Chapter 1684: Night Ghosts’ Tentacles!

“Qin Lie, Gutas; by Lord Bredo’s orders, you are both permitted to follow us to the Bone World.”

The old Bone Race clansman on the bone warship made a welcoming gesture after asking for instructions.

“Master, I, I…”

Not only was Gutas not happy by his unexpected invitation, he looked extremely worried.

“Don’t worry, they probably don’t mean harm,” Qin Lie consoled.

“Well… alright.” Gutas agreed to follow Qin Lie in the end.


The old Bone Race clansman motioned for Qin Lie and Gutas to get on the warship.

“The rest of you will wait here for us to return. I’ll come and get you after I’ve met with Salleh,” Qin Lie instructed the remaining four soul servants.

“Understood,” Kun Luo and the others answered respectfully.

“Let’s go.” Qin Lie jumped off the asteroid and flew towards the Bone Race’s bone warship.

Gutas followed closely behind.

“Master, wait!”

Suddenly, the three-eyed Badi suddenly shouted in surprise and worry.

Qin Lie and Gutas immediately stopped midair.

Instead of looking at Badi, Qin Lie kept a close eye on the Bone Race clansmen on the warship and asked, “What have you discovered, Badi?”

Badi was from the Three-Eyed Race. In some cases, Badi’s senses were even sharper than Qin Lie’s.

His exploration of the galaxy didn’t always go smoothly, and Badi was the one who gave him very good suggestions and warned him of incoming threats before he even noticed them.

He had complete trust in Badi because the latter’s soul had been marked with his soul imprint.

If he wanted to, he could destroy Badi’s soul anytime he wished.

Moreover, Badi and all of Qin Lie’s soul servants would die if anything were to happen to him.

Naturally, Qin Lie had no reason to believe that Badi would betray him while he was still his soul servant.

Badi’s cry had made him doubt the Bone Race clansmen’s intentions immediately. He thought that Badi had discovered a ploy, and that these Bone Race clansmen were planning to trick him.

“What’s going on?” The old man shot Badi a cold look before saying, “You’re in our territory right now. Do you really think you can escape if we truly wish you harm? There’s no need for us to play such tricks!”

“I’m not talking about you.” Badi inhaled deeply before explaining, “I sense Mo Luo’s presence nearby.”

“Mo Luo!” Gutas’ expression changed as some urgency entered his voice, “How is that possible? Why would Mo Luo be nearby?”

“Who’s that?” Qin Lie asked with a frown.

“Mo Luo is a Three-Eyed Race clansman like me. He’s also a member of the Night Ghosts.” Badi’s expression grew more and more serious as he shot the Bone Race old man on the warship a glance before continuing, “The fact that Mo Luo is nearby means that there are Night Ghosts’ experts operating nearby. In fact, I heard that Mo Luo was plotting something big at the Bone Race’s territory after receiving a secret order from our leaders, just before we invaded Spirit Realm. If I’m not mistaken, Mo Luo isn’t the only one who’s shown up. Our leader… is probably somewhere around the area as well.”

“Sarto, you’d inform Lord Bredo about this if you know what’s best for you!” Gutas shouted at the Bone Race old man.

Gutas was a rank ten Bone Race clansman, so it was logical that he would know the experts of the Bone Race.

He knew that the old man’s name was Sarto, and that he was an elder of the Bone Race.

“Got it!” Realizing that the situation was serious, the Bone Race old man tensed up as well.

“Master, the Night Ghosts had operated in our territory before, and they were… dealt a severe blow because of it.” Gutas was referring to the Bone Race when he said “our territory”. “The Night Ghosts would never dare to cause trouble on the God Race, the Spirit Race, and the Soul Race’s territories, but the same cannot be said for the Bone Race, the Winged Race, and the Earth Demon Race. However, the Night Ghosts suffered huge casualties that one time, so they might be plotting a revenge or something else. Whatever it might be, I’m sure they’re here. I trust in Badi’s judgment.”

Qin Lie nodded slowly and said, “I’m sure the Bone Race will be able to deal with the Night Ghosts easily.”

“I hope so,” Gutas replied.


It was at this moment Sarto’s spirit artifact—the one that looked like the Corpse Summoning Bell—suddenly exploded without warning. 

“Crack crack!”

The exploding fragments of the spirit artifact cut Sarto pretty badly.

The Bone Race clansmen beside him were caught in the blast as well. A lot of them were severely injured by the flying fragments.

“I didn’t think that Lord Gutas would repeat his betrayal on the Night Ghosts.”

The icy voice of a Bone Race clansman had come from the bone warship. A rank nine Bone Race clansman about one and a half meters tall suddenly left the warship while his kin was screaming in confusion.

After putting some distance between himself and Qin Lie’s group, he said, “Lord Badi, why did you and your group betray the Night Ghosts despite holding a high post?”

“The leader wouldn’t punish you even if your invasion of Spirit Realm did fail.”

“Why did you betray us?”

The small Bone Race clansman questioned Badi coldly after moving away from Qin Lie and Gutas.

Obviously, this Bone Race clansman was a member of the Night Ghosts.

He might’ve been waiting for his allies to arrive so he could attack his kin safely.

However, he didn’t expect to run into Qin Lie and five important members of the Night Ghosts before meeting up with his allies.

He definitely didn’t expect the five great experts of his organization to betray them not long after they went to Spirit Realm.

“Lord Mo Luo is about to arrive. I’m sure he’ll be interested to learn all the details of your invasion of Spirit Realm,” the rank nine Bone Race clansmen sneered at them.

“Who are you?” Gutas shouted angrily.

“Heh, I’m a recent addition to the Night Ghosts. Originally, the leader was planning to add me as your subordinate after you’d returned from Spirit Realm,” the Bone Race clansman said in a mocking voice. “What an unfortunate situation this is! I’d always thought of you as my idol, you know. The reason I decided to betray my own race is because of you, my lord. I was chasing after your footsteps! So I can’t imagine what had possessed you to make such an unwise decision. I thought you were doing pretty well in the Night Ghosts!”

“That being said, this isn’t necessarily a bad outcome. Since you’ve decided to leave the Night Ghosts, there’s a chance I’ll become the most respected Bone Race clansman in the organization instead.”

“The bodies you’ve been collecting will become mine, because I’m the only one left who can make use of them.”

“Hehe, looks like today is my lucky day.”

The Bone Race clansman who had bared his fangs against his own people kept mocking Gutas while making a retreat.

Finally, it looked like he had gone far away enough from Qin Lie and the bone warship.

“Trusi! Your family is one of the oldest families in the Bone Race! You dare betray your own?!” Sarto glared hatefully at the rank nine Bone Race clansman before asking, “How dare you! Is this your own plan, or your family’s decision?!”

He sensed great danger from this betrayal.

He knew that the family behind the rank nine Trusi was extremely powerful. They were one of the oldest families of the Bone Race.

He had never heard of the Bone Race being unfair to Trusi. He had never heard of any wrongdoing from Trusi that demanded the Bone Race to purge him either.

That was why he couldn’t understand why Trusi had betrayed the Bone Race.

He had no choice but to suspect that Trusi’s family was the one behind his betrayal.

This meant that something big was about to happen to the Bone Race very soon.

“Lord Sarto, you’ll gradually understand the truth very soon. For now, it’s not my place to reveal anything to you,” Trusi said coldly.

Sarto’s heart sank when he heard Trusi’s explanation. He suddenly realized that the situation was even more complicated than he had initially thought.


A dark red asteroid slipped between the gaps of the asteroids and rapidly approached Qin Lie’s position.

“What happened to you in Spirit Realm, Badi? The leader had always treated you well, and you and I have left the Three-Eyed Race together. Shouldn’t you at least inform me about your decision before you commit yourself to such an important decision?” A regretful voice came from the dark red asteroid.

“Mo Luo,” Badi said in a bitter tone.

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