Chapter 1677: Abyss Summoning

Vermillion Bird Realm disappeared into thin air!

The sudden disappearance of Vermillion Bird Realm alarmed everyone in Spirit Realm. The forces near Vermillion Bird Realm quickly spread the news.

All of Spirit Realm was shocked!

In the recent years, Spirit Realm endured invasion of Narsen, two Soul Race princes, Night Ghosts, and the return of the Evil Dragon Race.

The beings of Spirit Realm were all in desperate straits.

All of the ancient and powerful races felt the situation had changed and worried that other foreign races would come.

The disappearance of Vermillion Bird Realm was a great calamity to them.

At the same time, other news gradually spread around Central World...

Qin Lie's main body had disappeared into a spatial crack.

Qin Shan, Qin Hao, Ji Dan, Hua Tianqiong, and the strongest of the Qin Family, Sky Mender Palace and Ji Family left Spirit Realm and hadn't returned for a long time.

Over in the Frost Desolation Abyss, Qin Lie's Dark Soul Beast avatar was also announced to be missing.


All the signs seemed to be a kind of warning for the beings of Spirit Realm.

They seemed to warn that more calamities were coming.

The Qin Family, Ji Family, and Sky Mender Palace had become the strongest forces of Spirit Realm and indicators of its state, Spirit Realm’s weather vanes, so to speak.

Their departure and disappearance caused the forces of Spirit Realm to feel anxious.

They had come together after experiencing the invasion of foreign races. They did not feel any schadenfreude at the accidents of the Qin Family, Ji Family, and Sky Mender Palace experts.

They worried that they would also encounter misfortune.



Vermillion Bird Realm, which disappeared from Spirit Realm, flew out of a rainbow passageway and fell down like a giant mountain.

"This is..."

Tong Yan looked up at the gray sky without any sun and stars. Her expression was dark.

They had experienced a long spatial trip alongside Vermillion Bird Realm and then they found the spinning Vermillion Bird Realm suddenly calmly landed.

"Do you not feel... this place is similar to the Frost Desolation Abyss?" Xu Ran said.

At the words, everyone looked around and slowly realized this.

"Now that you mention it, it does seem familiar. Have we... come to the Abyss?"

Tong Zhenzhen gradually calmed down after her shock. She said, "The Abyss is alright, we have been to the Abyss before. However, we are still in Vermillion Bird Realm, how are we suddenly in the Abyss?"

"It’s not that we came to the Abyss, the entire Vermillion Bird Realm has!" Tong Yan shouted.

"Entire Vermillion Bird Realm!" Tong Zhenzhen shouted in shock.

"Yes, after all that spinning, it left Spirit Realm and flew to the Abyss!" Tong Yan had a serious expression.

The many Vermillion Bird elders all frowned after hearing Tong Yan's words.

They knew that the Abyss was the most mysterious place in the universe and the paradise of Abyss Devils.

No one knew how mind-numbingly far the two realms were. What kind of power... had moved the enormous Vermillion Bird Realm from Spirit Realm to the Abyss?

Reaching this point, none of them could keep calm as they began to shout.


At this time, a flowing flame suddenly came in from afar.

That flowing flame suddenly changed into the shape of a fire qilin when it came near them.

"Fire spirit!"

Xu Ran shook and shouted in shock.

Tong Yan and the Vermillion Bird members heard Xu Ran's shout and were shocked when they saw the fire spirit.

All of them flew up, to the same altitude as the fire spirit.

So high in the sky, they could see bright red clouds swimming about.

These clouds gave off potent fire energy. They looked down below. All they could see was a red world of flames.

Lava flowed on the surface of the earth, creating many flaming pools.

There seemed to be pieces of realms similar to Vermillion Bird Realm in the far distance. It seemed to be an entire continent that was slowly falling and merging with this world.

"Where, where is this?"

Tong Yan, who had a peak rank nine bloodline and just lacked a breakthrough, looked in shock at the fire spirit.

She remembered the fire qilin. She had once refined its blood essence, causing her to bear a hint of the fire spirit’s presence in her bloodline.

In reality, it was that faint presence that made the little qilin come.

The fire spirit communicated with her using unique soul fluctuations when it saw her.

"What? This is the Flaming Sun Abyss? Qin Lie's personal lands?"

"Not Flaming Sun Abyss? It’s about to become a purgatory?"

"We have reached the Eight Purgatories?"

Tong Yan and the fire spirit communicated, her expression turning more and more shocked with each sentence spoken.

Beside her, Xu Ran and Tong Zhenzhen were stunned hearing her and the fire spirit communicate.

They had gone to the Frost Desolation Abyss, and they heard about the structure of the Abyss and the wondrous Eight Purgatories before.

They knew the Eight Purgatories were the sacred land of the Abyss Devil Race!

They had originally been in Spirit Realm, but after a wave of spinning, they came to the Abyss Purgatories along with Vermillion Bird Realm. This experience... was like a dream.

"Whoosh whoosh whoosh!"

As the members of the Vermillion Bird Race were immersed in their shock, they noticed a mysterious dot of light in the distant sky.

That dot of light was very small at the start but expanded in a flash into a bright ball.

That ball continued to transform into a glittering passageway. Then golden figures flew out of the passageway.

"God corpses! The eight god corpses!"

Xu Ran recognized the figures flying out of the glittering passageway were the eight god corpses closely related to Qin Lie even from this great distance.

The eight god corpses had stayed for a long time in Boluo Realm. Now they had been attracted by a certain power to come to this place.

"Whoosh whoosh whoosh!"

Those eight god corpses turned into eight meteors and scattered over the land.

One of the god corpses landed near them. They noticed that when the god corpse landed, its originally large body quickly started to grow.

The surrounding powers of the world seemed to channel great vitality into the god corpse as it grew.

That god corpse originally had been slightly shorter than members of the Giant Race. But in an instant, it grew to the same size.

The growth continued without any signs of halting.

"Such a strong fleshy aura. That god corpse... seems to have obtained great power and is about to break through!"

Tong Yan felt and suddenly turned from her human form into her Vermillion Bird form.

Bright red flows of flame fell from her Vermillion Bird body as she started to dance.

She could feel that her rank nine bloodline could not be suppressed any longer.

Her bloodline power and the nearby flame power seemed to resonate. There seemed to be a magical law of fire permeating her bloodline and pushing her to a breakthrough.

She immediately headed towards rank ten bloodline!

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