Chapter 1662: Great Danger

"Where is Castor?"

Qin Hao heard that Castor's avatar was secretly arriving and immediately asked.

His eyes flashed with ferocious fighting spirit.

Qin Lie stilled. He felt with the Soul Race's Soul Sensing Art and attempted to catch Castor's tracks.

With his Dark Soul Beast avatar as the center, soul fluctuations spread out.

Soon, he detected Castor's hidden dead souls presence from outside Nether City in the direction of the Nine Hells’ Abyss Devils.

"He’s among Nine Hells Purgatory’s Abyss Devils." Qin Lie frowned. "He must have disguised himself as an Abyss Devil. And now… he’s hiding amid the group from Nine Hells. We can’t act rashly if we don’t want Nine Hells’...

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