Chapter 1680: Threaten

“Frankly, we’d prefer if you stayed asleep forever.”

The patriarch of the Bone Race, Lartigau slowly calmed down after the initial shock had worn off. “The last time we cooperated, our race suffered huge losses and enmity from many races. We don’t want history to repeat itself.”

“Castor, please let the Bone Race off this once,” begged Bredo, an elder standing next to Salleh.

“Teacher, is he really Castor?” Salleh asked curiously.

This avatar was the one from Nine Hells Purgatory. It was currently far from its peak form.

Castor looked extremely handsome in his high rank form. His deep purple pupils were filled with unique devilish charm.

Salleh was a son of Lartigau. Naturally,...

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