Chapter 1689: Titan Corpse Demon

Sarto understood after hearing Thamur's explanation.

The one who betrayed the Bone Race wasn't Trusi, but the family behind him—the powerful Eisenberg Family.

As one of the oldest families of the Bone Race, the Eisenberg Family had always been full of ambition. The past alliance between the Bone Race and Castor had been formed by the Eisenberg Family.

In reality, the reason Sarto had secretly left to report the news of Castor’s arrival to the elders of the Bone Race was because he wanted to avoid eyes of the Eisenberg Family.

The patriarch of the Bone Race knew the Eisenberg Family's foundations. He knew that if he used the Bone Race's message artifacts, the Eisenberg Family would learn of it.

Lartigau wanted the Eisenberg Family to learn of Castor a bit later so he had Sarto pass on the message with primitive means.

Pity he had not expected the Eisenberg Family to learn the news early.

Maybe... Castor had found the Eisenberg Family before seeing Lartigau and received the loyalty of the Eisenberg Family.

Due to this, the Eisenberg Family could prepare ahead of Lartigau.

"No wonder the Night Ghosts came. It seems that even Bone World is in upheaval.

Sarto felt anxious. He knew that many other Bone Race clansmen wanted to ally with Castor, just like the Eisenberg Family.

Those ambitious Bone Race clansmen would pressure Lartigau to submit if they learned of Castor’s revival.

The hand in the shadows was Castor. He used his own influence to secretly twist the state of the Bone Race.

"A titan..."

As Sarto thought deeply, Qin Lie's green eyes in his Blood Soul Beast landed on the enormous Corpse Demon.

He immediately realized the powerful being refined into a Corpse Demon was a member of the Titan Race.

His eight god corpses were also members of the Titan Race, one of the largest races in the universe.

Titan Race clansmen with peak bloodline had bodies that rivaled the Great Lords of the Abyss, possessed endless power, and astounding combat power.

The Titan Race, with its sparse population, had almost gone extinct under the attacks of the Blaze Family led by Lieyan Yuan.

The surviving titans had almost all submitted to the Blaze Family. However, when the Blaze Family attacked Spirit Realm, another group had died.

The Titan Race was practically extinct in the universe.

He didn't know where the Eisenberg Family got the corpse of a titan to forge into a powerful Corpse Demon.

This Corpse Demon was more than a thousand meters tall, as big as a giant volcano.

The Bone Race clansmen near Sarto had been crushed into powder in a flash under the attacks of the titan Corpse Demon.

Qin Lie felt with his senses and knew that the bloodline rank of the titan Corpse Demon before its death... should have been rank ten.

This kind of titan was terrifyingly strong and could fight Great Lords of the Abyss.

No wonder the low rank Bone Race clansmen could not withstand a blow.


A small and short white figure appeared next to the enormous Corpse Demon as Qin Lie thought.

That was another Bone Race clansman.


Sarto shouted angrily when he saw the other appear. His eyes filled with wild anger.

Rigel was the second strongest person in the Eisenberg Family, the second Bone Race clansman to have reached rank ten, famous in their race.

His arrival and the existence of the titan Corpse Demon caused Sarto to understand the Eisenberg Family had stopped hiding their actions.

"My brother, and the other members of the Bone Race that chose to ally with Castor should have reached the Bone World now."

Rigel, who suddenly appeared, had eyes that glittered like jade. He looked coldly at Sarto and said, "The leaders of the Night Ghosts and other experts have also gone to the Bone World. If the patriarch and Lord Bredo support Lord Castor like in the past, Bone World will remain peaceful. The Eisenberg Family will still listen to the patriarch. However, if the patriarch and Lord Bredo disobey Lord Castor's orders, then... my brother will replace Lartigau and become the new patriarch of the Bone Race."

Rigel did not hide and honestly stated their ambitions and aims.

He had received news that his older brother, the other Bone Race clansmen, and the forces loyal to Castor had already reached the Bone World.

So far into their plan, they had no reason to hide

"Thamur, Mo Luo," Rigel called.

"Here," Thamur and Mo Luo said in unison.

"Keep Sarto alive. When Bone World sends news, if the patriarch and Lord Bredo are smart enough, Sarto can live." The rank ten Bone Race clansman Rigel slowly landed on the head of the titan Corpse Demon. Then he looked at Qin Lie and said, "As for this outsider, no matter what the patriarch's orders are, he has no need to be alive. You can take care of him early."

Then he patted the titan underneath him.

The titan giant that had been refined into a Corpse Demon by the Eistenberg Family silently reached toward Qin Lie after receiving orders.

"Whoosh whoosh whoosh!"

The copper-colored arm of the titan formed gusts of wind as it swung.

The strong wind was created from the bloodline power of the titan. The wind gathered into blades that seem to cut at the flesh of Qin Lie's Blood Soul Beast avatar.

The aura of death came from the winds that appeared able to corrode the vitality of living beings.


The enormous body of the titan was like a moving mountain that suddenly appeared above the Blood Soul Beast's head.

The swing of the copper arm was accompanied by great pressure and howling destructive winds.

"Titan Race..."

In his Blood Soul Beast state, Qin Lie suddenly felt a headache when the power of the titan came at him.

His Soul Race secret arts could not be used to their full extent against a titan Corpse Demon.

This was a dead corpse without a soul.

He could only use the Blood Soul Beast's own power to fight the rank ten titan physically.

However, the strongest arts of Soul Beasts were still related to soul...

He finally understood why the races of the universe thought the Bone Race was the bane to the Soul Race.

The Bone Race, that could forge powerful Corpse Demons without souls, only had to control their Corpse Demons when fighting the Soul Race. That was enough to cause the latter big trouble.

"I can only attack the master of the Corpse Demon."

Facing the great pressure of the titan, Qin Lie's Soul Beast avatar continued to retreat.

His gray eyes flashed with light and slowly locked onto Rigel of the Eisenberg Family.

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