Chapter 1687: Seeing Thamur Again

"So it's you."

Trusi’s words revealed why the Night Ghost had felt familiar earlier.

It was an old acquaintance, Thamur.

In the Origin World, Thamur worked together with Oktan. By sending the youth after Indigo, he tried to sow discord between Diga’s Abyss Devils and the God Race group.

For a long time, Thamur had control of the situation and played with all the geniuses who had entered in the palm of his hand.

But later on, he learned that it was just Thamur’s subsoul that had entered the Origin World.

At the time, he knew he would see Thamur one day but he hadn't expected it would be in such random circumstances.

"Qin Lie, you took everything that should have been mine!"

Thamur's green eyes flashed with toxic jealousy. "If not for you, I would have obtained everything I wanted in the Origin World. if not for you, Indigo would have died, and Oktan and the Satorius Family would have become the best chief candidate of the Spirit Race."

"And I would have become the new Devil Monarch of the Eight Purgatories!"

Every one of his words was filled with hatred.

"Another Soul Race clansman..."

Badi, who had been hesitating before, gradually understood when he saw Thamur's soul mark was gradually dissolving Qin Lie's soul mark.

He finally believed in Mo Luo's promise.


He, who had been standing next to Qin Lie, used his bloodline power to fly to the side.

"Apologies, if I can recover my freedom, who would want to become a soul servant?" Badi felt that Qin Lie's soul influence was growing weaker and snarled, "Master, will you blame me?"

"Badi, if we can complete the orders of the leader in the Bone Race, we can return to the Three-Eyed Race!" Mo Luo said.

As he spoke, he used their race’s bloodline art to tell Badi his intentions.

He could see that Badi was actively resisting the soul imprint. With Thamur’s help, Qin Lie’s influence was slowly weakening.

He grew more confident about Badi's release.

He also noticed that as Badi broke free, Kun Luo, Xinda, and Tia were growing less focused as they fought.

Xinda and Kun Luo were members of the Earth Demon Race. Tia was from the Winged Race. None of them were locals.

Only Gutas of the Bone Race had no other thoughts and was fighting for Qin Lie with all his power.

Kun Luo, Xinda, and Tia peeked at Thamur as they saw Badi break free of Qin Lie's soul imprisonment.

They looked as if they would betray Qin Lie the second Thamur showed success with Badi.

They had not been soul slaves for a long time, so the imprints on their soul hadn’t had enough time to deepen their influence.

Obviously, they would have thoughts of rebellion.

Asura Race soul slaves such as Curtis had followed Qin Lie's Dark Soul Beast avatar for thousands of years. The influence of the mark on their souls had slowly changed their consciousness.

This meant that Curtis would be loyal to Qin Lie and it was nearly impossible for him to have an idea of betrayal, no matter the temptation.

The unique Soul Race imprint would deepen its influence as time passed.

Later on, those soul slaves would forever be loyal to their owners and never have a thought of betrayal.

But Badi and the others had not been soul slaves for long. The soul marks in them hadn't been able to influence their thoughts.

So when they saw a chance to break free, they immediately became disloyal.

"Master! Those three have other thoughts!"

Gutas of the Bone Race noticed the change in Kun Luo, Xinda, and Tia's expression. He guessed their thoughts.

He shouted out a warning.

At this time, Qin Lie also felt the situation was troublesome. Badi, Xinda, Kun Luo, and Tia were all rank ten bloodline experts.

If they were loyal, he would have some confidence in this battle.

If all four betrayed him, and only Gutas was loyal, the threat they faced would multiply.

"I must make an example!"

He, who had desired to attack Thamur and Mo Luo, immediately changed his target to Badi.

He felt that there was still a weak relationship between him and Badi.

Thamur's soul secret art had not completely erased the mark he had branded Badi’s soul with. He still had a chance to kill Badi.

The Blood Soul Beast's enormous body suddenly turned and looked coldly at Badi.

Badi felt a slight hint of timidness under his gaze but quickly calmed down. He said with a smile, "Master, this feeling of everything losing control... do you feel powerless?"

"You have not completely broken free," Qin Lie said coldly.

A hint of death concept appeared in the green eyes of the Blood Soul Beast. Using the connection between the subsoul and the main soul, he attempted to use a bit of Castor's power of dead souls.

Because of the dead Bone Race clansmen around, power of dead souls was aplenty in the area.

He could feel that his main body in Flaming Sun Purgatory was comprehending Castor's dead souls concept at this time.

The two souls were connected. His subsoul could also use the truths the main body had comprehended.

Through the understanding of the main soul, he attempted to gather the remains of the shattered dead souls of the Bone Race clansmen with his rank ten soulline.

Many soul shadows invisible to the naked eye suddenly flew towards the Blood Soul Beast as his subsoul called.

At this time, there was still a weak soul connection between the Blood Soul Beast and Badi.

That invisible and intangible line between him and Badi had not been snapped.


His thoughts moved. Those invisible dead souls immediately entered Badi's head through the connection.


Badi's third eye suddenly gave off a wave of flames as though it had been ignited.

The presence of dead souls came out of those flames.

"No! No!"

Badi, who had been snarling, found that his soul was being set ablaze by Qin Lie's almost-erased soul mark.

Thamur suddenly found his soul presence he had been treating Badi with being blocked from entering Badi’s soul .

By a rare kind of dead souls presence...

"Whoosh whoosh!"

Badi's other two eyes gave off green ghostfire. His soul gradually went out like an oil lamp with no oil.

"Did you really think you could protect him?" Qin Lie looked disdainfully at Thamur.

"Thamur! You promised me!" Mo Luo shouted angrily.

Xinda, Kun Luo, and Tia saw the rebel Badi die under Thamur's protection.

They seemed to have had a bucket of cold water poured over them, their eyes regaining their focus..

—They did not want to become the next Badi.

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