Chapter 1688: Internal Conflict

"Dead souls, dead souls’ presence..."

Thamur looked dazedly at Badi who gradually grew silent and appeared disbelieving.

"Thamur! Why did this happen?!"

The Three-Eyed Race clansman Mo Luo was concerned with Badi's survival. Seeing Badi die, he put the blame on Thamur.

The soul mark from Qin Lie burned in Badi's mind and turned Badi's soul into ash.

The soul energy that Thamur had put onto Badi's body was being suppressed by the dead souls’ power, unable to affect the imprint.

Badi, who attempted to break out of Qin Lie's control, was completely silent.

No one could feel a shred of Badi’s presence.

Kun Luo, Xinda, and Tia had originally wanted to follow Badi and...

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