Chapter 1657: Secrets in Nine Hells Purgatory

“Tian Qi! This is Nine Hells Purgatory, not the Spirit World! You have no right to act as you wish here!”

Since Tian Qi still refused to reveal his true intentions, Auston started moving toward his opponent with fury in his eyes.

The moment Auston moved, the abyss devil energy in the entire Nine Hells Purgatory started converging into the area as if matching his movements.

A terrible pressure instantly enveloped all of Nether City.

Right now, Tian Qi and the Spirit Race bloodline warriors weren’t inside Nether City.

Auston seemed to be aware that Nether City was built on Ling Yushi’s hard work. That was why he had purposely withdrawn his power a bit to avoid crushing it in passing while he was...

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