Chapter 1673: Dark Clouds

The spatial crack healed under the power of Qin Hao's Soul Altar.

Qin Lie's soul flew towards the Dark Soul Beast in Nether City.

The Abyss Devils who had been itching to fight, the Ice and Flame Emperors, and other humans all entered Nether City.

"Ling Yushi is in serious trouble."

Seeing Qin Lie’s soul return, Qin Shan voiced his worries.

"Tian Qi has left, but his power to twist fate remains in everyone's souls." Ming Xiao's expression was dark. "According to Tian Qi, his fate technique’s effect will not dissipate anytime soon. This girl… cannot last that long."

Qin Lie also noticed that Ling Yushi's face paling as ripples of soul energy she was giving off kept increasing in intensity.

At the current rate, she would soon lose control and cause her soul to crumble before long.


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