Chapter 1668: Power of Destruction

It wasn’t just the living things who were frozen. Time and space itself within five million kilometers had been frozen as well.

Even Auston, the Nine Hells Monarch himself, had fallen under Tian Qi’s influence after the latter had used his full bloodline power and the Scepter of Fate.

Even the likes of Qin Hao and Assad were immobilized.

Only Tian Qi, the caster of the spell; Castor, the Abyss Devil who once entered the ultimate realm, and Qin Lie’s rank ten subsoul remained unaffected.

Tian Qi was the culprit, and Castor was the Abyss Master. Both their fates were exceptionally powerful, so it was natural that they were beyond the scepter’s influence.

But Qin Lie…

Both Tian Qi and Castor were confused as they stared coldly at Qin Lie’s Soul Tree from above.

“I could believe if it was his real body that was resisting the scepter’s influence,” Tian Qi muttered to himself. “But how is his subsoul resisting as well? Strange…”

“Why do you think his real body could resist the scepter’s influence?” Castor asked curiously.

Tian Qi replied with a serious look, “There is great fate surrounding his real body, and his bloodline may be connected to the fates of many races. The formation of the Perfect Blood had completely altered his fate, so not even I could change his fate temporarily despite wielding the Scepter of Fate.”

“The Perfect Blood…” Castor muttered to himself.

Greed appeared in his avatar’s pupils. He unconsciously licked the corner of his lips, tempted to swallow Qin Lie right here and now.

He forcibly suppressed his desire, however.

He knew full well that the best time to devour Qin Lie had yet to come.

“Do you want to…?” Tian Qi asked tentatively.

A brief moment later, Castor abruptly realized that Tian Qi was asking if he wanted to teach Qin Lie’s subsoul a lesson before they began their slaughter.

“There’s no need,” Castor said while shaking his head.

Inside Nether City.

Qin Lie’s Soul Tree stared at the frozen time and space, people, and objects while listening to Tian Qi and Castor’s conversation.

He knew that the Scepter of Fate had never stopped unleashing its strange energy even while Tian Qi and Castor were speaking.

That strange energy had seeped into every soul in the vicinity and altered their threads of fate temporarily.

He didn’t know what would happen to these people after their fates had been changed by the Scepter of Fate and Tian Qi.

His instincts were telling him to worry, however.

“Crack crack! Crack crack crack!”

Suddenly, a strange noise came from inside Qin Hao’s nine-level Soul Altar.

Qin Lie turned around immediately and saw a bunch of strange-looking lights intertwining inside his father’s Soul Altar. The soul origin inside Qin Hao’s Soul Altar twisted for a moment before crushing the freezing power that had slipped inside of it.

Before this, Qin Hao was as still as a statue just like everyone else around him.

After the power holding him had been destroyed, his eyeballs immediately started moving as strange cracking noises came from inside his Soul Altar.

An instant later, Qin Hao and his nine-level Soul Altar had escaped Tian Qi and the Scepter of Fate’s influence completely.


Castor’s Abyss Devil pupils darkened when he saw Qin Hao, the enemy who had destroyed his avatar once, had broken free of Tian Qi’s influence.

Tian Qi’s expression also changed as he opened his palm and fired a hail of icy blue beams at Qin Hao.

The beams merged with the Scepter of Fate’s power before swimming towards Qin Hao like a school of fish.


The freed Qin Hao grinned before his Soul Altar abruptly grew darker and blurrier.

A destructive aura that could annihilate any living being instantly erupted from his person and his Soul Altar.


The shackled time and space around Qin Hao suddenly exploded without warning.

Everything around him turned into nothing in just an instant. 

In fact, a giant hole had appeared on the sky of Nine Hells Purgatory because of that pure power of destruction Qin Hao had unleashed.

Colorful light streams started flowing out of the giant hole, including a bit of Light of Annihilation.

The blue beams Tian Qi had unleashed were turned into nothing before they even got close to Qin Hao.


More Light of Annihilation flew into Nine Hells Purgatory through the hole Qin Hao created.

“The power of destruction!”

“Pure destructive power!”

Both Tian Qi and Castor exclaimed in shock as they glared at Qin Hao in unison.

It was only now they realized the core of Qin Hao’s law of power—destruction. 

“Crackle crackle crackle!”

Qin Hao’s nine-level Soul Altar was surrounded by collapsing space and flowing light from outer realms.

Tian Qi could clearly sense that the power he was applying on this part of the world had gone completely out of control.

He had no choice but to swing the Scepter of Fate and dissolve the shackles he had applied immediately.


Everything suddenly returned to normal. Qin Lie could feel the flow of the air and the sound of Ming Xiao’s heartbeat once more.

His Dark Soul Beast avatar had regained its mobility.

The Ice Emperor and the Flame Emperor’s stopped Soul Altars began moving once more.


“Roar roar!”

Roars of the Great Lords of the Abyss suddenly broke the silence once more.

Floating above the Dark Soul Beast, Qin Lie’s Soul Tree continued to observe the activity in the sky and perceive Qin Hao’s aura in astonishment.

Qin Hao’s power of destruction had caused his Blaze Family bloodline to come to life completely. In fact, he could sense a bit of aura of destruction inside his own bloodline at max output.

Before this, he had thought that this aura of destruction had originated from the Blaze Family bloodline’s imperishable flames.

It was only after he saw his father displaying the core laws behind his power under pressure did he realize that the power of destruction inside his Blaze Family bloodline hadn’t come from the God Race.

It was his human father who passed down that power to him!

No longer trying to hide his true power, Qin Hao unleashed his power of destruction to the max and broke free from the Scepter of Fate’s shackles and destroyed Tian Qi’s secret art of fate.


Qin Hao’s nine-level Soul Altar once again put pressure on Assad and the Spirit Race clansmen, and this time he was also firing bolts of lightning at them.

The bolts of lightning all contained Qin Hao’s laws of destruction.

Any Spirit Race clansman and demon pet below rank ten was instantly destroyed by the destructive lightning.

In fact, the power of destruction didn’t stop at just one explosion. It kept detonating the remains of the Spirit Race clansman until their blood, bones, and flesh were completely gone.

It took seven to eight explosions to destroy the bodies completely. It was as if those Spirit Race clansmen had vanished into thin air.

Not one bit of blood, bone or soul was left behind.

This was the true power of destruction!

Even rank ten bloodline warriors and their demon pets were harmed by the explosions resulting from being struck by the destructive lightning.

They had no choice but to use their full power and their life origin to defend themselves.

As a result, all affected rank ten bloodline warriors were losing spirit, body, and mind energy at a rapid pace.

“The Profound Heaven Spirit Orb! Use the Profound Heaven Spirit Orb now!” 

Assad was faltering after his spatial barriers had failed to stop Qin Hao’s power of destruction until Tian Qi’s timely reminder reached him.

Assad suddenly held up the Profound Heaven Spirit Orb—a dark blue spirit artifact containing rich life aura—with both hands and chanted for a moment.

A dizzying amount of lifeforce burst out of the Profound Heaven Spirit Orb and entered every Spirit Race clansman’s body.

Any bloodline warrior or demon pet who wasn’t instantly killed by Qin Hao’s power of destruction started healing swiftly thanks to the sacred artifact’s support.


Qin Lie couldn’t help but let out a cry of astonishment.

It was because the Spirit Race warriors were healing at a visible rate under the light of the Profound Heaven Spirit Orb. Every missing part of their body was growing back at a visible rate.

They were healing faster than even the Great Lords of the Abyss themselves!

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