Chapter 1688: Internal Conflict

"Dead souls, dead souls’ presence..."

Thamur looked dazedly at Badi who gradually grew silent and appeared disbelieving.

"Thamur! Why did this happen?!"

The Three-Eyed Race clansman Mo Luo was concerned with Badi's survival. Seeing Badi die, he put the blame on Thamur.

The soul mark from Qin Lie burned in Badi's mind and turned Badi's soul into ash.

The soul energy that Thamur had put onto Badi's body was being suppressed by the dead souls’ power, unable to affect the imprint.

Badi, who attempted to break out of Qin Lie's control, was completely silent.

No one could feel a shred of Badi’s presence.

Kun Luo, Xinda, and Tia had originally wanted to follow Badi and break free of Qin Lie's control.

But they quieted down after Badi's death. They immediately displayed their full power to help Qin Lie against their old friends from Night Ghosts.

Mo Luo couldn't even protect Badi. How could he protect them?

Rather than being destroyed, they could fight for Qin Lie as soul servants. At least then they would live on...


Sarto of the Bone Race grew excited when he saw Badi be killed by Qin Lie with a wave of his hand.

"Bloodline ability! Death Sacrifice!"

Sarto looked coldly at Badi and then used his bloodline secret art. A wave of deathly power rose from Badi’s already-dead body.

The thick dead power turned into a gray ray that flew toward Thamur.

At the same time, unusual light flashed in Badi who had lost his life.

He struggled to move as he leapt towards Mo Luo. He seemed to have been taken control of by Sarto's power of death in this instant.

As a member of the Bone Race and an expert of rank ten bloodline, Sarto had a variety of arts revolving around death.

He could temporarily control beings that had just died with his bloodline secret arts.

Of course, because the beings that just died were not refined by the Bone Race's secret art, they were not true Corpse Demons and could not use the full extent of their power.

But Badi was a member of the Three-Eyed Race and the best friend of Mo Luo. He had encountered misfortune because he listened to his friend, causing the latter to feel enormous guilt.

Seeing Badi, who had just died, suddenly appear to come alive and charge at him, Mo Luo felt a hint of panic.

He did not immediately attack, but unconsciously retreated.

"Just a body without a soul, a corpse that isn't even a Corpse Demon, you fear him?"

Thamur, who had possessed Trusi, knew the secret arts of the Bone Race. He knew the power that Badi could display were limited now and couldn't threaten Mo Luo.

Badi was only good as a fright.


Thamur's eyes stared at the dead Badi as he also used a secret art of the Bone Race.

Threads of phosphorus fire suddenly lit up on Badi's body. The fire seemed to come from inside Badi and seemed to be aimed at his body itself.


Badi's corpse suddenly exploded, and the short Three-Eyed Race body turned into pieces.

"You face Qin Lie!"

Thamur ordered Mo Luo imperiously as he slowly retreated.

"Secret bloodline art..."

As he muttered, he started to use the Bone Race's secret arts and the Bone Race bloodline of Trusi's body to disrupt the death power.

The death power that Sarto had pulled out of Badi and hurled towards him suddenly paused when it was about to hit him.


Thamur laughed and grabbed the death power. He looked at Sarto.

"The Soul Race is capable of using the vessel’s bloodline and secret arts after possession. This body used to belong to a clansman of your Bone Race"

"And yet you attempt to use this low level death power taken from a dead corpse to try to kill me. Aren't you underestimating me?"


As Thamur spoke, the experts of the Night Ghosts attacking Sarto used Earth Demon Race secret arts to move huge meteoroids by changing gravity..

Sarto had expended a great amount of bloodline power after using the Bone Race secret art. After being hit with two meteors, he fell among the Bone Race clansmen.

At this time, Qin Lie frowned again and once again felt Castor’s dead souls’ power that the main soul comprehended.


A piece of flesh wriggled unusually from Badi's shattered body and suddenly flew toward the Three-Eyed Race Mo Luo.

"As expected, the power of dead souls!"

Mo Luo's third eye suddenly released a strong light. He could clearly see a fiendish soul hiding in the piece of flesh.


A ray of dark green power shot into the ball of flesh from Mo Luo's third eye.

Under that light, the flesh quickly disintegrated. Threads of angry souls twisted together appeared from the flesh.

"Castor, it is Castor's power..."

Mo Luo's expression was dark as he used the Three-Eyed Race's bloodline secret arts. Rays of green soul light came out of his third eye to fight those angry souls.


At this time, an enormous corpse suddenly appeared among the enthusiastic Bone Race clansmen.

"Corpse Demons!"

Those Bone Race clansmen showed happy expressions when they saw the enormous corpse appear.

They thought that the experts of their race had come.

Yet before they could beam, the enormous corpse started to kill them.

"Crack crack crack! Crack crack!"

Other than Sarto, those Bone Race clansmen who had not reached rank ten bloodline were crushed to bone shards in the span of a few breaths.

"The Corpse Demon of the Eisenberg Family!"

Sarto gave a harsh scream and suddenly understood something when the enormous Corpse Demon appeared.

Trusi came from Eisenberg Family, one of the oldest and most powerful families of the Bone Race.

Sarto had rejoiced after finding that Trusi had been possessed by Thamur. He thought that the Eisenberg Family had no connection with Thamur and the Night Ghosts. He thought that Thamur had secretly killed Trusi.

But when he saw the Corpse Demon killing members of his race, Sarto knew that something major had happened in the Bone Race.

"Yes, this Trusi was a loyal Bone Race clansman."

"After learning of the family's betrayal, he wanted to betray his family and tell you about the Eisenberg Family."

"That’s why I got permission from Eisenberg Family and killed him."

Thamur looked at Sarto and said in a ruthless tone, "Castor has awakened. He went to the Bone World, saw the patriarch of the Bone Race, and also went to the Eisenberg Family. You are a rank ten Bone Race warrior. You should have known that the Eisenberg Family was the first to swear loyalty to Castor back then. This family always revered Castor and thought that Castor's glory would bring a prosperous era to the Bone Race."

"You old people are terrified about Castor's awakening. But the Eisenberg Family and the other Bone Race clansmen are the exact opposite."

"They hope they can follow Castor like in the past."

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