Chapter 1681: A Strange Place in the Galaxy

Nine Hells Purgatory, Nether City.

After Tian Qi and the Spirit Race had left, the human experts from Spirit Realm were temporarily trapped inside Nine Hells Purgatory. With nowhere to go, they decided to stay in Nether City for now.

Ling Yushi was the city’s mayor. However, her condition was growing worse and worse.

Irregularities kept happening while she was absorbing Austin’s soul imprint. The activity in her soul grew more and more turbulent, calamity was just around the corner.

Since Qin Lie’s Dark Soul Beast avatar took on human form, it didn’t take its eyes off her, watching the most minute of changes.

A rank ten Soul Beast avatar was well-versed in the Soul Race’s secret arts. He could sense that Ling Yushi’s soul was gradually being affected Austin’s soul imprint.

“The Nether Monarch, Austin…”

Qin Lie thought to himself as he continued to perceive the energies rolling off Ling Yushi. He was worried about Austin’s influence.

His Soul Beast avatar had somehow managed to refine both Austin’s memories and soul consciousness through the power of the Soul Suppressing Orb.

But the power of the soul the Nether Monarch had learned over the years, Soul Hell, wasn’t something even the Soul Suppressing Orb could refine.

That power had ultimately become one with Ling Yushi…

“Wait, that’s not right. Austin should be completely dead. I’ve refined both his memories and consciousness are long gone, and all that’s left in him are truths of power.”

He continued to observe Ling Yushi while frowning deeply.

“Soul Hell…”

He could sense that a soul whirlpool had appeared inside Ling Yushi’s mind.

The soul whirlpool looked extremely similar to the Nine Soul Hell of Nether Realm and was also the technique Austin had displayed earlier.

In fact, a strange attraction force that only attracts the soul was slowly appearing from inside the soul whirlpool.

When he tried to check it, he discovered that a tiny portion of his soul energy was actually stolen away by it.

Surprised, he opened his eyes and stared at Ling Yushi in astonishment.

“Did you sense it too?” Ming Xiao asked suddenly.

Just like Qin Lie, he had been observing Ling Yushi’s every movement from the start.

When he observed Ling Yushi with his soul, he noticed the same soul-snatching phenomenon.

“A new Nine Soul Hell is forming inside her head.” Qin Lie sucked in a deep breath before saying seriously, “It’s not just our souls either. Ling Yushi’s soul… looks like it’s being pulled into the Nine Soul Hell as well.”

Astonished, Ming Xiao said worriedly, “What if this is a ploy by Austin? What if he’s playing dead and taking over her bit by bit?”

Qin Lie’s expression changed greatly when he heard that.

If that was true, then Austin was still alive, and his ability to plot was off the charts.

“No, it’s not him. It’s the Soul Hell itself…”

Suddenly, the Nine Hells Monarch’s voice rang beside their ears.


Auston appeared in the form of a high rank Abyss Devil right after.

He shot a glance at the duo guarding by Ling Yushi’s side and explained, “The power my brother and I studied is called the ‘Soul Hell’. In fact… our souls have been trapped by the Soul Hell for many years.”

“What do you mean by that?” Qin Lie looked at him in astonishment.

“My brother and I are Abyss Devils from the Black Bog Abyss. Neither of us would’ve become the Abyss Creator level if we hadn’t stumbled upon a great opportunity.” Auston hesitated for a moment before clarifying, “That opportunity is the Soul Hell itself.”

Qin Lie and Ming Xiao exchanged a glance with each other before waiting for Auston to continue.

“Soul Hell is what my brother and I call it.”

“Everyone else has a different name for that… thing. They call it the source of all souls, the treasury of souls, the sea of souls, and more…”

“The Imperial Soul Monarch calls it the Chaos Soul Realm.”

Auston continued to look back in his memories and said, “It’s something that looks just like the Soul Hell. It’s shaped like a whirlpool, and it’s constantly discharging all kinds of bizarre soul auras. Once it a while, it’ll make an appearance somewhere in the galaxy.”

“It contains all the secrets of the soul. It has secret arts, cultivation methods, knowledge; everything.”

“Just like the Chaos Blood Realm, it’s one of the most mysterious existences in the universe. It doesn’t seem to exist, so it’s impossible to reach it with just the physical body.”

“The Chaos Blood Realm is easier to enter. A person who achieved a breakthrough in the bloodline and is favored by luck will be able to enter the Chaos Blood Realm and obtain all kinds of secret arts that are related to their bloodline.”

“Many talented people had had the opportunity to visit the Chaos Blood Realm more than once.”

“However, there are very, very few souls who managed to enter the Chaos Soul Realm and come alive.”

“As far as I know, the only people to have ever entered and exited that strange place alive are the Imperial Soul Monarch, Castor, my brother, and I.”

“The Imperial Soul Monarch had obtained the power to enslave and control all souls from it. A miraculous power of the soul that gave him instantaneous control over any soul.”

“Castor had obtained the power of dead souls. He could draw power from dead souls and use them for cultivation.”

“My brother and I had learned the Soul Hell. We are able to draw power from live souls for our own use.”

Auston paused for a moment to give Qin Lie and Ming Xiao time to digest the new information.

Both Qin Lie and Ming Xiao were stunned by this revelation for a long time. This was the first time they heard of such a place in the galaxy.

According to Auston, the Chaos Soul Realm was a place where the ultimate secrets of the soul were kept. All the soul power the Imperial Soul Monarch, Castor, and the two brothers had mastered seemed to originate from that place.

Just like the Chaos Blood Realm, it was one of the most mysterious places in the entire universe.

The existence of Chaos Blood Realms was common knowledge. Countless powerful beings had entered the Chaos Blood Realm that was unique to their race.

But the Chaos Soul Realm was different.

It sounded like it operated non-stop, and it occasionally vanished for millions of years. No one could find its exact location.

There were trillions of races in the entire galaxy, but the number of those who obtained the chance to learn the ultimate secrets of the soul could be counted on one hand.

All of them had turned out to be great people in the end.

The Imperial Soul Monarch, Abyss Master Castor, Nether Monarch Austin, Nine Hells Monarch Auston…

“That a soul whirlpool that looks like the Soul Hell had appeared in the girl’s mind proves something.” Auston started suddenly.

Qin Lie looked confused. He wasn’t sure what Auston was trying to say.

“I didn’t know what was going on, and what had happened before. I didn’t know if that thing had come to Nine Hells Purgatory.” Auston continued to make puzzling statements before finally, he said something that was easy to understand, “All I know is that the girl’s soul had… entered the Chaos Soul Realm. This shape appears only when the soul is slowly entering the Chaos Soul Realm. The same thing had happened to my brother and I back then.”

“From this moment onward, the power of fate Tian Qi had applied to her is no longer effective.”

“From the moment it started affecting her, it had wiped clean all of Tian Qi’s influence.”

“So you don’t need to worry about her fate being twisted by Tian Qi anymore. You don’t need to freeze her in ice either.”

“Her fate is her own from this point onward, and no one will be able to change it.”

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