Chapter 1684: Night Ghosts’ Tentacles!

“Qin Lie, Gutas; by Lord Bredo’s orders, you are both permitted to follow us to the Bone World.”

The old Bone Race clansman on the bone warship made a welcoming gesture after asking for instructions.

“Master, I, I…”

Not only was Gutas not happy by his unexpected invitation, he looked extremely worried.

“Don’t worry, they probably don’t mean harm,” Qin Lie consoled.

“Well… alright.” Gutas agreed to follow Qin Lie in the end.


The old Bone Race clansman motioned for Qin Lie and Gutas to get on the warship.

“The rest of you will wait here for us to return. I’ll come and get you after I’ve met with Salleh,” Qin Lie instructed the remaining four soul servants.

“Understood,” Kun Luo and the others answered respectfully.

“Let’s go.” Qin Lie jumped off the asteroid and flew towards the Bone Race’s bone warship.

Gutas followed closely...

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