Chapter 1667: Time Stop!

Every Spirit Race clansman was certain that Tian Qi would turn the tides in their favor once the Scepter of Fate fell into his hands!

They were all confident in its unparalleled power!


The glowing Scepter of Fate flying out of the pond abruptly landed in Tian Qi’s hand.

In that moment, the entire world turned silent all of a sudden.

Gripping the Scepter of Fate, Tian Qi slowly turned around and looked at the Abyss Devils and human experts flying towards him from every direction.

A scornful smile appeared on his lips.

“Great Sage, is… is it done?”

Indigo’s lips were pale white, and she seemed to have used up all of her bloodline power. Her voice was incredibly weak.

Tian Qi looked at her tenderly and said, “It’s done. You can rest now.”

Indigo slowly closed her eyes.

“I’ll be borrowing the Scepter of Fate for now. Once your bloodline has reached rank ten, I will return it to you and watch you become the chief of the Spirit Race,” Tian Qi said in a caring tone.

Indigo smiled with her eyes closed, but didn’t give him a reply.

“You are the true future of the Spirit Race. I… am just protecting you until you’re fully grown,” Tian Qi said in a voice that only he could hear.

Then, he gripped the Scepter of Fate tightly before inhaling deeply.

A terrible pressure suddenly spread out with him at the center.

In that moment, both space and time had screeched to a halt!

Every Abyss Devil charging the Spirit Race had become frozen in midair.

The Flame Emperor, the Ice Emperor, Ji Dan, and Hua Tianqiong were frozen on top of their nine-level Soul Altars too.

Even his own people were affected by his technique. The entire Spirit Race had come to a stop.

Finally, not even Nine Hells Monarch Auston was immune to the Scepter of Fate. His movements stiffened bit by bit until he came to a complete stop in the end.

Inside the Nether City, Ming Xiao, Qin Shan, Ling Yushi, the Horned Demon Race, the Ghost Eye Race, and the Dark Shadow Race were frozen as well.

Absolutely everything within five million kilometers had been frozen in space and time.

Qin Lie’s Dark Soul Beast avatar was also frozen by the strange time-distorting domain.

However, a different power was pouring in from his real body, seemingly unimpaired by the space of Nine Hells Purgatory.

Thanks to that, his rank ten subsoul was able to resist Tian Qi and the Scepter of Fate’s power.

He felt like he was sinking into a swamp, struggling painfully and fearfully to break free.

But at least he was still able to resist.

Qin Lie noticed that every living being in the immediate vicinity had frozen completely. Even their hearts had stopped beating.

He couldn’t even sense the souls of the Flame Emperor and the Ice Emperor.

This meant that their very soul had been frozen as well!

Qin Lie was completely stunned by this eerie scenery. Immediately after that, he could feel his resistance against the scepter’s power growing stronger and stronger.

His Dark Soul Beast avatar still couldn’t move, but his rank ten subsoul was able to exit the Soul Beast’s eyes and look around.

Fear slowly creeped around his heart as Qin Lie observed the frozen world, creatures, and Tian Qi.

He never imagined that Tian Qi’s power would grow this much after he had obtained the Scepter of Fate.

Tian Qi possessed the bloodline attributes of space, time, and fate. He was also well-versed in all three types of powers. However, the Scepter of Fate… obviously affected fate only.

But Tian Qi was able to freeze both space and time the moment he obtained the Scepter of Fate. Could it be that the spirit artifact had great power over time and space as well?

He almost couldn’t believe it.

However, Qin Lie quickly saw something different when he used the Soul Race’s Soul Sensing Art to perceive his surroundings.

He noticed that there was a strangely threads of light changing constantly inside every frozen soul.

For example, he could see light threads dancing and changing non-stop inside Ming Xiao’s soul.

It was the only thing that was still active inside Ming Xiao’s body.

These light threads hidden deep inside one’s soul seemed to be intricately tied to a living being’s fate. It seemed to be related to one’s unchangeable past and unknown future.

The unchangeable past and the unknown future were also deeply connected with time and space, and it was the core of fate itself.

Suddenly, Qin Lie realized that the secret art of fate shared a deep connection with both time and space.

He abruptly realized that those ever dancing threads were in fact the threads of fate in one’s soul!

Tian Qi was able to use the Scepter of Fate’s power and his own bloodline power to take complete control over this part of the world!

Not even the Nine Hells Monarch, Auston, was able to control himself in face of Tian Qi’s power over fate, time, and space!


Suddenly, the Scepter of Fate fired countless of blue droplets from its body.

Qin Lie noticed that the rain of blue light entered any body it touched and altered the orbit of their threads of fate just a bit.

Tian Qi seemed to have altered everyone’s unknowable fate using the power of the scepter!


A giant ball of flesh and blood rolled back towards Nether City and stopped above it.


Qin Lie quickly noticed its arrival as he suppressed his shock.

Be it powerful Abyss Devils such as Auston and Dawson, or human experts such as the Flame Emperor, the Ice Emperor and his father Qin Hao, everyone was influenced and controlled by Tian Qi and the Scepter of Fate.

But Castor had chosen this moment to return.

“Tian Qi, you’re even stronger than the last owner of the Scepter of Fate. He wouldn’t have been destroyed by a dying Austin if he was as strong as you were.”

Castor’s voice came out of the ball before he slowly transformed into his original form.

“You really are the Abyss Master who once transcended rank ten. I’m already doing my best, but I still couldn’t affect the orbit of your fate temporarily.”

Tian Qi raised his head and looked at Castor with a trace of respect.

“Well, I have entered the ultimate realm and seen the most wonderful sceneries before.” Castor laughed eerily before suddenly looking down at the Nether City. “But what about him? Why is he unaffected by your shackles of fate?”

“I’m not sure why myself,” Tian Qi said.

Tian Qi took off to the sky until he was at the same height as Castor. Then, he stared curiously at Qin Lie’s Soul Tree.

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