Chapter 1673: Dark Clouds

The spatial crack healed under the power of Qin Hao's Soul Altar.

Qin Lie's soul flew towards the Dark Soul Beast in Nether City.

The Abyss Devils who had been itching to fight, the Ice and Flame Emperors, and other humans all entered Nether City.

"Ling Yushi is in serious trouble."

Seeing Qin Lie’s soul return, Qin Shan voiced his worries.

"Tian Qi has left, but his power to twist fate remains in everyone's souls." Ming Xiao's expression was dark. "According to Tian Qi, his fate technique’s effect will not dissipate anytime soon. This girl… cannot last that long."

Qin Lie also noticed that Ling Yushi's face paling as ripples of soul energy she was giving off kept increasing in intensity.

At the current rate, she would soon lose control and cause her soul to crumble before long.


The Ice Emperor looked at Ling Yushi and also frowned. He commanded, "Everyone, do not attempt to break through or build new levels of your Soul Altars in the near future."

"Don’t even try comprehending the truths, concepts and laws within," Qin Shan urged.

At this time, Nine Hells Monarch Auston and the other Abyss Devils were still standing in the sky. They would have to be careful too.

The changes in fate would affect everyone in the short term. During this time, the human race experts and the Abyss Devils should not try to gain any comprehension.

The reason being, they might face the same predicament as Ling Yushi.

Tian Qi and the Spirit Race clansmen temporarily left Nine Hells but the influence he had on everyone... would remain.

"I had not expected Tian Qi to be so powerful." Qin Hao had a serious expression.

When he said this, everyone grimaced. If even Qin Hao felt that way, the others could only feel powerless.

Without him showing extraordinary power to restrain Assad and the Spirit Race warriors, Tian Qi might not have left.

If the battle continued, perhaps the Spirit Race would have suffered great losses, but they... would pay a price they couldn’t afford.

"What should we do now?" Hua Tianqiong asked.

At these words, everyone grew quiet and frowned.

"My main body is in the Flaming Sun Abyss and unable to help everyone leave Nine Hells in the short term." Qin Lie thought for a moment and said seriously, "Even if my main body was here… now is probably not the time to leave.”

"Why?" The Flame Emperor was puzzled.

"I worry that accidents will occur when you leave through the star door. Everyone's luck will be unusually bad at the moment. I cannot guarantee another fatal accident won't occur." Qin Lie grimaced.

"Yes, you’re right." Flame Emperor thought of the previous accident and felt fear.

He had never thought that Tian Qi would come to possess such abilities after obtaining Scepter of Fate.


At this time, Nine Hells Monarch Auston transformed his enormous body. He landed next to everyone in the form of a handsome high rank Abyss Devil.

He first looked at Qin Hao and Qin Lie. Then he said, "Tian Qi's bloodline has not crossed rank ten. If he reaches the ultimate realm, he will be able to change fates of not only individuals, but entire races!”


Qin Lie paled and screamed, "Even the fates of races can be changed?"

The handsome Auston nodded with a grave expression. He said, "The last owner of the Scepter of Fate dreamed of reaching the ultimate realm and using the Scepter of Fate and his own bloodline power to change the fate of the Spirit Race."

"But his peak state could not rival the present Tian Qi. He had the Scepter of Fate then but could not do what Tian Qi did today."

"He said that if one day, a Great Sage of the Spirit Race could enter the ultimate realm… they could use Scepter of Fate to rewrite fate and make the Spirit Race the strongest race in the universe!"

"The strongest race, above all four transcendent bloodline races!"

Inhaling the dense abyss devil energy, Auston said, "The person he waited for has finally appeared."

"Tian Qi!" Qin Hao shouted.

"Yes, it is Tian Qi." Auston sighed. "The probability of him entering the ultimate realm has increased with his acquisition of the Scepter of Fate."

"Maybe, when Castor's eight avatars all recover their peak power, he might take the opportunity to reach the ultimate realm."

"At that time, the situation of the universe will change. The balance between the Abyss Devils, God Race, Spirit Race, and Soul Race will be disrupted."

"No one can stop the Spirit Race from becoming the only ruler of the universe."

"Even the Imperial Soul Monarch may be unable to stop him."

"Castor..." Qin Hao turned to glance at Qin Lie and said in a harsh tone, "I will not let his eight avatars return to their peak."

Once Castor's eight avatars recovered to their peak, they would be equal to eight Devil Monarchs.

By then, the time would be ripe for Castor to assault Qin Lie.

His main soul had already merged into Qin Lie's Soul Altar. His avatars only needed to merge with the soul, and he would become the Abyss Master once again.

His success meant the destruction of Qin Lie's soul. Qin Hao was not willing to see that.

"Castor's awakened avatars will be difficult to deal with. He will be almost impossible to kill if he flees." Auston thought calmly and said, "We can only kill his other six avatars before they awaken. It would be best... to restrain the souls of the six avatars. That way, he cannot completely recover to his peak, and he cannot attract the Imperial Soul Monarch's attention. Tian Qi will not have a chance to realize his plan and Qin Lie... will be safe."

"The Imperial Soul Monarch won’t pay attention to him unless he recovers to his peak?" Qin Lie said curiously.

Tian Qi, Lieyan Yuan, Austin, and Castor all feared the Imperial Soul Monarch so much. Shouldn't he be omnipotent and know everything?

Why wouldn't the Imperial Soul Monarch attack Castor early?

"The Soul Race's Imperial Soul Monarch is the most mysterious being in the universe. He seems to have lived for billions of years." Auston thought for a moment and said, "Not long after I was born, I knew of his existence. At that time... he was already the most terrifying existence in the world."

"Based on what I know, the Imperial Soul Monarch does not pay attention to the movements and changes of the races in the universe. He doesn't even care about the chaos of the Soul Race."

"His time is used on comprehending the truth of the powers of the world, and exploring laws and secret arts we cannot understand."

"Most of the time, we can pretend he is asleep."

"He will only feel when powerful beings that can threaten his existence attempt to reach the ultimate realm."

"Then he will slowly wake up."

Auston explained.

"Tian Qi and Lieyan Yuan are already so powerful. They haven't attracted his attention?" Qin Shan said in shock.

"No, the last time he was awake, he already saw potential in these two, and named them Blood and Soul Mentors.” After a brief pause, he continued, “He was aware of them, but didn’t do anything because they were not strong enough for him to be worried. Even now, Tian Qi and Lieyan Yuan are stuck at the doorway of the ultimate realm. He won’t care until they attempt to take that final step."

"For the Imperial Soul Monarch, many beings like Tian Qi and Lieyan Yuan have been born over time."

"My brother Austin and Castor were the same."

"Even before their time, there were many fortunate and powerful beings like them. But in the end, they all passed away."

"My brother is now completely gone after two deaths. Castor has already died once."

"Tian Qi and Lieyan Yuan are just like Austin and Castor in the past for the Imperial Soul Monarch."

"Castor, who temporarily reached the ultimate realm, was turned into the eight Nether Rivers and subdued for millions of years. How can Tian Qi and Lieyan Yuan guarantee success?"

Qin Lie was stunned for a moment. He said in a bitter tone, "So Tian Qi and Lieyan Yuan at present are minor characters to him."

"Just so," Auston said helplessly.

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