Chapter 1679: The Bone Race’s Fear

Deep within the universe, the Bone World.

The Bone World was a cold and sinister world covered in bone-burying grounds. Many bodies could be seen floating in the burial grounds and being refined into Corpse Demons.

There were a lot of Bone Race clansmen beside them. They had a sparkling skeleton and pupils like penta-colored gemstones. Evidently, they were busy refining these corpses.

From time to time, a refined Corpse Demon covered in thick dead energy would stagger out of a bone-burying ground.

A Bone Race clansman would then approach the Corpse Demon and brand it with a number. Then, using a special bell, they would give it commands to make it adjust to its new body.

There was a huge, dark red-colored star beast that was being refined inside a gigantic bone-burying ground.

Giant Star Beasts were special existences in the universe. They were impossibly huge and powerful, and they were born with mastery over one element.

Every Giant Star Beast was unique, and they normally went unchallenged in the entire universe. It took the ultimate power of an entire race to capture one.

Right now, the Bone Race was busy refining a Giant Star Beast into a Corpse Demon through the bone-burying ground.

A large number of old Bone Race clansmen stood around the burial ground the Giant Star Beast was being refined in. Their skeletons were still sparkling despite their age, and they were currently applying their secret arts and various restriction imprints onto the giant beast.

Gray white threads could be seen flying out of their eyes. The threads seemed to become one with the Giant Star Beast’s flesh and blood the moment contact was made.

“Salleh, this corpse refinement research you obtained from that human corpse refiner is very useful. I never thought that it was possible to refine an Abyss Devil until now. A whole new world has opened up to us.”

A clan elder said to a Bone Race clansman with spirited eyeballs while conducting the corpse refinement process.

This Bone Race clansman was of course Salleh, the one who had fought alongside Qin Lie at the Origin World, and followed him to the Frost Desolation Abyss after that.

During Salleh’s stay at the Frost Desolation Abyss, he had seen Miao Fengtian, the successor of the Corpse Progenitor refining many rank seven and rank eight Abyss Devils into Corpse Demons.

He spent a long time hanging around with Miao Fengtian and exchanging knowledge regarding the art of corpse refining.

The Corpse Progenitor’s corpse refinement art had come from a Bone Race clansman.

In fact, that Bone Race clansman was the clan elder who was conversing with Salleh right now.

A long time ago, this clan elder had wanted to use the Corpse Progenitor to spread the Bone Race’s influence in Spirit Realm.

To that end, he had taught the Corpse Progenitor the secret art of corpse refining and given him a Corpse Summoning Bell. He had wanted to effortlessly convert Spirit Realm into the Bone Race’s vassal realm using the Corpse Demons refined by the Corpse Progenitor. 

For a while, the Corpse Progenitor was successful in creating a huge amount of Corpse Demons while the races were at war with each other.

There was even one time he started an incredibly bloody war with the realms surrounding Spirit Realm.

When he was at the peak of his strength, not even the powerful ancient races of Spirit Realm had dared to provoke him.

For a time, he was practically unstoppable.

Unfortunately, the good days didn’t last long for the Corpse Progenitor. The crown prince of the Soul Race and the God Race soon invaded Spirit Realm, and he was killed by the God Race before he was able to reach his ultimate form and bring the art of corpse refining to a new height of development.

In the end, he became one of the many corpses buried in the God Race’s Graveyard of Gods.

However, the Corpse Progenitor had managed to inject his own thoughts and ideas into the foundation that was the Bone Race’s corpse refinement art before his death.

As a result, he was able to create a whole new way to refine corpses even though his technique had originated from the Bone Race.

Miao Fengtian had fully inherited the Corpse Progenitor’s skills, and injected his own ideas on top of that foundation.

Attracted by Miao Fengtian’s strange new ideas, Salleh exchanged his insights with the human during their discussion about corpse refinement.

After Salleh had brought these new insights back home, the Bone Race was finally ready to refine a Giant Star Beast.

Salleh had revealed all the new corpse refinement techniques he had learned from Miao Fengtian to the clan elders and had a deep discussion with them. Feeling like their eyes had been opened to a whole new world, the Giant Star Beast they were currently working on was the result of that.

“Whoosh whoosh!”

A bone dragon over five hundred meters long slowly appeared from the distance while flapping its wings.

A tiny figure could be seen sitting atop the giant bone dragon’s head. The figure was sparkling brightly.

“The patriarch’s here.”

The elders refining the Giant Star Beast rose to their feet when they saw the bone dragon.

The bone dragon appeared in the sky of the bone-burying grounds in just an instant.

When the bone dragon descended to the ground, a Bone Race clansman about one hundred and seventy or eighty centimeters tall jumped off its head. 


The clan elders saluted their patriarch with joy in their colorful eyes.

This meant that they were pretty confident with the refinement of the Giant Star Beast, and that they would like to report on their progress.

“How is it going?” the clan patriarch asked.

“Barring any surprises, we should be able to refine this Giant Star Beast into a Corpse Demon. We really owe it to Salleh this time.”

The clan elder responsible for this refinement process smiled a little. He was the same Bone Race clansman who had spoken to Salleh earlier.

The clan patriarch gave the pleased-looking Salleh an approving nod before continuing, “The patriarchs of the God Race had returned to their home. They were at… Yellow Springs Purgatory.”

“The God Race went to Yellow Springs Purgatory? How bold of them! Weren’t they afraid that they would never return?” a Bone Race elder exclaimed in surprise.

“I have both good news and bad news to share.” The clan patriarch stared at his people quietly for a moment before continuing, “I’ll start with the good news first.”

“That friend of Salleh, Qin Lie is soon to replace Grom as the new Devil Monarch. The Flaming Sun Abyss he created is going to become Flaming Sun Purgatory very soon.”

The Bone Race clansmen immediately erupted into discussion.

“What? I thought he’s only at rank eight bloodline! How did he become the new Devil Monarch?”

“He’s rank nine now,” said the clan patriarch.

“That’s still not enough for him to become a Devil Monarch! How is this possible? How did he break the ancient laws of the Abyss so easily?”

“Salleh, is he really that powerful?”

“I can’t believe this!”


The Bone Race clansmen clearly couldn’t quite believe what they were hearing.

The clan patriarch looked at Salleh before asking, “I heard that you share a good relationship with him?”

Salleh replied, “Qin Lie and I had gone through hardships together. He’s a great person, and I believe we’re friends as long as we don’t do something that displeases him.”

The clan patriarch pondered for a moment before saying, “In that case, his Abyss level’s evolution to Flaming Sun Purgatory is definitely good news to us.”

“And what’s the bad news?” the clan elder standing next to Salleh asked.

“Castor has awakened,” said the clan patriarch.

“What? T-that madman has awakened?”

“How did that happen?!”

“Heavens above, the world is about to descend into chaos again!”

Everyone Bone Race clansman looked afraid when they heard that Castor had awakened from his slumber.

It was at this moment Castor’s voice suddenly came from nowhere. “Do you all want me to stay asleep so much?”


One of Castor’s avatars abruptly descended from the sky and landed right in front of the Bone Race clansman. He was in the form of a high rank Abyss Devil.

Everyone’s faces turned dark and serious when they saw Castor. They looked like their nemesis had descended on them.

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