Chapter 1658: The Dead Nether Monarch

Tian Qi mocked Auston as the Nether Realm’s Nine Soul Hell slowly flew out of the black hole he had torn open with his power.

At Nether City, Qin Lie was shocked to hear Tian Qi’s explanation.

“Auston had an older brother…”

He subconsciously turned to look at Ming Xiao.

Ming Xiao was staring at Auston and Tian Qi intently. That was why he hadn’t noticed Qin Lie’s gaze.

“Father, is Austin… connected to Nether Realm?”

Qin Hao’s voice suddenly reached Qin Lie. He turned around and noticed that Qin Hao had landed beside him as well.

Even Ling Yushi had flown away from her subordinates and landed by his side.

Qin Hao looked at Qin Shan and asked again, “Is Ming Xiao a descendant of Austin?”

“I’m not sure,” Qin Shan replied.

Qin Lie looked at them both in confusion....

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