Chapter 1655: A Collected Tian Qi

Nether City.

Many Spirit Race warriors soared through the air on their demon pets.

Soul Altars covered in colorful light clashed against them midway.

Qin Hao, the Flame Emperor, the Ice Emperor, Ji Dan, and Hua Tianqiong were all experts with nine-level Soul Altars. Spirit energy gushed out of their Soul Altars like a fountain.

Several rank ten Spirit Race warriors riding on demon pets were fighting against them using various bloodline abilities related to space, time, or life.

“Whoosh whoosh!”

Dark blue strands of bloodline energy flew out of Assad’s fingertip and tangled around Qin Hao’s Soul Altar.

“Life Extraction Art!”

The Spirit Race patriarch wore a chilly expression on his face as he executed his bloodline secret art. The dark blue light strands wriggled from time to time as if they were actively absorbing the lifeforce inside Qin Hao’s Soul Altar.

Qin Hao’s nine-level Soul Altar suddenly lost its agility.

“Life Extraction Art…”

Qin Hao didn’t look moved by his enemy’s attack, however. He suddenly made tearing motions from above his Soul Altar.


The space in front of Qin Hao suddenly became distorted. An impossibly sharp energy quickly surrounded his entire Soul Altar.


The dark blue threads of bloodline energy surrounding his nine-level Soul Altar exploded immediately, canceling the effects of Assad’s Life Extraction Art as a result.

“Lieyan Yuan’s son-in-law is truly formidable.”

Assad looked a little surprised by Qin Hao’s strength. He suddenly realized that taking down Nether City wouldn’t be easy.

Sneaking a glance at his surroundings, he discovered that his warriors also weren’t able to claim the upper hand completely.

He immediately looked at Tian Qi in puzzlement.

Tian Qi was standing together with Betty of the Daniels Family. Neither of them was taking part in the battle yet.

Tian Qi simply stared at the warring Spirit Race warriors and human Soul Altar experts. He appeared both calm and collected.

Occasionally, he would even spare Betty and the Daniels Family members a few words.

Sensing Assad’s gaze, Tian Qi smiled and opened his mouth.

His explanation entered directly into Assad’s ears.

“The human race shouldn’t be underestimated. Their Soul Altars are created through study of the Soul Race’s secret soul cultivation art and their unique soul characteristic. The spirit energy inside their bodies and the world spirit energy inside our bloodlines are actually the same thing. The human race has poor talent, true, but they are exceptionally good at picking up the strong points of other races. The fact that they’ve been able to become the ruler of Spirit Realm in just thirty millennia and grow swiftly proves that they are a race with great potential.”

Assad’s expression changed a little after hearing Tian Qi’s explanation. He even looked a little impressed with the human race.

“The human race’s bloodline is very strange. It’s so average that it can be fused with almost any race’s bloodline,” Tian Qi said again in a hidden voice. “Maybe that’s exactly why it can bear the Perfect Blood.”

Tian Qi’s words shocked Assad yet again.


Suddenly, Indigo appeared next to Tian Qi and Betty.

The space around her rippled a little after she came to a stop.

It looked like she had used her spatial bloodline to reach Tian Qi and Betty in just a couple of breaths’ time.

“Not bad. It looks like you’re getting better and better at the power of space.” Tian Qi smiled before asking casually, “How goes things at Dark Blood Canyon?”

“I sensed the Nine Hells Monarch’s soul presence.” Indigo looked deadly serious when she said this.

But Tian Qi didn’t look perturbed by the news in the slightest. He said, “The girl from the Ling Family probably told him about the situation here. I guess the locals are going to show their faces very soon.”

“The Great Lords of Nine Hells Purgatory, new Abyss Devils from other levels, and the current forces in the Nether City…” Betty glared angrily at Tian Qi before saying, “Do you seriously think we can leave Nine Hells Purgatory after provoking this many enemies?”

“Of course,” Tian Qi answered with a smile.

“Great Sage, I don’t think we’re strong enough to fight three forces at once, are we?” Indigo looked worried as well.

Tian Qi was about to give her an answer when he suddenly raised an eyebrow. “The barrier’s been destroyed.”

Shocked, Betty asked, “Does this mean that the Great Lords of Nine Hells Purgatory and the foreign Great Lords of the Abyss are about to show up?”

Tian Qi answered, “You’re probably right.”

“What should we do? What should we do?” Betty stared at the sky filled with fighting humans and Spirit Race clansmen while saying impatiently, “It’s impossible to take down Nether City in just a short time, and those Great Lords of the Abyss are going to show up very soon. How are we going to deal with this?”

Indigo also asked urgently, “Great Sage, you must have a plan in place already, right?”

Tian Qi slowly nodded in response.

Betty and Indigo calmed down after seeing his response. Apparently, they were confident that nothing too bad would happen as long as the Great Sage himself wasn’t flustered.

“Indigo, Betty, both of you have been here for quite some time already. Did either of you… sense anything calling out to you?” Tian Qi suddenly asked without warning.

Right now, the Great Lords of the Abyss of Nine Hells Purgatory and the foreign Abyss Devils such as Dawson could be attacking them at any moment.

The Spirit Race warriors attacking the Nether City only had a slight advantage over the enemy. They definitely weren’t overwhelming their opponents.

Instead of concerning himself with the dire fate of his clansmen, Tian Qi had asked his confidantes a question that seemed to come out of nowhere.

Betty and Indigo exchanged a confused look with each other. None of them understood what he meant by his question.

“What I’m trying to say is, did anyone of you sense anything strange in your bloodline while you were in Nine Hells Purgatory?” Tian Qi asked again.

Betty and Indigo shook their heads in unison.

Tian Qi frowned and muttered to himself, “Strange. They are both Spirit Seeds, and they’ve traveled to every place in Nine Hells Purgatory… It makes no sense that they hadn’t sensed anything at all.”

“Old man, what are you trying to find?” Betty asked impatiently.

It was at this moment Qin Lie suddenly emerged from the horizon.


Qin Lie let out a roar just as he was about to descend on the Nether City.

His human form started swelling at a visible rate, and a white bone scythe covered in thick blood stench swung mercilessly at Assad’s demon pet.

“A Soul Beast!” Betty exclaimed in shock.

Qin Lie had transformed into his Soul Beast form in just the blink of an eye.

A lot of Spirit Race warriors were surprised by Qin Lie’s appearance as well. They all thought that the Soul Race decided to participate in this war.

Assad’s demon pet was a huge, black spider. It looked like a giant disc with eight long limbs that looked like sharp blades.

The giant spider swung out at the white bone scythe with its limbs, and the two weapons clashed at least a thousand times before the white bone scythe finally gave up and flew back to Qin Lie’s side. The spider then bared its fangs and glared hatefully at Qin Lie with its tiny eyes.

“Whoosh whoosh whoosh!”

It was at this moment that a group of Great Lords of the Abyss led by Auston and Dawson burst out of the clouds from behind Qin Lie.

“Tian Qi! Why have you come to Nine Hells Purgatory?”

Auston’s voice sounded like cracks of thunder. It was so loud that both the Spirit Race clansmen and the Horned Demon and Dark Shadow Races’ clansmen in Nether City felt dizzy.

“Let’s stop for a moment,” Tian Qi ordered calmly.

The Spirit Race warriors immediately abandoned their orders and flew back to Tian Qi’s side.

In a blink of an eye, they were all gathered around Tian Qi..

The Flame Emperor and the Ice Emperor inhaled deeply as they stared uncertainly at the group of Great Lords of the Abyss. 

They didn’t know whose side these rank ten Abyss Devils were on.

The Ice Emperor shot a meaningful look at Qin Lie’s Dark Soul Beast avatar.

“They’re on our side,” Qin Lie said.

The Ice Emperor immediately relaxed a little. At first, he was afraid that the Abyss Devil Dragon Azgalo would attack them in rage.

After all, they had just clashed against Azgalo not long ago. It was no wonder he was worried if that these Abyss Devils were here to take revenge.

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