouble,” Qin Lie continued.

“Armament Sect will take care of it for you!” Fang Qi said resolutely.

“I also need to learn the martial way,” Qin Lie continued to speak.

“The person who was just here can personally solve the questions you have about the martial way. You can read all the martial books Armament Sect possesses!”

“I have a history with Nebula Pavilion.”

“Armament Pavilion will leave Icestone City. In the future, no martial practitioner from Nebula Pavilion will be able to buy a spirit artifact from Armament Sect!”

“Senior Sister Tang wants to leave, but I do not want her to leave. She should stay in Armament Sect.”

“We will get her to stay!”

“Pan Xuan is too overbearing, I do not like being restricted.”

“He will not be in charge of you in the future.”

“I also…”

“No problem, Armament Sect will give you whatever you want!”

Every time Qin Lie mentioned a matter, Yin Xingran, Luo Zhichang, Fang Qi, and Jiang Hao would compete to answer first, thinking on his behalf from all angles and sweeping away all obstacles.

They did not hesitate at all.

An hour later, Qin Lie could not think of any more problems. He nodded and said simply, “I will remain in Armament Sect.”

Ying Xingran and the three reverends released a breath inside and then smiled as though they had won a victory. They suddenly felt extremely comfortable.

It was as though the people who had unconditionally agreed to Qin Lie and tried to satisfy his every need was not them.

“Rest your worries and comprehend the essence of the spirit pattern pillars. Tell us anything you need, what you want to eat or drink. If you can think of it, Armament Sect will try its best to obtain it for you,” Luo Zhichang said benevolently.

“I will organize and pass the secret scriptures of the sect to you, listing out everything you need for artifact forging at your current stage,” Fang Qi said with a smile.

“You may need some spirit pills and medicine to improve your constitution. I will take care of this and make you satisfied,” Jiang Hao inserted.

“Sixteen Blood Knives, you will guard this place and protect Qin Bing with all of your strength!” Ying Xingran looked at the people dressed in blood-colored robes. “Starting from now, this plaza is temporarily closed. All other unrelated people cannot be admitted! Not even inner sect disciples!”

“Yes sir!” a martial practitioner dressed in blood-red robes shouted.

Yi Yuan, Tang Siqi, Lian Rou, and the others were shocked. They looked at Qin Lie and suddenly found the entire protocol of Armament Sect seemed to be changing based on Qin Lie and were even being reconstructed based on Qin Lie.

No one had ever… experienced this before.

“Before Qin Bing comes out of the plaza, none of you are allowed to enter this place under pain of heavy punishment!” Ying Xingran shouted.

Everyone could only grimace and nod.

Among them, Pan Xuan’s expression was the most bitter. He looked at Qin Lie within the plaza and he felt as though he was ingesting the bitterest of lemons…

“I want to start studying the wonders of the spirit pattern pillars in peace now,” Qin Lie said faintly.

“Everyone, retreat from the plaza!” Ying Xingran announced. “Elder Tong, Elder Cheng, your outer sect should immediately form a defensive line and surround the plaza. Do not allow anyone in!”

“Understood,” Tong Jihua and Cheng Ping responded and then ordered others accordingly.

The plaza was quickly cleared of people. Only Sixteen Blood Knives was at the edge of the plaza, guarding Qin Lie day and night in accordance with Ying Xingran’s orders.

“Xingran, go back and rest. I will stay and watch.” Only now did Luo Zhichang remember that Ying Xingran’s body was not well and told him that in concern.

Ying Xingran, who had been in an extremely excited state and had been shooting off orders, also felt extremely exhausted. A feeling of weakness washed over his body.

“I’m going back first.” He knew his own situation and didn’t dare to force himself. He gave a few more orders before going up the mountain.

“Everyone, you can go now!” Luo Zhichang said.

Consequently, the elders and disciples of Armament Sect’s inner and outer sects reluctantly left the plaza under their herding. They would turn their heads back every few steps in hopes that they could comprehend something.

At this time, silence had finally descended on the plaza. Qin Lie also started to commit himself to studying the profoundness within the spirit pattern pillars.

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