Chapter 1679: The Bone Race’s Fear

Deep within the universe, the Bone World.

The Bone World was a cold and sinister world covered in bone-burying grounds. Many bodies could be seen floating in the burial grounds and being refined into Corpse Demons.

There were a lot of Bone Race clansmen beside them. They had a sparkling skeleton and pupils like penta-colored gemstones. Evidently, they were busy refining these corpses.

From time to time, a refined Corpse Demon covered in thick dead energy would stagger out of a bone-burying ground.

A Bone Race clansman would then approach the Corpse Demon and brand it with a number. Then, using a special bell, they would give it commands to make it adjust to its new body.

There was a huge, dark red-colored star beast that was being refined inside a gigantic bone-burying ground.

Giant Star Beasts were special existences...

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