Chapter 1681: A Strange Place in the Galaxy

Nine Hells Purgatory, Nether City.

After Tian Qi and the Spirit Race had left, the human experts from Spirit Realm were temporarily trapped inside Nine Hells Purgatory. With nowhere to go, they decided to stay in Nether City for now.

Ling Yushi was the city’s mayor. However, her condition was growing worse and worse.

Irregularities kept happening while she was absorbing Austin’s soul imprint. The activity in her soul grew more and more turbulent, calamity was just around the corner.

Since Qin Lie’s Dark Soul Beast avatar took on human form, it didn’t take its eyes off her, watching the most minute of changes.

A rank ten Soul Beast avatar was well-versed in the Soul Race’s secret arts. He could sense that Ling Yushi’s soul was gradually being affected...

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