Chapter 168: An Immortalized Spectacle!

Chapter 168: An Immortalized Spectacle!

Qin Lie looked to the fifth spirit pattern pillar.

There were tens of birds inscribed on the fifth spirit pattern pillar. Each one of them was incredibly realistic, and they were all carved in the motion of expanding their wings and flying high up in the sky.

There were multiple different species, and there were quite a few that people had never seen before. Some were like the Golden Winged Giant Roc, some were like Ninth Heaven Blue Eagle, and others were as small as sparrows...

The numerous birds and sparrows were all colorful, and they appeared rather beautiful under the bright sun, but they were originally just pictures.

However, at this moment, the bright and beautiful feathers of a palm-sized golden spirit bird somehow had magically flapped once.

Everyone’s eyes blurred.

When they looked again, having renewed their focus, they suddenly realized that the golden spirit bird had already flapped its wings and flew out of the picture. It was now flying around that pillar.

“It moved! It really moved!” many people cried out.

The moment they raised their voices even more birds suddenly flapped their wings and flew out of the spirit pattern pillar one after another.

As if thinking fondly of that spirit pattern pillar, all of the colorful birds flew and danced lightly and elegantly around it.

“The fifth one!”

“The fifth spirit pattern pillar!”


The large crowd of Armament Sect’s inner and outer sect elders and disciples could not control the shock inside their hearts as they cried out in utter shock.

“No one has ever been able to trigger a change in five of the spirit pattern pillars in the history of Armament Sect. No one!”

“This is practically a miracle! This is the greatest occasion since Armament Sect came into existence, this is the symbol of the sect’s prosperity!”Jiang Hao said.

Ying Xingran and Chief Reverend Luo Zhichang were currently trembling all over as they stared dumbfoundedly at yet another spirit pattern pillar that had lit up. Their shock had already become indescribable.

At the edges of the plaza, there were many Armament Sect disciples, elders, along with Mo Hai, Tan Dongling, Tang Siqi, Lian Rou, Tong Jihua, Cheng Ping...

All their gazes were focused on the five spirit pattern pillars that had come alive, watching the countless magical wonders of the spirit pattern pillars.

Further outside, Xie Jingxuan, Liang Zhong, and Wu Tuo had also revealed expressions of amazement on their faces.

They were here to witness this miracle together!

“Sect Master?” A Blood Spear martial practitioner reminded in a low tone, “There are too many people. If someone suddenly attacks him and kills him while he’s comprehending the spirit pattern pillars, this may be…”

Ying Xingran all of a sudden reacted and yelled out, “Forget me and go protect Qin Bing. Build up a defensive line immediately!”

Luo Zhichang, Fang Qi, and Jiang Hao were also shocked by this as they hurriedly cried out for the Blood Spear experts beside them to quickly place their attention on Qin Lie and use all they could to protect him from any malicious external influence.

Very soon, the Blood Spear martial practitioners scattered at the edges of the plaza walked out one after another under the loud orders of the sect master and three great reverends, standing still with Qin Lie in the middle of their formation.

Seventeen people dressed in blood-red clothing who were overflowing with brutality and the stench of blood formed a human wall and surrounded Qin Lie to protect him.

Unless every hall master in Dark Asura Hall had arrived, unless every valley master in Seven Fiends Valley had arrived, no one would be able to threaten Qin Lie or harm a single hair on his head.

“If anyone dares to touch Qin Bing right now, Armament Sect will completely destroy them even if they have to die with them,” Liang Zhong suddenly said.

Xie Jingxuan nodded slightly.

She understood that Liang Shaoyang had truly died for nothing. Ying Xingran and the three great reverends would no longer hold Qin Lie responsible for anything, and they would not shut him in Fire Prison Cliff for even a day!

It was as Qin Lie had said earlier. They would all change their minds!

“Even if Dark Shadow Tower’s Dark Tower and Shadow Tower tower lords had arrived together, Armament Sect would still fight Dark Shadow Tower to the death for Qin Bing,” Xie Jingxuan said firmly.

“Siqi, wh-what’s going on with this guy?” Lian Rou could not even speak without stuttering anymore.

“I can’t believe it, there is actually someone who can learn the wonders of five different spirit pattern pillars. If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I would find it hard to believe even if you were the one who had told me…” Tang Siqi’s beautiful eyes were focused on Qin Lie as she felt shocked to the core. “I finally believe that you had never learned the Materialization spirit diagram before…”

Qin Lie, who was intently being watched by everyone with, looked surprisingly calm. His eyes were cool and brimming with wisdom.

He was analyzing the ancient glyphs on the spirit pattern pillar before him!

The twelve spirit pattern pillars had been inscribed with mountains and lakes, countless stars, beautiful flowers, lush ancient trees, gods and demons, and beasts...

This was a type of ancient language, an ancient language called Ancient Glyph, an ancient language that was branded into his mind!

The legion of birds, the ancient and mysterious stars, and the hideous and terrifying devils were all formed from the inscribed ancient glyphs!

He had slipped his mind and consciousness inside and copied them with his soul by writing down the proper strokes of those ancient glyphs.

Then, he would be able to cause a phenomenon in the spirit pattern pillars immediately! He would be able to activate the magic sealed inside the ancient glyphs and be able to slip his soul into spirit diagram’s inner world!

“Ancient Glyph is not even the most ancient language. The earthworm-like text on that enormous beast’s remains beneath the Arctic Mountain Range was of an even older age. In my memories, those earthworm-like characters didn’t even have a name…”

While slipping his soul into the spirit pattern pillar before him and feeling it with his mind, he grew more and more doubtful.

He discovered that he was actually very studious in regards to these special languages from ancient times. No one had even heard of Ancient Glyph in this land which was referred to as the Scarlet Tide Continent, but he remembered them all too well in his own memories.

That was also why he was able to figure out the wonders sealed inside the ancient glyphs of the spirit pattern pillars.

By copying the proper strokes of the words again with his soul consciousness, it was as if he had opened a door!

Opened a door into the spirit pattern pillar!

Everyone one of these standing spirit pattern pillars had a magical world hidden inside them—the world of a spirit diagram!

The mountains and lakes, monsters and beasts, and towering ancient trees were all the locks of the spirit diagram inside inscribed through the hieroglyphs!

Only by opening the locks could one slip their soul consciousness into the world inside the spirit pattern pillar and examine the various mysterious and unpredictable spirit diagrams.

What Qin Lie was doing now was only opening the locks...

Every time he copied the ancient glyphs inside the spirit pattern pillars with his soul consciousness, it was the equivalent of him opening a lock and lighting up a pillar.

He did not enter the spirit diagrams’ worlds inside the pillars immediately.

“Let’s lay down my future position in Armament Sect in one go.”

Qin Lie muttered once in his mind before retracting his gaze from the spirit pattern pillar that was inscribed with flying birds. He then turned around and looked at yet another spirit pattern pillar.

The ancient glyphs of this spirit pattern pillar had inscribed a gorgeous picture. There were cloudy mountains and many luxurious jade mansions located beneath it, looking like a paradise.

The clouds were an ancient glyph. The numerous luxurious mansions were also built from many ancient glyphs.

He slipped his soul consciousness towards the starting point and began drawing with his mind. He skillfully started on the next round of locks.

A white cloud suddenly floated into the sky!

“The sixth one! The sixth one!”

Tong Jihua was just under that spirit pattern pillar, and after he followed Qin Lie’s gaze, he suddenly cried out.

“The sixth one has reacted as well!” Cheng Ping yelled in a low tone.

The crowd’s gazes had focused in unison on the sixth spirit pattern pillar!

An hour later, this spirit pattern pillar glittered with light, and its body was like a gigantic mountain. The jade mansions that were originally inscribed on the pillar’s body were now magically floating on top of the pillar with several clouds suspended in midair. They had formed a dream-like paradise.

The crowd was shocked to the core.

“The seventh one has been lit!” An hour later someone cried out again.

“The eighth!” An hour later Lian Rou cried out while covering her mouth.

“The ninth!”

“The tenth!”

“The eleventh!”

Every hour a new spirit pattern pillar would be lit up and a new wonder would appear.

At this point, neither Ying Xingran nor Luo Zhichang and the rest of the three great reverends could say anything any longer. They simply followed Qin Lie’s gaze passively and looked towards a new spirit pattern pillar.

Right now they had all thought that Qin Lie could light up all of the spirit pattern pillars!

Qin Lie did not disappoint them either. Every time he looked at a new spirit pattern pillar, there would be a reaction after a few minutes had passed.

The ancient and magical pictures sculpted onto the spirit pattern pillar would come alive and fantastically fly around to confirm Ying Xingran and everyone else’s thoughts.

The gazes of the packed crowd of other forces at the edges of the plaza had gradually turned numb.

At this point, they would feel that whatever other amazing things Qin Lie could do would simply be a matter of fact.

They had already thought that Qin Lie was omnipotent!

“There is still the last one!”

“The last spirit pattern pillar! If he can light up this final spirit pattern pillar as well, then this will be the greatest occasion of Armament Sect’s nine hundred year history!”

“It will also be a grand occasion on all of Scarlet Tide!”

“This person will last through the ages! He will shock every corner of this continent with his talent and will engrave his name in everyone’s minds!”

“Will the last spirit pattern pillar light up as well?”

“I am very proud to be able to witness such a thing!”

“Only the last one is left now…”

The loud commotion from before slowly calmed down at this point. The untold eyes and gazes had all shot to the final spirit pattern pillar.

The one that was inscribed with the endless and vast earth!

Under everyone’s gazes, Qin Lie looked at this spirit pattern pillar. It was only a single glance before Qin Lie’s expression abruptly shuddered.

This... this endless world, these mountains that reached into the clouds, these vast and borderless rivers, this ancient and desolated aura...

This was shockingly similar to the ancient land he had seen while in a trance from learning the Records of Geocentric Magnetism!

After looking deeply at it for a moment and feeling great shock in his heart, he immediately confirmed that the picture inscribed here was a true natural wonder of ancient times!

Sucking in a deep breath, Qin Lie adjusted his mind and calmed himself down.

He then slipped out his soul consciousness and put it on this picture before him to touch the wonders of this ancient land with his soul.

“The twelve one has been lit!”

“All of them have been lit up!”

“All twelve spirit pattern pillars have been lit!”

“An immortal spectacle!”

“Today’s grand occasion will surely live through the ages!”

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