Chapter 1661: Trump Card

"Corrosion... as expected of my descendant."

Austin, inside Nine Soul Hell, looked at Ming Xiao's falling drops of blood and said mockingly.

A moment later, the blood droplets containing power of corrosion fell into Nine Soul Hell.

"Sst sst!"

The Nine Soul Hell made from Austin's remnant soul suddenly gave off a strange sound. The whirlpool-like Nine Soul Hell seemed to be corroded.

Qin Lie looked in shock at the sky from Nether City and shouted, "It is effective!"

His avatar was a rank ten soul-line Soul Race clansman. He was extremely sensitive towards soul energy.

When Ming Xiao released those blood drops that fell into Nine Soul Hell, he clearly felt Austin's soul presence quickly growing weaker.

This meant that Ming Xiao's blood drops could corrode Austin's soul.


Auston, also floating in the sky, felt with his powerful soul and made a sound of surprise.

He looked in shock at Ming Xiao, and caught the circulation of Ming Xiao's bloodline. He suddenly said, "You comprehended a higher concept of corrosion when your bloodline reached rank ten. Very good."

When he and his brother Austin came to the Origin World, they started to focus on the secret arts concerning the soul.

They did not continue to cultivate the corrosive power in their bloodline. This meant that they were not able to use their corrosive bloodline power to its full extent.

Ming Xiao was different.

Because he had not awakened the so-called Soul Hell, he focused on cultivating his corrosive bloodline.

His perseverance caused him to comprehend more sophisticated truths of corrosion in the Abyss Devil Race’s Chaos Blood Realm upon reaching rank ten and becoming a true Great Lord of the Abyss.

As a result, he, Austin's bloodline descendant, was able to use the corrosive power in his bloodline to harm Austin's remnant soul.

"You chose another path. There might be other spectacular scenes at the end of this path," Austin murmured.


Austin's surging whirlpool suddenly broke free of the area covered by Ming Xiao's blood and flew next to Great Sage Tian Qi of the Spirit Race.

The whirlpool made from Nine Soul Hell spun at even higher speeds. At this time, a strange suction power that seemed to be capable of twisting space itself formed in the whirlpool.

"Careful!" Auston shouted.

In this moment, the souls of Ming Xiao and everyone else in Nether City started to tremble.

Black and purple ribbons flew out of the Nine Soul Hell made from Austin's remnant souls. Those ribbons flew like snakes and wrapped around Ming Xiao's enormous body.

Qin Lie noticed the ribbons contained special secrets of soul and were not tangible.

Upon touching Ming Xiao's body, they immediately disappeared in his flesh.

Ming Xiao's eyes suddenly dimmed.

"Come out!"

As Austin shouted darkly, a wriggling soul was slowly pulled out of Ming Xiao's eyes by the black purple ribbons.

At the same time, threads of invisible gray light appeared on the bodies of the human and Abyss Devils of Nether Realm and the members of Spirit Race.

Those lights secretly gathered towards Austin's Nine Soul Hell.

"He is secretly pulling our souls," Ling Yushi said.

Qin Lie, who had the rank ten soulline noticed the change. He snorted, and his eyes shone with an odd light.


His Soul Tree appeared in his eyes, and the branches waved wildly.

A soul secret art unique to the Soul Race covered half of Nether City's sky with him as the center.

"Gather around me!" he shouted.

Inside Nether City, the members of the Ling Family came over first. Once they got close, they felt the weakness in their soul greatly decrease.

Then the Horned Demon, Dark Shadow, and Ghost Eye Races all came over.When they came under the range of Qin Lie's secret art, they suddenly felt energized.

They immediately realized that the Nine Soul Hell formed by Austin's remnant soul was affecting their souls without them knowing.

"Isn't the Soul Race the one skilled in soul secret arts? Austin and Auston were previously Abyss Devils of the Black Bog Abyss. Why did they suddenly become skilled in soul secret arts after they obtained their own Origin Worlds?"

Feeling the strange ripples from Nine Soul Hell, Qin Lie's expression was dark. He felt it was strange.

Almost none of the Great Lords of the Abyss he had encountered were skilled in soul concepts while Austin and Auston were profoundly learned in the soul.

From the magnetic field released by Nine Soul Hell, it had the ability to steal power from every being with a soul.

Even he, a rank ten Soul Race avatar, felt slightly anxious under the effects of this kind of power.

This meant that Austin at full power could conjure Nine Soul Hell that even rank ten Soul Race clansmen wouldn’t be able to avoid.

"Austin, a person with hopes of becoming the Abyss Master, is skilled in soul power and can secretly absorb soul power."

"Castor, who was once the Abyss Master, is skilled in dead souls power and can control the dead souls."

"Austin and Auston's soul power can control the living souls like the Imperial Soul Monarch. Castor's is the other side of the spectrum, opposite to the Imperial Soul Monarch."

"Is it only Abyss Devils well-versed in soul that can become an Abyss Master?"

He secretly pondered the matter.

At this time, his soul shifted and he felt a wave of deathly aura.

His main body had recently gained an understanding of dead souls and phantoms. Feeling this presence he quickly understood.

That aura of death came from Castor's avatar that had revived in Nine Hells Purgatory!

Castor, who had been hiding for a long time, was secretly sneaking near Nether City and waiting for a chance.

He noticed that Great Sage Tian Qi of the Spirit Race showed a flash of a smile in the sky.

"Tian Qi and Castor are colluding!"

Lightning flashed through his mind. He suddenly understood Tian Qi was in cahoots with Austin, and also with Castor's avatar in Nine Hells.

Tian Qi was so fearless facing the Nine Hells and upper levels’ Abyss Devils on top of the experts of Nether City because he had two trump cards—Austin and Castor!"

"Castor is coming!" he warned.

Qin Shan frowned. "He's coming for you?"

"I fear not." Qin Lie shook his head. "It is not the time to replace me yet. Otherwise, he would not have abandoned Yellow Springs Purgatory and help my main body become a Devil Monarch. He came for Austin, for the flesh of the Abyss Devils of Nine Hells Purgatory, and to recover his avatar to his peak."

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