Chapter 1686: Betrayal

Badi was a member of the Three-Eyed Race, and Mo Luo only cared about him. He didn’t care if Gutas and the others lived or died.

Trusi’s promise had invigorated him. He waved his hand and ordered calmly, “Kill them all!”

The other four Night Ghosts rushed Gutas, Kun Luo, Xinda, and Tia immediately after hearing that order.

Trusi of the Bone Race chuckled at Qin Lie while his eyes glowed dark green. He said, “Of all the places you could to be, you chose the Bone Race’s galaxy…”


Bloodline power suddenly surged from the short Mo Luo. His third eye instantly instantly glowed bright.

An invisible power suddenly wrapped around Qin Lie, causing him to activate his own bloodline power.

Qin Lie’s bloodline energy swelled uncontrollably.

He immediately returned to his Blood Soul Beast form. Sparks kept flying out of his his bluish green pupils.


Qin Lie shot Mo Luo a cold look before staring at the rank nine Bone Race clansman.

For some reason, he sensed something familiar from that Trusi.

It was almost as if… he had come into contact with that Trusi before.

However, he couldn’t remember when he had interacted with this Bone Race clansman no matter how he tried.

The only Bone Race clansman he knew was Salleh.


Gutas called out to Qin Lie softly as he stared at his former comrades.

He wanted to know if Qin Lie was planning to stay behind and fight, or do their best to escape this place just like Sarto.

He wanted to know his intentions.

“We fight!”

Qin Lie transmitted his will to his soul servants through their soul connection without looking back at Gutas.

Gutas immediately activated his bloodline power, wisps of gray white deathly energy flowed out of his skeleton.

He was a Bone Race clansman, but he was different from Trusi. He might’ve been exiled by his own race, but… he didn’t really hate them all that much.

The Night Ghosts were clearly planning to attack the Bone Race, and he was no longer a part of them since the moment he became Qin Lie’s soul servant.

Qin Lie also shared a good relationship with Salleh. If he could help Sarto and the Bone Race survive this crisis with Qin Lie’s help… he might yet have a shot at returning to his race.

Gutas was immediately filled with killing intent when he thought until this point.

“Are you really… not on their side?”

At first, Sarto thought that Qin Lie was in cahoots with the Night Ghosts. However, the Night Ghosts were obviously attacking them. This made him wonder if he had made a mistake. 

“I’m not like Trusi. I tried my best to not harm my kin even when I was still a member of the Night Ghosts!” Gutas yelled.

Gutas wrapped his death energy around an Earth Demon Race warrior while he was still speaking.

The warrior started losing lifeforce rapidly the moment he was entangled.

Sarto shot Gutas a doubtful glance, but the latter didn’t look like he was pretending at all. Eventually, he decided to believe in Qin Lie and Gutas.

“This is our territory. Have the Night Ghosts forgotten how many bodies they left behind during their last excursion?”

After realizing that Qin Lie really was an ally, he calmed down and measured both sides’ strength. Suddenly, he was no longer in a hurry to leave.

“Crack crack! Crack crack!”

A large number of low rank Bone Race clansmen were being killed by the Night Ghosts all around him. Their skeletons were falling apart.

“Death energy! Fever! Enhance skeleton!”

Colorful energy circulated around Sarto’s skeleton as he executed two unique bloodline abilities in a row.

“Whoosh whoosh whoosh!”

A great amount of death energy turned into cold white mist and enveloped all the nearby Bone Race clansmen.

When the mist touched the low rank Bone Race clansmen, their bones creaked loudly and grew stronger.

The fear in their eyes was also replaced with bloodthirst and violence when Sarto’s “Fever” bloodline ability overcame them.

Suddenly, the retreating Bone Race clansmen did a one hundred and eighty degrees turn.

“We fight to the death!” Sarto shouted.

“We fight to the death!”

All surviving Bone Race clansmen echoed his cry and spirit.

“Crack crack crack!”

The broken bones of the killed Bone Race clansmen suddenly moved closer to each other as if they had been gifted the mysterious power of death.

The sharp, translucent bones seemed to gain a life and intelligence of their own as they stabbed towards nearby Night Ghosts’ experts like lightning.

“Pu! Pu pu!”

Not knowing the Bone Race’s strange abilities, a Night Ghost expert was pierced by the moving bones.

“Watch out! Everyone watch out!”

“Do not let your guard down even you kill a Bone Race clansman! They can still kill you as long as their bones aren’t ground down to dust!”

“Watch out!”

The veteran experts of the Night Ghosts shouted at the new additions to be careful.

They were aware that every bone in a Bone Race clansman could be used as a weapon through a bloodline ability.

The reason they hadn’t bothered warning anyone earlier because the Bone Race clansmen were focused on running away.

But after Sarto realized that Qin Lie was an ally, he had canceled his previous decision immediately and stood his ground.

Now that the Bone Race clansmen were all determined to fight, and after they were enhanced by Sarto’s bloodline ability, they had regained their normal fighting strength.


Instead of looking at the Bone Race, Qin Lie suddenly addressed his soul servant.

Mo Luo’s persuasion and Trusi’s promise had given the soul servant Badi new hope.

Badi was obviously hesitating even as the rest of the soul servants were fighting against their former comrades.

It was obvious that Mo Luo and Trusi’s words had caused Badi to become very conflicted.

“Master, I… I…”

Badi glanced back and forth between Mo Luo and Trusi. He couldn’t come to a decision.

“I’m serious when I say I can protect your life,” Trusi said confidently.

“My brother, we’ll return to the Three-Eyed Race and fulfill our promise just like before,” Mo Luo also said sincerely.

Badi grew more and more shaken as a result.

“Your mind is faltering… you are useless to me the way you are now. No, you may even turn out to be a threat.” Qin Lie said indifferently. “In that case, I may as well see how that tiny Bone Race clansman is going to protect you.”

“No, master!” Badi screamed.

In that moment, he knew that Qin Lie had decided to cut him loose and kill him.


Badi’s pupils suddenly burned with bluish green fire as he screamed.

It looked like Badi’s soul was burning.

“Trusi!” Mo Luo yelled.


The eyes of the rank nine Bone Race clansmen suddenly turned from dark green to bluish green.

The strange aura his eyes exuded was exactly the same as Qin Lie’s Blood Soul Beast.


Bluish green soul imprints suddenly leaped out of Trusi’s smooth scalp and landed on Badi’s body like clouds.

At first glance, it was as if the thin Badi was wearing a colorful suit.

Countless Soul Race characters were flowing inside the bluish green soul imprint. They continuously disrupted the soul imprint Qin Lie had applied in Badi’s mind.

Qin Lie could feel that the soul energy inside Badi’s soul imprint fading rapidly.

His connection with Badi was also being severed off bit by bit.

“The Soul Race!”

He stared coldly at the Bone Race clansman whose eye color had just changed, and executed a Soul Race secret art.

He finally realized that this Trusi was possessed by a Soul Race clansman. His rank nine power was just a front.

Realization flashed across Qin Lie’s head as he shouted, “Thamur!”

“You weren’t expecting me, were you Qin Lie? We meet again.” Trusi’s voice slowly turned cold. “You’d taken what was mine in the Origin World, or I would’ve become the creator of the Flaming Sun Abyss, or even a Devil Monarch! It was you who killed my subsoul, destroyed my plans and caused my main soul to suffer huge damage.”

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