Chapter 1657: Secrets in Nine Hells Purgatory

“Tian Qi! This is Nine Hells Purgatory, not the Spirit World! You have no right to act as you wish here!”

Since Tian Qi still refused to reveal his true intentions, Auston started moving toward his opponent with fury in his eyes.

The moment Auston moved, the abyss devil energy in the entire Nine Hells Purgatory started converging into the area as if matching his movements.

A terrible pressure instantly enveloped all of Nether City.

Right now, Tian Qi and the Spirit Race bloodline warriors weren’t inside Nether City.

Auston seemed to be aware that Nether City was built on Ling Yushi’s hard work. That was why he had purposely withdrawn his power a bit to avoid crushing it in passing while he was flying toward Tian Qi.

“Great Sage!”

Many Spirit Race warriors screamed and gathered around Tian Qi the moment Auston acted.

They were trying to help Tian Qi.

However, the Spirit Race patriarch, Assad, didn’t move. In fact, he even scolded his people sternly, “Back off! Do you all think that the Great Sage is no match for Auston? Those Great Lords of the Abyss haven’t made a move yet. What’s the rush for?”

The Spirit Race clansmen finally noticed that the Great Lords of Nine Hells Purgatory and other Abyss levels were still waiting.

Auston was the only one who was flying toward Tian Qi and gathering the power of the Abyss slowly.


In an instant, every Spirit Race warrior including Assad himself had moved away from the Great Sage.

Tian Qi stared indifferently at Auston as the Great Lord of the Abyss flew towards him with seemingly an infinite reservoir of abyss devil energy. His figure suddenly turned blurry, and he abruptly appeared at the same place as Auston.

“Crack crack crack!”

Spatial cracks suddenly appeared all around Tian Qi.

The sky looked like a giant mirror that was struck by a blunt object. It looked like it might shatter at any moment.

At Nether City.

Qin Lie and the human experts were all staring at the sky in astonishment. Everyone was paying full attention to the battle between the Nine Hells Monarch and Tian Qi.


An instant later, the sky actually shattered like a mirror as millions of spatial blades rained on Auston from every direction.

In an instant, Auston’s gigantic body was full of holes like a hornet’s nest.

The wounds were filled with purple blood. Some of them went as deep as the bone.

However, Auston wasn’t bleeding at all. In fact, he didn’t even react to the attack at all. He stared coldly at Tian Qi before asking, “Is this all?”

A terrifying flesh and blood energy burst out of Auston the moment he was done speaking.

Auston’s body then began healing at an impossible rate. All of his wounds were gone in just two to three breaths’ time.

The self-regeneration of a peak rank ten Great Lord of the Abyss shocked even Qin Lie.

A normal Abyss Devil would have had to spend at least an hour or so to recover from this level of injury.

Moreover, recovering from injuries normally depleted some amount of flesh and blood energy. It should’ve taken a lot of strength to recover from that level of injury.

But not only had Auston recovered himself in almost the blink of an eye, he didn’t look like he used up any flesh and blood energy. He was clearly still in his peak form.

It looked like the surrounding abyss devil energy had replenished his energy loss in an extremely short amount of time.

“Tian Qi, you are one of the three Blood and Soul Mentors, and you know that this purgatory is called ‘Nine Hells’.” Auston stared at Tian Qi coldly. “I am the Devil Monarch of this purgatory! You won’t be able to defeat me that easily!”

“Strange…” Qin Lie whispered.

“What’s wrong?” Ming Xiao asked quietly. He was right next to Qin Lie before the latter noticed.

“Grom was a Devil Monarch himself, but he hadn’t been able to recover as quickly as Auston,” replied Qin Lie.

Both Grom and Auston were Devil Monarchs, but Auston seemed much stronger than Grom was.

Moreover, Auston was able to recover his injuries and missing energy insanely fast using the abyss devil energy of Nine Hells Purgatory. Grom hadn’t been able to do the same in Yellow Springs Purgatory at all.

The difference between the two Devil Monarchs confused him greatly.

“Auston, did you think that I destroyed space to deal you a critical hit?” Tian Qi smiled.

“Am I wrong?” Auston snorted.

“Of course you’re wrong,” Tian Qi said before looking at the shattered sky.

A black hole suddenly appeared from the shattered sky. A presence that felt familiar to Qin Lie was coming from inside the black hole.

It felt like the Nine Soul Hell of the Nether Realm…

There were two unique wonders in the Nether Realm. One of them was the Profound Yin Nether Sea, and the other the Nine Soul Hell.

Today, he knew that the Profound Yin Nether Sea of the Nether Realm was in fact a branch of the Nether River, so it was really a small part of Castor’s body. Nine Soul Hell on the other had, was directly linked to Nine Hells Purgatory according to Ming Xiao.

The catch was that he could travel through Nine Soul Hell only in pure soul form. He would have to abandon his Soul Beast avatar.

In the end, Qin Lie had decided against abandoning his Soul Beast avatar to avoid any unexpected accidents.

He had an inkling that the Nine Soul Hell probably shared the same origin as Auston’s Nine Hells Purgatory, but he didn’t know the specifics. That was why he hadn’t taken the risk.

“Nine Soul Hell!”

Beside him, Ming Xiao’s expression had changed as well. He had sensed the same thing from inside the black hole just like Qin Lie.

Ling Yushi was even more deeply connected to the Nine Soul Hell, so her shock was just as big as theirs. “Nine Soul Hell!”

Auston, the Devil Monarch of Nine Hells Purgatory, actually looked distracted after sensing the presence coming from inside the black hole.

Tian Qi was the only one who didn’t look surprised in the slightest. He simply stared quietly at the black hole as the Nine Soul Hell, a murky, black vortex of a thing slowly moved out of the black hole and flew into the air.

Auston stared at black hole and the whirlpool slowly taking form in the sky of Nine Hells Purgatory with complex emotions behind his eyes.

“There is a place at Spirit Realm called Nether Realm, and this city just happens to be called Nether City.” Smiling, Tian Qi shot a meaningful look at Ming Xiao and the native races of the Nether Realm before continuing. “Auston, I’m sure you realized who’s the true source behind Ling Yushi, the Ling Family, and the native races of Nether Realm’s bloodline the moment you sensed the “Soul Hell” bloodline ability in Ling Yushi, didn’t you? The fact that you acknowledged Ling Yushi’s identity and raised her as your descendant proves that you’re not a heartless person.”

“Unfortunately, your older brother, Austin, had never thought of you as his younger brother.”

“If he did, I’m sure you wouldn’t have worked together with outsiders to kill him. If he hadn’t died, he might’ve become the Abyss Master before Castor a long time ago.”

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