Chapter 1664: Fighting Again

“Monarch, this is the best chance!”

Azgalo the Abyss Devil dragon shouted at Auston after being reminded by Dawson and other Abyss Devils.

Meanwhile, Tian Qi was using Indigo’s bloodline to call out to the Scepter of Fate.

The moment Tian Qi acquired the Scepter of Fate, his combat power would climb to a whole new level. It would be even more difficult to deal with him then.

“Then… let’s do it.”

Auston inhaled briefly before staring at the Abyss Devil shadow his older brother, Austin had transformed to. His blood started flowing faster.

“Protect the Ling Family girl.”

Qin Hao instructed softly as he turned around to glance at Qin Lie.

Qin Lie looked at him in surprise.


Qin Hao’s nine-level Soul Altar glowed brilliantly before flying toward...

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