Chapter 1670: The Strongest!

“The power of fate. All our fates have been altered by Tian Qi?”

Fear blossomed in Ming Xiao’s heart. He felt great pressure facing the Great Sage boosted by the Scepter of Fate.

“Since you’re unaffected… do you think you can help her?” Qin Shan asked.

“I don’t know,” Qin Lie said with a frown. “She’s analyzing and absorbing Austin’s soul imprint, and this process is extremely delicate. I don’t want to risk making it worse.”

“Then what should we do? Should we act against Tian Qi and fate itself?” Ming Xiao said worriedly. 

But Qin Lie couldn’t think of a good way to counter this immediately.

He looked at the sky and discovered that the human experts led by the Flame Emperor and the Ice Emperor had been surrounded by the Great Lords of the Abyss.

After their fates were changed, the two forces who were supposed to be working together and fighting against the Spirit Race actually looked like they were about to break out in a massive battle.

The Spirit Race clansmen had actually become the observer instead.

The Spirit Race patriarch, Assad, had also been blessed by the power of fate. After summoning the Profound Heaven Spirit Orb and using its tremendous reservoir of lifeforce, he was able to stop Qin Hao’s nine-level Soul Altar and temporarily halt the progress of Qin Hao’s power of destruction.

Assad was the chief of the Spirit Race, but he had to rely on his race’s sacred artifact to resist Qin Hao’s power.

It more than proved how powerful Qin Hao was.

The Spirit Race bloodline warriors couldn’t help but feel respect toward Qin Hao as the latter hovered above them and fired even more bolts of destructive lightning from his nine-level Soul Altar.

“To think that someone this powerful could exist in a race as weak as the humans. We shouldn’t look down on the foreign races.”

“Even our chief had to borrow the sacred artifact’s power to hold him back barely. This man truly is terrifying.”

“The power of destruction…”

The Spirit Race’s bloodline warriors had transferred all their attention to Qin Hao after noticing that the Abyss Devils and the human forces were having a disagreement.

There were a lot of Spirit Race clansmen who were struck by the power of destruction and turned into nothing. Not even a trace of their soul aura had been left behind.

This meant that their kin were completely and hopelessly dead.

Terrified of Qin Hao, they finally decided to treat the human martial practitioners seriously.

“Azgalo! Dawson! Stop!”

The Nine Hells Monarch, Auston, shouted hurriedly at the Great Lords of the Abyss and stopped them just before they engaged the human warriors.

“Monarch! They’re the ones who attacked us first!”

“We were ambushed by them!”

“They’re the ones who acted first!”

The rank ten Great Lords of the Abyss glared cruelly at the Flame Emperor and the Ice Emperor while explaining themselves to Auston.

“It’s a misunderstanding, it’s really just a misunderstanding…” the Ice Emperor explained weakly.

“All our fates have been altered by Tian Qi and his Scepter of Fate. If we don’t control yourselves and allow the threads of fate to pull us around, we’ll all dance to Tian Qi’s tune!” Auston shouted.

He was a peak rank ten Great Lord of the Abyss, and he happened to be an expert in the secret arts of the soul. When he noticed that the threads of fate inside everyone’s soul had become unusually clear, he immediately realized what Tian Qi had done to them.

“Fate has been changed?”

“Our luck is altered?”

“Tian Qi’s ploy!”

The Abyss Devils and the human Genesis Realm experts fell into deep thought after hearing Auston’s explanation.

It was at this moment Tian Qi swung the Scepter of Fate again.

An even stronger power erupted from inside the Scepter of Fate!

“Whoosh! Sizzzz!”

A massive amount of corrosive light suddenly spilled out of the giant hole Qin Hao had created.

They immediately caught onto nearby Abyss Devils and started dissolving their tough body.

“The Light of Annihilation! It’s the Light of Annihilation!” Azgalo screamed.

His fear was so great that he moved away from the encirclement and attempted to fly away from the affected area.

The Abyss Devils and even the humans started running away in fear when they heard that it was the Light of Annihilation.

Everyone was aware how deadly the Light of Annihilation was.


Qin Lie raised his eyebrows slightly. He had only just noticed the deadly Light of Annihilation spilling out of the giant hole in the sky.

Tian Qi had meant to use them to eliminate the nearby Abyss Devil and human experts.

However, when Qin Hao’s attention had shifted away from Assad, the Light of Annihilation suddenly swooped towards him.

It was almost as if he could control the Light of Annihilation!

“Great Sage!”


The Spirit Race experts immediately screamed in panic when the Lights of Annihilation was suddenly coming their way.

“Y-you can control the Light of Annihilation!?”

Even Tian Qi, a Blood and Soul Mentor, was shocked by the scene before him.

He had seen too many unbelievable things from Qin Hao.

“The Light of Annihilation…”

Inside Nether City, Qin Lie looked just as astonished.

He knew full well how scary the Light of Annihilation was, but not only was his soul immune to it, he could even control it.

It made Qin Lie suspect that he had inherited his immunity from Qin Hao.

“According to my knowledge, your father is the only living being to walk out of the Dark Shadow World alive. The Light of Annihilation supposedly originates from a mysterious place in Dark Shadow World, and the fact that he could neutralize and even control them proved that the stories weren’t a lie,” Ming Xiao said seriously and respectfully. “Not long ago, I was wondering if he was exaggerating when he claimed that he could fight Lieyan Yuan now that his nine-level Soul Altar was complete.”

“I’m starting to believe in his claim, and his strength.”

“He’s already the strongest person in the history of Spirit Realm.”

“Hiss hiss!”

While Ming Xiao was speaking, tendrils of black light suddenly flew out of the corner of Ling Yushi’s eyes.

They were shaped like tears, but they were dripping to the ground.

Qin Lie quickly noticed that these black “tears” were imprinted soul soul secret arts. They were all Austin’s soul essences.

Something bad must have happened to Ling Yushi during the absorption process, because they were not supposed to flow out of her body.

It was an incredibly bad sign.

“This is bad! We need to dispel the effects of fate!” Qin Shan yelled.

“Let me try!”

Qin Lie’s rank ten subsoul floated out of his Dark Soul Beast avatar, but this time he was assuming the shape of a normal soul, not the shape of a Soul Tree.

It was because he remembered how he was able to beat the Lizard Progenitor despite being only at rank nine soulline.

The key of that battle had been the Light of Annihilation!

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