Chapter 1660: You Do Not Qualify!

"You, Tian Qi..."

The current Nine Hells Monarch suddenly understood when he heard Great Sage Tian Qi's talk with his brother.

"Tian Qi, you led the Spirit Race clansmen to invade Nine Hells to help revive him?" Auston said gravely.

Tian Qi smiled. "You can look at it that way."

"You think having one more person can change the situation?" Auston sneered. "This is Nine Hells! This is the purgatory I created. All the Abyss Devils here are loyal to me!"

When he said this, he looked behind him.

The mountainous Abyss Devils behind him nodded solemnly facing his gaze.

"Lord Auston, though we come from other Abyss levels, we are on your side," Dawson stated.

The other Abyss Devils also voiced their statements when Auston looked over.

They stated they would advance and retreat with...

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