Chapter 1659: Sibling Feud

The sky of Nether City had transformed into a web of lightning. The booms of heavenly thunder sounded like they would never end. 

In fact, the power of the Heavenly Lightning Pool was so great that Auston’s purple rings were blasted into nothing.

The black light made of the Nether Monarch’s soul fragments also had to return to the sky after the emergence of the Heavenly Lightning Pool.

“He had planned for your bloodline to connect with the Nine Soul Hell! Everything he gave you is for the sake of today!”

Ming Xiao looked at Ling Yushi and persuaded, “You don’t need to sacrifice yourself for him.”

“Have you gone insane?” Qin Lie was also yelling at her.

At this point, Qin Lie realized that the Nine Soul Hell...

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