Chapter 1682: Entering the Bone World by Accident

Auston’s explanation shocked and refreshed Qin Lie and Ming Xiao’s knowledge of the strange wonders that exists in the world.

“Chaos Soul Realm…”

This was the first time Qin Lie heard of a place that was even more mysterious than the Chaos Blood Realm.

“The abyss passageway is no longer blocked. From hereon, you’ll be able to travel between purgatories or leave whenever you wish.”

Auston added, “Most of the foreign Abyss Devils had rushed back to their purgatories after hearing that the dust has settled in Nine Hells Purgatory, and that Castor has awakened from his slumber.”

“They’re rushing back to stop Castor’s remaining avatars from awakening.”

He shot Ling Yushi a glance before saying, “You don’t need to worry about her. I’ll watch over her for as long as she...

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