Chapter 1656: Doubt


The Nine Hells Monarch Auston suddenly froze in surprise after arriving at Nether City and shouting at Tian Qi.

Qin Lie followed his gaze and found that he was staring at Demon God Ming Xiao.

“Who are you?” Auston asked curiously.

Although Ming Xiao hadn’t transformed into a giant Abyss Devil, he had purple hair and purple eyes.

At first glance, Ming Xiao looked like an ordinary high rank Abyss Devil. However, his power was immeasurable.

Auston was the Nine Hells Monarch. Although he didn’t notice Ming Xiao immediately because he was paying most of his attention to Tian Qi, he soon discovered that Ming Xiao’s bloodline activity was beyond that of a high rank Abyss Devil.

“I hail from the Nether Realm of Spirit Realm,” Ming Xiao...

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