Chapter 1669: Changing Fate!

All Spirit Race clansmen who hadn’t been reduced to ash by the power of destruction were healing swiftly under the effects of the Profound Heaven Spirit Orb.

The warriors and their demon pets were able to regenerate constantly due to the infusion of tremendous lifeforce and outlast the destructive energy destroying their bodies.

Once the destructive energy was completely spent, the victims immediately recovered to full.

“Assad! Watch out for him!” Tian Qi reminded again.

“The power of destruction!”

Nine Hells Monarch Auston figured out the situation immediately after he broke out of his frozen state.

He stared at Qin Hao in astonishment as if his knowledge of the latter’s true power was refreshed again.

It was no wonder that Azgalo had lost to Qin Hao.


Qin Hao suddenly let out an exclamation of surprise while he was charging the Spirit Race.

He thought he had destroyed Castor’s avatar, but the latter had clearly returned to full health somehow.

Castor’s expression changed slightly when Qin Hao’s gaze fell on him. He said, “Tian Qi! You should use your power of fate now!”

“I know,” Tian Qi replied.

The veins of the hand gripping the Scepter of Fate suddenly become linked with the threads of fate inside the scepter.

The ice blue-colored veins behind Tian Qi’s hand started glowing brightly and spreading out in an orderly fashion.

At the same time, Qin Lie noticed that the threads of fate inside the souls affected by the Scepter of Fate’s power started twisting strangely.

It looked like their fates had been forcibly changed temporarily.

The Ice Emperor and the Flame Emperor were flying toward the Spirit Race on their nine-level Soul Altars.

Suddenly, several outer realm lights flew out of the giant hole in the sky and landed squarely on their Soul Altars. 


The Ice Emperor and the Flame Emperor screamed in unison as their nine-level Soul Altar spiraled out of control.

“Bang! Bang bang!”

Their Soul Altars crashed uncontrollably into Dawson and the other Great Lords of the Abyss, causing them to catch on fire or freeze up.

Thousands of foreign lights were flowing out of the giant hole Qin Hao had created.

They were spraying everywhere at random.

But after Tian Qi had used the Scepter of Fate, these flowing lights kept hitting the Ice Emperor, the Flame Emperor, Ji Dan, Azgalo, Dawson, and the rest of the Great Lords of the Abyss for some reason.

On the other side, none of the Spirit Race clansmen was affected by the flowing lights.

It was as if the human experts and the Abyss Devils’ luck had suddenly plummeted to the bottom, and the Spirit Race clansmen had become ridiculously lucky.

“What are you doing!”

“Dammit! You’re not helping the Spirit Race, are you?”

“Are you trying to fight us?”

In the air, all the Great Lords of the Abyss who collided with the Ice Emperor and the Flame Emperor’s Soul Altar shouted at them angrily.

The Ice Emperor and the Flame Emperor looked sullen and confused. They didn’t even know how to explain themselves. 

“Boom boom!”

Suddenly, Hua Tianqiong and another Sky Mender Palace expert’s Soul Altars clashed into one another.

Screaming, they had to pause their attack on the Spirit Race temporarily and fly back to Nether City.

On the ground, Qin Lie noticed that the Genesis Realm experts and the Abyss Devils had suddenly become incredibly unlucky.

Random accidents kept happening to them and disrupting their tempo.

The Abyss Devils were easily enraged, and they had no idea what was going on. Some even thought that the human race were really spies who were trying to stab them in the back.

In fact, a couple of Great Lords of the Abyss were starting to attack the Flame Emperor.

What was supposed to be a unified force had suddenly engaged one another in a civil war.

“Fate, fate has changed…”

Auston was the creator of Nine Hells Purgatory, so his insight was deeper than the rest of the Great Lords' of the Abyss.

He immediately realized that the strange “accidents” happening on the battlefield weren’t accidents at all.

Somehow, Tian Qi had changed everyone’s fate temporarily using the Scepter of Fate.

All of Tian Qi’s enemies would be unlucky for a short period of time.

On the other hand, the Spirit Race would only grow luckier and luckier. The chain reaction might just be strong enough to turn the tides in the Spirit Race’s favor.

After noticing the source of the change, Auston immediately stared at Tian Qi and the Scepter of Fate in his hand.

He knew that the key to changing fate lies in Tian Qi and the Scepter of Fate.

Inside Nether City, Qin Lie’s subsoul had reentered his Dark Soul Beast avatar and taken on a human form.


Beside him, Ling Yushi suddenly let out a gasp of pain.

“She seemed to be losing control over the profound truths of the soul imprints. She’s even showing signs of entering a fiendish rebound. Strange, everything was fine just a moment ago,” Qin Shan said with a frown.

Qin Lie turned pale with shock.

He immediately remembered that Ling Yushi’s threads of fate had been twisted as well.

This meant that Ling Yushi was probably going to be extremely unlucky for a period of time.

However, she was currently in the process of absorbing Austin’s soul imprints…

If any “accident” were to happen during the absorption process, she could very well slide into a fiendish rebound and experience a soul death!

A single misstep could kill Ling Yushi right now, and no one would be able to help her.

Qin Lie finally realized how terrible the power of fate was!

The power of fate could change anything through the use of luck!

This meant that Tian Qi had used fate to single-handedly change the tides in his favor!

Even the human expert who entered Nine Hells Purgatory and the Ling Family clansmen were affected as well.

“What a terrifying power!”

Qin Lie sucked in a deep breath as he tried to think of a way to fix things.

“What’s wrong? What happened just now?” Ming Xiao asked.

“I’m not sure myself,” Qin Shan replied.

“Just now, Tian Qi used the Scepter of Fate to stop space and time before infecting everyone’s souls with the power of fate…” Qin Lie explained with a dark expression.

“Forcibly changing fate!?” Qin Shan exclaimed as he sucked in a deep breath. The more he thought about it, the colder he felt. “What a terrifying power!”

“Is that why the Flame Emperor and Ice Emperor had suddenly collided with the Abyss Devils?” Ming Xiao asked.

“That’s probably the case,” Qin Lie answered.

“Tian Qi seriously is a difficult opponent.” Ming Xiao let out a sigh before looking at Ling Yushi. He asked, “She was affected as well, wasn’t she? How should we help her? Should I give it a try?”


Qin Lie hurriedly stopped him before yelling, “You were frozen in time and space and infected by Tian Qi’s power of fate just like her. You’d only make things worse!”

“I-I was infected too?...” Ming Xiao was shocked to hear this.

“I, Castor, Tian Qi, and… father are the only ones who were immune to his power. Everyone’s else fate had been altered temporarily,” Qin Lie said bitterly.

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