Chapter 167: Beyond Miracles!

Chapter 167: Beyond Miracles!

Qin Lie sat cross legged at the center of the plaza where the twelve pattern pillars stood at the foot of the mountain of Armament Sect.

There were many exquisite diagrams and patterns sculpted on the bodies of the spirit pattern pillars such as birds and beasts, mountains and lakes, monsters and demons, ancient trees and fresh flowers, and so on.

Every one of the spirit pattern pillars had a different diagram and pattern. They all contained a different kind of magic and hid within them a mysterious spirit diagram.

In the nine hundred years of Armament Sect’s existence, there were only twenty seven people who had cracked the wonders of a spirit pattern pillar. These twenty seven people were all the beloved child of their generation, and they had all become a great master artificer and leader of their time.

Today, Qin Lie sat down on this spot and looked towards the first spirit pattern pillar.

Cheng Ping and Tong Jihua’s expressions were as strange as one could imagine. They just looked at Qin Lie, wanting to see how arrogant he could possibly be.

Light up all twelve spirit pattern pillars?

The two of them shook their heads. If it was that easy to trigger a reaction from the spirit pattern pillars, then there wouldn’t be only twenty seven people who were able to see through the wonders contained inside it.

There were many people who were able to gain insight and realize the magic of only a single spirit pattern pillars in their lifetime, such as Liang Shaoyang and Mo Hai.

Whereas Qin Lie was so arrogant that he said he would light up all twelve spirit pattern pillars!

Pang Feng, Tian Jianhao, Ouyang Jingjing, and the others had also arrived at the edges of the plaza from outside and saw Qin Lie sitting down at the center.

Qin Lie looked at a spirit pattern pillar directly in front of him. There were monsters and demons inscribed on that spirit pattern pillars—it was exactly the one Liang Shaoyang had completely grasped!

He had purposely picked this one to start with!

As if a light had shone from the center of his forehead, he intently gazed at the spirit pattern pillar.

Ten minutes later, the sharp fangs and talons of the demons on that spirit pattern pillar suddenly moved!

Everyone had seen it clearly with their eyes!

“Number one!” Qin Lie yelled in a low tone.

The moment he said this, the monsters and demons of the spirit pattern pillar suddenly began to struggle madly like coiling black demonic flames, wanting break out from the pillar’s shackles.

Many colorful spirit lines suddenly shot out from the pillar and intersected to form a grand, tightly woven web that trapped all of the otherworldly creatures!

The spirit pattern pillar abruptly lit up!

It was just as Qin Lie had said, the first spirit pattern pillar had been lit up. The monsters within it raged and snapped, but they were firmly shackled by the huge web!

A terrifying aura that would extinguish one’s heart and leaked evil continuously spread out from those monsters and demons that almost looked like they had solid bodies.

All the people in the area felt their souls shiver as they experienced a kind of fear where their bodies were being dragged downward, falling to the depths of hell.

“Heavens above!”

“He actually did it!”

Tong Jihua and Cheng Ping were shocked to the core. As they stared at the madly struggling demons, they felt like their hearts would explode.

“Pang, Pang Feng! Report to the sect master immediately!” Tong Jihua said with his voice quivering.

Pang Feng was also thoroughly shocked as he stared dumbfoundedly at the brightened spirit pattern pillar. It was only until Tong Jihua had loudly yelled at him for the second time that he shook and finally regained his senses before running to the entrance as fast as he could.


Like a huge metallic stone that had fallen down abruptly, Pang Feng smashed the stone slab at the entrance to smithereens, and with one leg knelt within the stone chips, he yelled, “Qin Bing has caused a change in the spirit pattern pillars!”

At the entrance, Ying Xingran and the three great reverends were still vexed about Qin Lie’s lack of appreciation for their kindness. They were still discussing about how to deal with Qin Lie.

Tang Siqi and Lian Rou were still whispering with each other about Qin Lie, worrying for him and thinking of how to persuade Qin Lie to give in.

Mo Hai and Tan Dongling were still listening to Ying Xingran speaking.

Wu Tuo and many other heads of the other forces were still chatting with the outer sect elders while their eyes constantly hovered over Ying Xingran and the three reverends, measuring their expressions.

Xie Jingxuan and Liang Zhong hadn’t left yet...

Every person, every action, every sound had stopped because of this one line from Pang Feng.

Silence suddenly descended upon Armament Sect’s entrance. In an instant, everyone had lost their ability to speak.

The only thing that seemed to be reverberating in the skies, deafening their ears, was Pang Feng’s shout...

“Qin Bing has caused a change in the spirit pattern pillars!”

“Qin Bing has caused a change in the spirit pattern pillars!”

“Qin Bing has caused a change in the spirit pattern pillars!”

A few seconds later, Ying Xingran’s body abruptly trembled. With an unhealthy red flushing onto his pale white face and a shuddering voice, he glared straight at Pang Feng and said, “What did you say? S-say it again!”

“Qin Bing has caused a change in the spirit pattern pillars!” Pang Feng repeated.

“Cough cough cough!”

Ying Xingran suddenly coughed out a mouthful of fresh blood, but his spirit was as high as if he had been injected with stimulants. With the light that shone in his eyes, no one dared to meet them.

Without a second word and with staggering footsteps, he ran as fast as he could manage towards the plaza at the back.

The deep wrinkles on the faces of reverends Luo Zhichang, Fang Qi and Jiang Hao who had a foot in the grave abruptly smoothened at this moment as if they had turned many years younger. They also rushed towards the backyard, filled with energy.

“I thought so. My eyes weren’t wrong. He truly has that talent…” Mo Hai muttered as his eyes slowly brightened. He also followed behind the sect master and three great reverends.

Previously, he had Qin Lie inscribe a Materialization spirit diagram and was extremely shocked by the results. He had assumed that Qin Lie was an unprecedented genius in Armament Sect’s history.

But Ying Xingran had not thought much of it and assumed that he had exaggerated. He also thought that Qin Lie had learned how to inscribe the Materialization spirit diagram before.

This was also why he had never treated Qin Lie as a seed and did not think that Qin Lie could bring a Armament Sect to new heights.

“If he was truly talented, then why did the spirit pattern pillars not light up for him?” These were Ying Xingran’s thoughts at the time.

But today, after Qin Lie had triggered a world-altering phenomenon with his concept, he had once again triggered a reaction from a spirit pattern pillar!

He had shocked everyone to the core!

Sect Master Ying Xingran, the three great reverends, the seven inner sect elders, all the outer sect elders, Yi Yuan, Tang Siqi, Lian Rou, and more—anyone who had even the slightest status in Armament Sect—let out shocked expressions as they rushed in unison towards the plaza at the back.

Very soon, there was no longer any of Armament Sect’s actual leaders at the entrance.

Outside the door, the heads who had come from the various forces, such as Wu Tuo, Xie Jingxuan, Liang Zhong, and so on, watched all the influential officials of Armament Sect rushing inside and could not cover the shock on their faces as well. After hesitating for a moment, the people began to forcefully barge inside without regard for Armament Sect’s rules.

The influential members and experts of Armament Sect were all in a hurry to reach the plaza, so no one bothered with the commotion happening behind them.

The few guards that were left behind could not stop this crazy crowd at all. While yelling, they realized that the situation was gradually spinning out of control as more and more martial practitioners had rushed in and charged to Armament Sect’s plaza at the back.

Therefore, they gave up trying to stop them and rushed towards the back with great amazement.

“The second! The second spirit pattern pillar has lit up!”

When Ying Xingran had reached the midway point, Ouyang Jingjing’s shrill cries suddenly pierced through the air from the direction of the plaza.

Ying Xingran’s footsteps abruptly stopped, and he actually fell down onto the ground. While unceremoniously lying on the floor, his eyes shone with a terrifying light as he questioned, his voice trembling , “A-are the gods blessing our Armament Sect?”

Both Luo Zhichang and Fang Qi also had tremors running through them as they hurriedly helped Ying Xingran onto his feet and declared with excitement, “The sect’s future is bright!”

“For the past thirty years, Tang Siqi is the only one who had caused a reaction in two spirit pattern pillars. It was a p-pity that she was a girl,” Third Reverend Jianghao said tremblingly.

At the back, Mo Hai and the others were also as anxious as if they had been lit on fire, but they could only wait behind Ying Xingran, Luo Zhichang, and the others, not daring to overtake them.

When he heard that the second spirit pattern pillar had also lit up, Mo Hai sucked in a deep breath and yelled in a low tone, “There is no mistake! He truly has an extraordinary talent in artifact forging!”

Tan Dongling and the other inner sect elders had also widely opened their eyes and stared at the plaza at the back like they could burn holes into it.

It was at this moment that they had begun to hate Ying Xingran and Luo Zhichang for being too slow and possessing a higher status than them and hence not being able to overtake them!

“The second pillar has also lit up!” Further at the back, Lian Rou and the others also cried out.

“Quick! Quick! Give me a lift quickly!” Ying Xingran turned around and waved at a martial practitioner dressed in blood red clothes. “Send me over there quickly!”

The Blood Spear martial practitioner quickly hurried over and lifted Ying Xingran.

“Don’t forget about us!” Luo Zhichang also cried out.

Three more martial practitioner dressed in blood red respectfully lifted them upwards under the beckoning of the three great reverends.

“The third one! The third one has also lit up!” Ouyang Jingjing’s shrill cries had come once again from the plaza.

“Pwack!” Ying Xingran spat out yet another mouthful of fresh blood and felt his heart beating so fast that it was practically about to explode. He pointed in the direction of the plaza and opened his mouth to breathe deeply, unable to speak even though he was trying to say something.

“Forgive me, Sect Master!” The Blood Spear martial practitioner who was carrying him extended a hand and pressed down onto Ying Xingran’s chest. A turbulent but gentle energy was instantly transferred into his body, aiding him to calm his terribly excited feelings at this moment.

Then, without further ado, the few Blood Spear martial practitioners turned into beams of bloody light and flew towards the plaza.

Mo Hai, Tan Dongling, and the others’ footsteps were no longer sluggish, and they finally quickly sped towards the plaza.

Many more people hurriedly followed from them from behind and, like locusts, they gathered at the plaza at the foot of the mountain of Flame Volcano, looking towards the spirit pattern pillars.

Before long, the crowd had arrived at all once!

At this moment, there were three spirit pattern pillars that were brimming with great power and glowing with amazing lights!

One spirit pattern pillar had floating demons howling at the sky, wanting to escape the bindings of the pillar but were firmly shackled by a huge web.

Another spirit pattern pillar was like an ancient tree, radiating with life, and had actually transformed into an incredibly giant tree. Countless green leaves were formed, and there was a peaceful and fresh aura of nature that drifted into the surrounding area.

The last spirit pattern pillar had billowing rivers inside it as the sound of flowing water came roaring out from it.

It was as if there were countless great rivers pouring into the sea inside the spirit pattern pillar. Everyone could see the movements of the river and the direction the water was flowing in.

“S-Sect Master…”

Seeing that Ying Xingran had been carried over by a Blood Spear martial practitioner, both Cheng Ping and Tong Jihua’s throats were dry. They could not use words to describe the current situation.

“Is it really him?” Ying Xingran only asked one time.

Cheng Ping and Tong Jihua quickly nodded.

“The fourth one! The fourth one has lit up!” Ouyang Jingjing cried out once again.

Everyone focused their minds to look, and they discovered that a pillar inscribed with a starry sky and celestial bodies began to exude light, each constellation slowly lighting up one after another.

The stars shone with great radiance!

Just like how Qin Lie was right now!

Qin Lie was facing that pillar at this moment. His body shined with the radiant colors of the vast stars.

“In the nine hundred year history of our sect, there has never been a person who could simultaneously light up four spirit pattern pillars other than the founder!” Luo Zhichang said tremblingly.

“Th-the fifth one! The fifth one is starting to act up as well!” Ouyang Jingjing’s shrill cries rippled through the air once more.

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