Chapter 1664: Fighting Again

“Monarch, this is the best chance!”

Azgalo the Abyss Devil dragon shouted at Auston after being reminded by Dawson and other Abyss Devils.

Meanwhile, Tian Qi was using Indigo’s bloodline to call out to the Scepter of Fate.

The moment Tian Qi acquired the Scepter of Fate, his combat power would climb to a whole new level. It would be even more difficult to deal with him then.

“Then… let’s do it.”

Auston inhaled briefly before staring at the Abyss Devil shadow his older brother, Austin had transformed to. His blood started flowing faster.

“Protect the Ling Family girl.”

Qin Hao instructed softly as he turned around to glance at Qin Lie.

Qin Lie looked at him in surprise.


Qin Hao’s nine-level Soul Altar glowed brilliantly before flying toward the Spirit Race’s gathering ground.

He stood on top of of his nine-level Soul Altar, his massive body overflowing with unrivaled pressure. 

His Soul Altar also became as tall as a mountain in just an instant.

“Heh, what a powerful flesh and blood aura…”

Castor’s avatar was clearly surprised when Qin Hao emerged with his nine-level Soul Altar.

Qin Hao suddenly stopped in mid flight as if he had heard Castor’s exclamation.

Then, he looked at Castor’s avatar and elicited a serious expression from the latter.

“Splash splash splash!”

Huge waves of spirit energy gushed out of Qin Hao’s nine-level Soul Altar like waterfalls.

The rivers of spirit energy devoured one another like vicious snakes before merging together to form a thick pillar of energy. It was dazzling and filled with a terrifying pressure that could crush space itself.

The energy pillar hit Castor’s avatar almost immediately after it appeared.


Castor’s unrestored avatar instantly exploded into a cloud of flesh.


Auston’s second son, Aaron, stared at the scene in shock.

A couple of rank ten Great Lords of the Abyss around Azgalo’s power level were staring as well.

Not long ago, they learned that Qin Hao was the one who had wounded Azgalo.

These arrogant Great Lords of the Abyss had taunted Azgalo and called him old for losing to a nameless race like the humans.

Aaron thought himself to be a member of a highly intelligent race, and he had nothing but scorn for the human race. He also thought that Azgalo’s defeat to Qin Hao was a bit shameful.

It was only now after Qin Hao’s energy pillar had destroyed Castor’s avatar in an instant did they realize how scary he really was.

The resulting explosion after the energy pillar made contact with Castor’s avatar had sent chills up their spines.

However, Castor remained floating despite having scattered into a cloud of blood.

Not a single drop of blood, a shred of flesh, or a piece of bone had fallen to the ground.

It was as if the mess of flesh, bones, and blood had become frozen in time somehow.

Qin Lie’s rank ten Soul Race avatar could clearly sense Castor’s soul presence in every piece of flesh and blood.

The seemingly total destruction had failed to kill him.

Moreover, Qin Lie remembered that Castor’s avatar had remade itself after it was destroyed at Yellow Springs Purgatory.

As expected, when Qin Hao looked away and flew toward the Spirit Race once more, Castor’s soul presence abruptly grew stronger!

Flesh, blood, and bones started knitting with each other like they all had a life of their own.

They condensed into a giant meat ball in just a couple of seconds.

Meanwhile, Qin Hao was moving closer toward the Spirit Race clansmen and threatening to crush them like an actual mountain.

The Spirit Race patriarch Assad looked up unhappily at Qin Hao’s falling Soul Altar before snorting. “If it wasn’t for Lieyan Yuan, we would’ve destroyed Nether City and killed you already.”

Apparently, the reason he hadn’t gone all out against Nether City was because he was giving face to Lieyan Yuan.

Qin Hao was Lieyan Yuan’s son-in-law, if only in name. Also, Tian Qi had probably come to some kind of mutual understanding with Lieyan Yuan when he invaded Nine Hells Purgatory.

They didn’t want to offend Lieyan Yuan by killing Qin Hao.

Not even if they knew that Lieyan Yuan and Qin Hao didn’t share a good relationship with each other.

“My hands were tied just now, but now they aren’t,” Qin Hao said seriously.

Countless spirit energy waterfalls spilled down his nine-level Soul Altar like sparkling curtains.

“Wall of Space!”

Assad activated his bloodline ability and caused a number of densely packed patterns to appear above the Spirit Race clansmen’s heads.

In that moment, every Spirit Race clansman felt like they were several worlds apart from Qin Hao’s nine-level Soul Altar.

They could no longer feel any pressure from Qin Hao’s Soul Altar.

Qin Hao himself could no longer feel Assad’s soul presence. For a second, he even thought that Assad had vanished from Nine Hells Purgatory.

That clearly wasn’t right, however. He could clearly see Assad at the bottom…


At the same time, the Abyss Devil shadow that was Austin suddenly vanished into nothing.

“Watch out!” Auston yelled.

He was looking at Nether City, or more specifically Ling Yushi, and warning her not to get herself possessed by Austin.

After hearing the truth about Nine Hells Purgatory and Nether Purgatory, Ling Yushi had finally decided against sacrificing herself.

She was no longer willing to give up her body.

“He’s coming, Qin Lie,” she said softly.

“Don’t worry, he can’t do anything,” Qin Shan replied with a smile.

Thunder and lightning enveloped them like a downpour.

It was the power of the Heavenly Lightning Pool!

“He’s just a broken soul. He needs a wake up call if he thinks he can do whatever he wants here,” Qin Lie said coldly.

After he said this, he walked away from Qin Shan and Ling Yushi and left the lightning zone.

“Soul Sensing Art!” He then used his Soul Race secret art.

Many dark patterns that belonged to the Soul Race appeared inside his pupils.

The physical objects and creatures in his vision slowly turned blurry, but the souls of the living suddenly became unusually clear.

He could see a grayish brown soul swimming around the zone guarded by the Heavenly Lightning Pool, seeking for an opening to slip in.


Qin Lie could confirm that that grayish brown soul was the now invisible Austin.

Austin was afraid of the Heavenly Lightning Pool, so he kept circling around Ling Yushi and waited for the heavenly lightning to grow weaker.

Qin Lie knew that the thunderous power inside the Heaven Lightning Pool wasn’t infinite.

His grandfather wasn’t the Thunder Emperor of the human race either. Even if he could create the Heavenly Lightning Pool, all he could do was unleash its original power.

Moreover, Qin Shan had used the thunderous power of the Heavenly Lightning Pool several times already. It wouldn’t be long before its power was completely depleted.

Austin would definitely attack Ling Yushi when that happened.

“A soul secret art that’s similar to the Imperial Soul Monarch’s…”

After activating the Soul Sensing Art, Qin Lie was able to see Austin’s soul perfectly despite the latter’s invisibility. Moreover, he had a feeling that the Soul Suppressing Orb in his main body was growing restless.

The Soul Suppressing Orb had reacted because his avatar was unleashing all of his soul energy.

The avatar tried to make contact the Soul Suppressing Orb and see if he could use the Soul Suppressing Orb’s power.

A soul thought later, he abruptly discovered that the connection between his subsoul and the Soul Suppressing Orb was completely unhindered by the purgatory’s space.

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