Chapter 1685: Deep in Trouble


The Bone Race’s warship abruptly exploded when the three-eyed Mo Luo spoke.

Qin Lie noticed that the lifeless asteroids from nearby were moving slowly as if they were attracted by some sort of force.

“Get moving! We’ll return to the Bone World first!”

Sarto barked out the order immediately when he saw that the situation was bad.

Even Qin Lie and Gutas had fallen under his suspicion after Trusi’s betrayal and the sudden arrival of the night ghost, Mo Luo.

He viewed everything as an effort to invade the Bone Race!

The Corpse Summoning Bell had exploded, and he and a lot of Bone Race clansmen were hurt by the explosion. He realized that he might not be able to transmit the news in time.

That was why he ordered his people to leave this place as quickly as possible.

The moment he sent out his order, the Bone Race clansmen immediately tried to regain control of their warship and turn back to the Bone World.

It was at this moment the asteroids suddenly moved faster.

“Bang bang!”

The asteroids rammed into the warship and punctured giant holes in its body.

All low rank Bone Race clansmen who were caught by the impact were shattered into bits.

They all died a horrible death.

“Trusi! Mo Luo!”

Sarto’s pupils burned with fury as he watched his warship come apart and his clansmen being crushed.

His furious gaze was directed onto Qin Lie and Gutas as well. He obviously thought that Qin Lie was an enemy as well.

He thought that Qin Lie and Mo Luo were on the same side, and that everything he did earlier was just to confuse and delay him.

“This has nothing to do with me.”

Qin Lie frowned at his gaze and defended himself seriously.


The dark red asteroid finally reached them and stopped just before the crumbling warship.

A skinny three-eyed old man just like Badi stood tall on the asteroid.

The green glow in his third eye gave him the impression of a venomous snake.

He didn’t look at Qin Lie or bother with the screaming Sarto. He seemed to think that Sarto was dead for sure.

He simply looked at Badi and lamented loudly, “Have you forgotten about our promise, Badi? We swore in the oldest language that we would return to the Three-Eyed Race one day! The galaxy may be huge, but there are only so many places that would accept us! Our leader had accepted us during our darkest time of need, and we both owe him a huge favor. No matter what had happened to you in Spirit Realm, you shouldn’t have betrayed the Night Ghosts and the leader. Please return to us while you still can.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll ask the leader to show you mercy. Everything will stay the same just like before.”

“You and I may not be real brothers, but we both share the same ideals and goals. I want us to keep fighting alongside each other.”

He was trying to persuade Badi into returning to the Night Ghosts. 

“Whoosh whoosh whoosh!”

More asteroids entered the battlefield while he was talking to Badi. They were all crawling with Night Ghosts’ experts.

The group consisted of experts from various races. There were Earth Demon Race, Winged Race, Dragon Lion Race, and other smaller races.

They had Qin Lie, the crumbling warship, Gutas, Kun Luo, and everyone else completely surrounded.

Qin Lie calculated indifferently with his soul perception. “That makes the seventh rank ten bloodline expert… Did the Night Ghosts bring all of their experts over?”

According to his knowledge, the Night Ghosts weren’t all that powerful. They should have at most a dozen or so rank ten experts including his soul servants.

There were seven rank ten experts currently present in the scene. If he were to include his soul servants into the count… this was practically the entire force of the Night Ghosts.

—The leader was the only one who hadn’t shown up yet. 

“Lord Mo Luo, I don’t think Lord Badi will be able to do that.”

Trusi slowly moved back closer after the Night Ghost experts had reached the scene.

He pointed a bony finger at Qin Lie before saying, “That is a rank ten Soul Race clansman. I heard Gutas and Lord Badi calling him their master just now.”

“The Soul Race!” The Three-Eyed Mo Luo immediately trained his third eye onto Qin Lie after hearing this.

A cold chill flew out of his pupils and stabbed towards Qin Lie like a corrosive spear.


Qin Lie sneered at him before using a Soul Race secret art. His bluish green pupils danced like ghostfire.


Green light and dark blue lightning clashed against one another fiercely just before Qin Lie’s eyes.

“He is a Soul Race clansman!”

Mo Luo immediately withdrew his bloodline power after confirming Qin Lie’s identity.

“Badi, did… all of you become his soul servants?”

Badi finally gave Mo Luo a bitter nod.

If he were to be honest with himself, he didn’t want to be a soul servant either. He wanted to be free just like Mo Luo, and he hadn’t forgotten about their ideals.

Unfortunately, from the moment Qin Lie had imprinted his soul, he was no longer in control of himself.

If he dared to resist, Qin Lie could eliminate him with a single thought.

He had to obey Qin Lie if he wished to survive, whether he liked it or not.

“I see now,” Mo Luo said in realization.

“Whoosh whoosh!”

The asteroids continued to fly towards the warship. They were all crawling with Night Ghost experts.

“Return to the Bone World!” Sarto shouted loudly.

Unfortunately, experts of the Night Ghosts piloting the asteroids were all rank nine bloodline warriors. They heartlessly began their slaughter of the the Bone Race clansmen.

Sarto wasn’t a combat mission. His original goal was to bring the news of Castor’s return to some of the elders of the Bone Race.

Moreover, they were in their own territory, so he hadn’t bothered to bring any powerful Corpse Demons. As a result, his combat strength was greatly diminished.

There was nothing he could do against the Night Ghosts, a rank ten Earth Demon Race clansman and a Dragon Lion Race clansman.

All he could do was watch his clansmen die.

“Relax, my clansmen don’t frequent this area, and the spirit artifact Sarto used for communication just exploded. No one will discover this in a short while.”

The Bone Race clansman called Trusi urged the Night Ghosts’ experts to slaughter his people to their heart’s content.

“Lord Mo Luo, feel free to attack Qin Lie as you wish. If he dies, I guarantee that Lord Badi will be freed from his soul shackles.” Trusi suddenly changed the subject and said, “However, I can only promise this for Lord Badi alone. I cannot promise the same for Lord Gutas and the other three.”

“Is that true?” Mo Luo said excitedly.

“Of course,” Trusi said with a nod.

“Alright!” The three-eyed Mo Luo suddenly relaxed.

For some reason, he seemed unbelievably trusting of the rank nine Bone Race clansman called Trusi.

It looked like he really believed Trusi would have a way of clearing the soul imprint in Badi’s soul after Qin Lie was killed.

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