Chapter 1676: The Consumed Vermillion Bird Realm

"The heavens bless our race!"

The Vermillion Bird Race elders felt the change in Vermillion Bird Realm and cried as they knelt on the ground.

Ever since they discovered Vermillion Bird Realm, generations of Vermillion Birds had lived in Vermillion Bird Realm and cultivated there.

They thought of Vermillion Bird Realm as their home.

The fight between the Ice Emperor and Spirit Race’s Narsen had completely destroyed Vermillion Bird Realm's structure. They caused Vermillion Bird Realm to become a world of ice.

They were forced to flee to Boluo Realm and Ancient Beast Realm.

These two realms were not as hot as Vermillion Bird Realm. As a result, their cultivation and advancement of their bloodlines came to a halt.

Qin Lie once promised them that Vermillion Bird Realm would one day change and return to how it used to be.

At that time, the members of the Vermillion Bird Race could return.

They thought they would have to wait a long time for that day...

They hadn't expected Vermillion Bird Realm to return to how it had been in less than ten years.

Also, what they came back to was far different from the Vermillion Bird Realm they used to know.

The dense flame power caused them to believe any fire-attribute beings cultivating in Vermillion Bird Realm would quickly advance by leaps and bounds.

"W-was this Qin Lie's doing? But he doesn’t seem to be in Vermillion Bird Realm right now."

Xu Ran, who had come with Tong Zhenzhen, had a surprise expression. He was puzzled by the sudden change.

He was close with both Boluo Realm and the Flaming Sun Island. He had a general idea of what had happened to Qin Lie.

He even heard about the accident that occurred to Qin Lie's main body when he traveled to the God Race.

He could not imagine how Vermillion Bird Realm could have such a surprising change when Qin Lie hadn’t even been there for a long time.

"It should be Qin Lie..."

Tong Yan, who was just a step away from a rank ten bloodline, took a deep breath.

"I can faintly detect Qin Lie's soul presence, though too weak and barely discernible if I don’t fully concentrate."

"Qin Lie once went to our ancestral lands' hottest volcano. He… somewhat benefited there."

She pointed to the biggest volcano that was spraying out the most lava.

"That one. I heard Qin Lie say that there is something imprinted with laws of fire in the core of that volcano."

"The Flame Emperor greatly benefited from that item. Actually, this meteor is what made the Flame Emperor soar to his current achievements."

Xu Ran was surprised. "He is able to influence Vermillion Bird Realm without being here. So hard to believe."

"Qin Lie is really our lucky star." Tong Zhenzhen sighed and said, "From when we met Qin Lie up until now, he has been creating all kinds of miracles. Qin Lie is the savior of the major and minor realms of Spirit Realm. Without him, Central World would have been taken over by the two Soul Race princes."

"Without him, the Giant Realm would have turned to ash under the attacks of the Night Ghosts."

"He is like his father, a genius born to protect Spirit Realm."

"The moment we took Qin Lie’s side, our fates have been changed!"

Tong Yan nodded and said in agreement, "Qin Lie himself is a miracle, and he is still creating new miracles!"

"Yes..." Xu Ran said.

He reminisced. Back then, when he met Qin Lie, he had no idea of the youth’s astounding background.

Even so, Qin Lie didn’t rely on that background. All by himself, he upended the Land of Chaos, then the Boluo Realm, finally the Central World.

Qin Lie's cultivation and influence spread to every corner of Spirit Realm, as well as surrounding realms in less than a century. 

The change that Qin Lie brought to Spirit Realm surpassed the past heroes of Spirit Realm such as the Flame Emperor or the Ice Emperor.

"Luckily, we are not his enemies," Tong Yan said with a soft laugh.

Xu Ran and Tong Zhenzhen also laughed. They were in good moods after Vermillion Bird Realm changed.

"Go, let's see our ancestral lands," Tong Yan suggested.

The group of Vermillion Birds bathed in the light of the fires and flew towards the hottest volcano.

"Zzt, zzt, zzt, zzt!"

Before they reached the volcano, they noticed purple flames coming out of the erupting lava and flames.

Those flames turned into thick purple smoke once they spread.

Pure Nether Realm energy came from the purple smoke. That aura... was one that all of them that went to the Frost Desolation Abyss would recognize.

"Abyss devil energy!"

"Abyss devil energy even purer than in the Frost Desolation Abyss!"

"Why is abyss devil energy here!"

The elders of the Vermillion Bird Race were given a fright after hearing Tong Zhenzhen and Tong Yan's shouts.

They thought that powerful Abyss Devils were coming out of their ancestral lands.

Yet after a while, they noticed the abyss devil energy only existed in a small area.

They shrouded the mountain like a protective layer that stopped outsiders from entering.

"The abyss devil energy seems to be... protecting our ancestral lands," Tong Zhenzhen said in shock.

"The heart of the volcano, that item... Qin Lie must put great value on it. Maybe the abyss devil energy is Qin Lie's power. He is stopping our ancestral lands from being disrupted with it," Tong Zhenzhen said thoughtfully. "This is only a small bit of abyss devil energy and it doesn't spread. It will not affect our cultivation."

"When Qin Lie returns, we will just have to ask him about it."

"Everyone, let's not enter the ancestral lands right now."

"Boom boom boom!"

"Boom boom boom!"

As the members of the Vermillion Bird Race talked around the ancestral lands, Vermillion Bird Realm started to spin.

Shocking booms came from the earth. Vermillion Bird Realm spun and moved as though it was hurled through space.

If there were adventurers amid the stars, they would notice that a black hole had formed where Vermillion Bird Realm was.

That black hole was like the mouth of an enormous beast that slowly consumed Vermillion Bird Realm.

All of Vermillion Bird Realm spun. It gave off sparks of light that burned like the sun as it flew towards the black hole.


Vermillion Bird Realm suddenly disappeared into the black hole, gone from the Spirit Realm.

With it disappeared the countless Vermillion Bird and fire-attribute beasts..

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