Chapter 1660: You Do Not Qualify!

"You, Tian Qi..."

The current Nine Hells Monarch suddenly understood when he heard Great Sage Tian Qi's talk with his brother.

"Tian Qi, you led the Spirit Race clansmen to invade Nine Hells to help revive him?" Auston said gravely.

Tian Qi smiled. "You can look at it that way."

"You think having one more person can change the situation?" Auston sneered. "This is Nine Hells! This is the purgatory I created. All the Abyss Devils here are loyal to me!"

When he said this, he looked behind him.

The mountainous Abyss Devils behind him nodded solemnly facing his gaze.

"Lord Auston, though we come from other Abyss levels, we are on your side," Dawson stated.

The other Abyss Devils also voiced their statements when Auston looked over.

They stated they would advance and retreat with Auston. They would not think of Austin, who had already died once, as the monarch of this level.

Auston did not look at Qin Lie and the others gathered at Nether City.

He knew that with Ling Yushi present, his brother and the Nether City forces could not get along.

He believed when he told what Austin had done in the past in detail, Nether Realm’s Abyss Devils led by Ming Xiao would not stand on Austin's side.

As a result, they and the Spirit Race's power would only have the addition of Austin.

Austin was just a fragmented soul, his body had not been remade.

He did not think the current state of Austin could tip the scale of the battle.

"Ming Xiao! You are all my descendants, I am the source of your bloodline. You will stand together with the traitor Auston?"

Inside Nine Soul Hell, Austin's dark voice screamed.

"Help me possess the girl. After I am revived in body, I will become the new Abyss Master before Castor!"

"Then, Ming Xiao, you and your four Demon Gods can become Devil Monarchs of the Eight Purgatories!"

"You are all my descendants. When you become Devil Monarchs, all of the Abyss, one hundred and eight levels, will be ruled by our family!"

"Ming Xiao, you know your ambitions. This is the best opportunity now. I hope you will not miss it!"

The Nine Soul Hell that Austin made stared at Ming Xiao like a blurry eye.

Inside Nether City, Ming Xiao, one of the five Demon Gods, suddenly hesitated, his expression uncertain.

The Nine Soul Hell that Austin’s remnant soul made had existed in Nether Realm for many years. He had been observing every action in Nether Realm through his own method.

He paid close attention to the experts of Nether Realm, and he knew that Ming Xiao was full of ambition.

Otherwise, Ming Xiao would not have led the other four Demon Gods to attack the nearby Gold rank forces after taking over the Nether Continent in Spirit Realm.

If Ming Xiao was a peaceful person, he would not have offended Sky Mender Palace, and be eradicated by them, left with only his heart.

Austin knew what Ming Xiao wanted so he threw a great temptation in hopes that Ming Xiao would stand on his side.

Qin Lie, who saw Ming Xiao's hesitation, hurriedly pulled Ling Yushi to the side by her hand, afraid the Demon God would attack.

"Ming Xiao, think clearly," Qin Shan said coolly.

Qin Hao, who also stood next to Ming Xiao, grinned and laughed.

It seemed as though Ming Xiao's decision could not influence him and upset his mind.

"My good brother did not hesitate to kill my father and siblings. Would he care about the lives of his descendants?" the Nine Hells Monarch said coldly. "If he really cared, would he have schemed against his bloodline descendants for so many years? He only needs Yushi’s body to revive himself."

"Master," Gao Yu said softly, "do not do this."

Ming Xiao, who had hesitated, slowly calmed down under Qin Shan, Auston, and Gao Yu's urgings.

He shook his head and laughed. He said, "I was almost persuaded."

Austin’s voice suddenly turned ice cold as he said, "You will also betray me?"

"If I want to become a Devil Monarch of a purgatory, I will fight for it myself. I am not used to getting others’ help." Ming Xiao looked up at the Nine Soul Hell. "Also, I am not used to listening to others. When I reached rank ten bloodline and became a Great Lord of the Abyss, the concept of ancestry was completely gone from my mind. Each Great Lord of the Abyss is unique, and can be considered a new branch of the Abyss Devil Race."

"So do not use that minor connection of bloodline to pressure me."

"Unless you truly become the Abyss Master, you do not qualify!"

As he spoke, Ming Xiao, who hailed from Nether Realm, roared and flew toward Nine Soul Hell.

As he flew, he wildly activated his Abyss Devil Race bloodline, and he transformed rapidly into a Great Lord of the Abyss.

"Ancestor? You, a mere remnant soul with no body. Don’t you think… your premature appearance wasn’t particularly wise?" Ming Xiao snarled.

Drops of blood filled with corrosive presence fell from Ming Xiao's claw like hands, and rained down on Nine Soul Hell.

"The corrosive presence of the Black Bog Abyss Devils..."

In space, Russell of the Frost Desolation Abyss felt Ming Xiao's presence in the blood drops and was surprised.

In his view, Ming Xiao's bloodline source was Austin. Logically, Ming Xiao should share his area of expertise—secret soul arts.

But the bloodline secret arts Ming Xiao displayed carried a corrosive presence. This was clearly the power unique to the Black Bog Abyss.

"Ignorant." A nearby Great Lord of the Abyss spoke up. "Didn’t you know that Devil Monarch Auston and his brother Austin were born in the Black Bog Abyss?"

"Ah? They once lived in the Black Bog Abyss?" Russell said in shock.

Dawson nodded and said, "The Black Bog Abyss is one of the most ancient Abyss levels. Austin and Auston came out of the Black Bog Abyss in search of an Origin World. Once they succeeded, they transformed it into present Nine Hells Purgatory, and the Nether Abyss."

"You know that the hundred and eight Abyss levels are not constant."

"Over time, Abyss levels are destroyed. Even the Eight Purgatories cannot escape this fate."

"As old levels die, new Origin Worlds are born, which then turn into new Abyss levels."

"At this time, if powerful Abyss Devil finds a changing Origin World, they can become an Abyss Creator like Qin Lie."

"Auston and Austin were such lucky Abyss Devils."

Russell finished hearing Dawson's explanation and said, "Big Brother, then you..."

Dawson smiled bitterly and said, "The Frost Desolation Abyss that we live in was not discovered by anyone before it turned into the Frost Desolation Abyss. We were born there and managed to grow into Great Lords of the Abyss over millions of years."

"I am not the creator. I am an Abyss Devil born of the Frost Desolation Abyss like you. I am not as fortunate as Qin Lie and the others."

"Because of this, it will be very difficult for me to become a Devil Monarch, and for the Frost Desolation Abyss to become a purgatory."

"This is true." The other Abyss Devils lamented.

It seemed only the Abyss Devils that grew up along with the Origin World and were the creators that shaped its transformation into an Abyss level had a high chance of becoming a Devil Monarch.

"So that's how it is," Russell murmured. He suddenly said, "Then the corrosive bloodline power Ming Xiao displays proves he is Austin's descendant?"

"Yes." Dawson nodded.

"But why does the girl have Auston's Soul Hell bloodline latent ability but not Ming Xiao?" Russell asked.

"That strange bloodline is a power that Austin and Auston comprehended later. Not every descendant can inherit it. Sometimes, descendants with that bloodline will only appear after many generations," Dawson answered.

"This is why Austin's remnant soul, that has turned into Nine Soul Hell, has chosen to nurture the girl, rather than Ming Xiao who became a Great Lord of the Abyss long ago," a powerful foreign Abyss Devil explained.

"I understand," Russell said.

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