Chapter 1671: Loss and Gain

When his subsoul was still at rank nine, he had used the Light of Annihilation to beat the Lizard Progenitor.

Now that he was at rank ten soulline, and there was an entire clump of Light of Annihilation right in front of him, he wanted to see if he could use it to create a miracle again.


His soul looked like a bluish green ghost fire as it flew away from the Nether City.

An instant later, his soul had appeared in the middle of the Abyss Devils and the human experts.

“Qin Lie!”

The Ice Emperor immediately noticed his presence. Surprised, he said hurriedly, “Your soul seems a little weakened. Why are you here?”

By now, the Great Lords of the Abyss had calmed down after listening to Auston’s...

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