Chapter 1674: There Is Still Time!

The power that Tian Qi displayed caused everyone to recognize the power of the three Blood and Soul Mentors. And the Imperial Soul Monarch... was clearly on even higher a level still.

The Imperial Soul Monarch seemed to be an object of endless terror to the strongest experts of the universe. Everyone who wanted to reach the ultimate realm had to face him in the end.

Based on Auston's words, up until now, no being had managed to surpass Imperial Soul Monarch.

Castor had reached the ultimate realm for a brief time but it had been a flash.

He had been killed by the eight Devil Monarchs and the experts of foreign races.

Many believed that Castor's death had been related to the Imperial Soul Monarch.

But the Imperial Soul Monarch had not acted in person...

"When your main body completely consumes Yellow Springs Purgatory to make the Flaming Sun Abyss into a purgatory, you will take me to the other purgatories to deal with Castor's other avatars."

Qin Hao looked at Qin Lie and said, "You do not have to worry too much about Castor."

Auston, who had turned into a handsome high rank Abyss Devil, was shocked when he heard Qin Hao's words. He said, "As expected, my feeling was correct..."

As a Devil Monarch of a purgatory, he had not gone to Yellow Springs Purgatory, but he had felt it when Grom was killed and Yellow Springs Purgatory shattered.

He detected something had happened over in Yellow Springs Purgatory.

From the clues he’d been given, he even concluded that the change had something to do with Qin Lie.

However, he had not expected Qin Lie to have replaced Grom and become the new Devil Monarch.

A purgatory ruler at his level!

"You do not have to be in too much of a hurry," Auston said.

Qin Lie stilled.

"Castor's two avatars awakened in Yellow Springs and Nine Hells because the God Race and Spirit Race invaded." Auston snorted and said, "If the Spirit Race wasn't in Nine Hells, I would have come when the Nether River first showed signs, and not sent Azgalo."

"If I was able to learn of the Nether River’s change immediately, I would not have let him wake so easily."

"Also, if I wasn't dealing with the Spirit Race, I would not have let Castor's newly awakened and weak avatar gather power and leave."

Auston paused and then said, "I am not like Grom. His Yellow Springs Purgatory formed through Castor. The power he cultivates emphasizes truths of the dead souls. This caused him to be at a disadvantage against Castor’s avatar."

"I had predicted he would be unable to deal once Castor was awakened."

"Also, there was the threat of the God Race."

After Auston's explanation, Qin Lie realized and said, "So you’re saying that without anyone invading, the other six avatars won’t wake up anytime soon, so there’s no immediate threat of Castor reaching full power."

"With two of his avatars already awakened, it’s only a matter of time before the other six wake up. But even then, he will not be able to move about freely like in Yellow Springs Purgatory," Auston's expression was dark. "The other six are not the same as Grom. Castor will not succeed so easily."

"So you have enough time to have multiple breakthroughs before he reaches his strongest."

"In the future, you may be able to win against him, consume all his memories and knowledge to replace him."

"Castor is terrifying, but not invincible. Seeing your father and son duo makes me think he might not succeed."

"I believe there’s hope."

Auston’s tone was earnest.

He hadn't had such a high opinion of someone for many years. If he knew a month ago that Castor would wake up and want to revive himself through another, he would believe that person would die.

But Qin Lie's string of miracles and quick breakthroughs caused him to change his attitude.

He felt that there were endless possibilities in Qin Lie, including Castor digging his own grave, benefitting Qin Lie instead.

"I also believe in you," Qin Hao shouted.

"Yes, with time, there’s always hope." Qin Shan felt more relaxed after Auston's encouragement. He said, "It’s only been a hundred years since your rebirth. In such a short period of time, you gained power to rival many Genesis Realm experts."

"If you have another hundred years, I believe you will bring us even more hope and miracles."

"By then, perhaps not even Castor will be a threat."

Qin Shan wore a warm smile.

"Hundred years, just a hundred years..." Auston was shocked.

For him, who had lived millions of years, a hundred years was akin to a blink of an eye.

From zero to his current strength in a hundred years. Mere thought brought him a sense of helplessness and utter defeat.

"You seem to be the manifestation of fortune..." he muttered.

"Old Master, Monarch, Yushi... is not in a good state, what do you think?" Ming Xiao suddenly interrupted.

He had been focused on Ling Yushi this entire time and had not paid much attention to the conversation between Auston and Qin Hao.

He only knew that Ling Yushi had been affected by Tian Qi's fate power and might not have long.

He came to Nine Hells for the Ling Family and the three races of Nether Realm.

Ling Yushi was one of his top priorities.


Auston sighed and said, "Tian Qi's fate power is the scariest power in the universe. He also used the Scepter of Fate. It is very difficult to help the girl turn around her fate in a situation like this."

At these words, everyone grew silent, their expressions dark.

"Is there a way for her... to first wake up and stop absorbing those soul secret arts? Ming Xiao said.

Auston thought for a long time and said, "If the situation is really unfavorable, there is only one method."

"What method?" Qin Lie said urgently.

Auston hesitated and said, "My brother and my bloodline are from the same source. I can also absorb and refine my brother's soul imprint."

"If she really cannot last, I can act and pull those soul truths from her."

"Maybe she will not have a fiendish rebound but... she will have lost a great opportunity."

"This is why I have been hesitating."

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