Chapter 1683: Old Affairs of the Bone Race

There was another reason why Castor had sought out the Bone Race as an ally, one more important than the fact that they could create Corpse Demons from dead bodies without expending any of the souls he needed.

The Bone Race was naturally powerful against the Soul Race.

A Soul Race clansman was well-versed in the secret arts of the soul. They were especially good at invading another being’s soul and transforming them into their soul servants.

However, the Corpse Demons had no souls.

Since the Corpse Demons were soulless, they were immune to the Soul Race’s attacks.

The only thing the Soul Race had that could threaten the Corpse Demons was their flesh and blood puppet.

A long time ago, Castor had commanded to Bone Race to launch an attack against the Soul Race using the Corpse Demons as frontliners.

The Soul Race was shockingly powerless against a soulless army of corpses.

The Soul Race’s secret arts such as Soul Burial and their spirit artifacts only worked against a being of soul.

This meant that most of the skills that made their race famous were useless against the Corpse Demons. Forced to fight the Corpse Demons with only their flesh and blood puppets, they had suffered huge casualties as a result.

That was how Castor and the Bone Race had given the Soul Race a hard time.

After Castor was eliminated and sealed away, the Soul Race had pushed very hard for the extermination of the Bone Race.

The Bone Race only managed to survive because the God Race and the Spirit Race believed that they were a legitimate threat to the Soul Race and refrained from killing them.

But the Soul Race had never stopped attacking the Bone Race for the past million years.

The Bone Race also thought of the Soul Race as their biggest enemy even after they had regained their strength.

The situation hadn’t changed to this day.

Qin Lie’s Blood Soul Beast avatar was clearly a powerful Soul Race clansman. He would be in deep trouble if he appeared in the Bone Race’s territory recklessly and was discovered.

And this was without accounting for Gutas, a Bone Race clansman who had been permanently exiled from the Bone Race.

It was no wonder that Gutas was as afraid as he was.

“I see…”

Qin Lie muttered to himself thoughtfully after obtaining Gutas’ memory and learning about the past of the Bone Race and the Soul Race.

Gutas begged him, “Let’s leave while we still can, master.”

“There’s no hurry.”

Qin Lie shook his head and looked at the distant stars. Knowing that they all belonged to the Bone Race, he started planning his next move.

“I can feel a warship of the Bone Race approaching us right now,” Gutas said bitterly.

“Oh? How do you know that?” Qin Lie asked curiously.

“I’m a Bone Race clansman after all.”.

“Well, this is perfect.” Qin Lie didn’t look bothered in the slightest. “I was hoping to meet Salleh anyway.”

“Salleh? You know Salleh?” Gutas seemed slightly surprised by this.

“Of course.”

While they were conversing with each other, Qin Lie suddenly directed his gaze in a particular direction. Even after he had assumed human form, his eyes were still bluish green in color.

A giant starship made of bones and deathly aura slowly entered their view.

Highly intelligent races such as the God Race and the Spirit Race normally traveled the stars using unique giant starships.

These giant starships ensured that their bloodline warriors could study the power of bloodline without being affected by the occasional wash of energy that came from their surroundings.

Most of these starships possessed incredible offensive power as well. It was both the symbol of the strength of a race and a powerful offensive weapon.

Bone warships were the Bone Race’s trademark. It only took a single glance to identify that these peculiar warships belonged to the Bone Race.

“That bone warship is coming our way!” Gutas cried.

The bloodline energy in the other four soul servants quickened visibly when the bone warship came into view.

Everyone was prepared to battle.

“At ease,” Qin Lie said while waving a hand.

“Master, the Bone Race will still recognize you instantly even if you’re in human form right now. There’s no changing the fact that you’re overflowing with the aura of the Soul Race!” Gutas reminded him.

“I know,” Qin Lie replied indifferently before motioning Gutas to cut his chatter short. He calmly waited for the bone warship to close in on them before adding at the last moment, “You guys can stay here and wait. I’ll head over myself.”

After that, he flew away from the brown asteroid, headed straight for the bone warship.

“Soul Race! A rank ten Soul Race clansman!”

“I also sense a clansman nearby!”

The surprised cries of a couple of Bone Race clansmen reached him while he was approaching the bone warship. Soon, many sparkling and short skeletal beings appeared on the bone warship.

“Please tell Salleh that Qin Lie wishes to meet him in person,” Qin Lie shouted at them from afar.

“Salleh? How do you know Salleh?” a Bone Race clansman shouted in return.

“Qin Lie…”

One of the older Bone Race clansman on the warship seemed to know this name.

He thought to himself for a moment before ordering, “None of you make a move until I return. I’m going to speak with Salleh for a bit!”

“Elder, there’s no way that guy actually knows Salleh! He must be talking nonsense!” a Bone Race clansman yelled.

“Shut up!”

The elder shot the person a look before pulling out a bell that looked like the Corpse Summoning Bell. Then, he tried contacting Salleh.

Not far away from the point of contact, the Bone World.

Next to the Bone Burying Grounds and the clan elders, a jolt suddenly ran through Salleh before he said, “Qin Lie has arrived!”

“How is that possible? I thought he’s at the purgatory right now,” Bredo asked curiously.

“It’s probably one of his Soul Race avatars,” Salleh explained. “That guy’s a mixed-blood between the human race and the God Race, but he also has Soul Race avatars. You all know Cadak, right?”

“Cadak? He’s a powerful general serving under the Soul Race’s crown prince, right?” Bredo replied.

“Cadak had perished in Spirit Realm, and Qin Lie had refined his subsoul into one of his many avatars,” Salleh said.

“He could refine a Soul Race clansman into his avatar? How…” Bredo was shocked to hear this.

“Should I tell the men to bring him over?” Salleh requested.

“Sure! I’ll ask your father to return immediately in the meantime!” Bredo replied.

The Bone Race patriarch Lartigau had just left the bone-burying grounds not long ago.

He had ordered Salleh to visit the Frost Desolation Abyss as soon as possible and meet up with Qin Lie. He wanted to know what was going on in the Abyss Purgatories.

Neither Salleh nor Bredo had expected Qin Lie’s avatar to show up in their territory without warning, let alone make a request to meet him.

“I think Gutas is with him as well,” Salleh added.

“Gutas?” Bredo let out a snort before saying, “That guy is nothing compared to the future of our race.”


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