Chapter 1663: Summoning the Relic!

When Castor appeared, Tian Qi honestly stated his reasons.

He clearly did not fear Castor and Austin would oppose him after learning his aims.

Castor and Austin wanted to recover to their peak and become the new Abyss Master.

Even if they knew Tian Qi's intentions, they would not change their directions and halt.

"Imperial Soul Monarch..."

Inside Nether City, Qin Lie had an odd expression. He was stunned by Tian Qi's words.

According to Tian Qi, he and Lieyan Yuan were stuck on the last step. They should have advanced towards that ultimate realm long ago.

But they feared Imperial Soul Monarch. They feared ending up like Austin and Castor.

So they suppressed the breakthrough and secretly searched for an opportunity to ascend.

Austin and Castor were their shields that they would use to complete their goal.

He and Lieyan Yuan were able to form an agreement on invading the Eight Purgatories because Tian Qi stated his true intentions.

"Tian Qi, Lieyan Yuan, Austin, Castor..."

Qin Lie thought and felt uneasy about the reigning emperor of the Soul Race.

The four existences of the transcendent races were all greatly wary of the Imperial Soul Monarch. They thought of him as the greatest danger and didn't dare move toward that ultimate realm because of him...

This proved Imperial Soul Monarch's terrifying nature.

He managed to obtain the relic of the Soul Race—the Soul Suppressing Orb, and imprisoned two of the Imperial Soul Monarch’s sons in the orb.

Had he become Imperial Soul Monarch's target long ago?

When he thought of this, he felt slightly anxious as though there was an eye secretly observing him all this time.

As Tian Qi talked, Indigo felt scenes appeared in her mind.

She felt her bloodline react after Austin turned from Nine Soul Hell into a shadow. Then, her soul seemed to be attracted by a certain power...

Scattered scenes appeared from time to time in her mind.

She could see a powerful Spirit Race clansman working with a flaming God Race warrior and several Abyss Devils against another powerful Abyss Devil.

For some reason, while the surrounded Abyss Devil was blurry, she knew that the Abyss Devil was the deceased Austin.

The scenes in her mind were intermittent. Sometimes they would play forward, and then in reverse. The disorder confused her.

Her bloodline started to become disordered.

"What is it?"

The Spirit Race patriarch, Assad, detected her abnormality and asked in concern.

"I... see some scattered scenes. Very strange. I seem to see Austin's battle before his death," Indigo murmured.

Assad's blue eyes shone brightly. "Tian Qi!" he shouted.

Tian Qi, who was floating in the air and talking with Castor and Austin, heard the shout and immediately looked down.

"Indigo, Indigo has telepathy!" Assad said in joy.

Tian Qi, who had always been calm, became excited upon hearing Assad's words. "As expected, she is the fated one!"

Tian Qi flashed and appeared next to Indigo.

Tian Qi's hand pressed lightly on Indigo's back as though he was helping her adjust her bloodline.

Indigo's small body released icy blue light that wrapped around her dreamily.

Tian Qi's strange actions puzzled many Abyss Devils. Qin Lie in Nether City was also bewildered.

He noticed that even many Spirit Race clansmen were puzzled by the present situation.

It was clear the majority of Spirit Race clansmen did not know what Tian Qi and Assad were doing.

But Austin's blurry figure, made from the Nine Soul Hell, suddenly floated away from Ming Xiao and Auston.

The figure floated above the Spirit Race clansmen as though he was observing Indigo and feeling the nearby changes in the world.

"Ha, this is called Nether City. You chose to build Nether City most likely because you felt your bloodline felt very comfortable here."

"The land here was originally the core of Nether Purgatory. When Nether Purgatory was destroyed, it was consumed by Nine Hells Purgatory."

"However, this place still has my bloodline presence and mark. You are my descendants, so you feel comfortable and safe here."

"This place is where I was killed."

"The Spirit Race clansman that I killed is buried nearby. The Spirit Race relic that he possessed is naturally nearby too."

"That thing called the Scepter of Fate?"

Austin said coolly.

"Scepter of Fate!"

The Spirit Race warriors shouted in shock when they heard Austin's words.

The Scepter of Fate was like the Profound Heaven Spirit Orb. They were both relics of the Spirit Race, and for the Spirit Race clansmen that comprehended the power of fate, the Scepter of Fate possessed an unrivaled status.

Tian Qi was the most accomplished Spirit Race clansman with the fate attribute!

For many years, the Scepter of Fate had been missing. Many Spirit Race clansmen knew the Scepter of Fate had been lost but not how.

Today, they learned through Austin that the last owner of the Scepter of Fate had died in the collapsing Nether Purgatory when he killed Austin.

Because of this, Scepter of Fate was lost.

Tian Qi, skilled in the workings of fate, searched for a long time to confirm that the Scepter of Fate was dormant in Nine Hells Purgatory.

One of the aims in coming to Nine Hells was to find the Scepter of Fate.

"So it was also for the Scepter of Fate!"

The Spirit Race experts who had once asked Assad why they came to Nine Hells all understood.

"Lord Auston, we cannot let Tian Qi obtain the Scepter of Fate!"

Dawson, who had come from the Frost Desolation Abyss, watched as Tian Qi flew next to Indigo. He seemed to be using Indigo's bloodline and calling toward the Scepter of Fate.

The denizens of Nine Hells panicked when they heard Tian Qi was summoning the Scepter of Fate.

Tian Qi was one of the three great Blood and Soul Mentors. He was famed for being skilled in fate power, and supposedly, his understanding of fate arts surpassed all previous Great Sages.

The previous master of the Scepter of Fate was also a Great Sage, but he perished in Nether Purgatory.

Tian Qi, even without the Scepter of Fate, was already terrifying. If he obtained the Scepter of Fate, with his deal with Castor and Austin, he might destroy entire Nine Hells Purgatory.

At that time, the order of the Abyss and its Eight Purgatories would be completely overturned.

Dawson, and the other visiting Abyss Devils, appeared unwilling to see Castor and Austin become the new Abyss Master.

They aimed to stop Tian Qi before he summoned the Scepter of Fate to avoid any future regrets.

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