Chapter 1653: Ranking of Beings

The change of Vermillion Bird Realm alerted the Vermillion Birds and also some experts of the Ancient Beast Race.

However, Qin Lie, immersed in comprehending the Abyss laws, did not detect the change in Vermillion Bird Realm.

His main body had no attention to spare for even the closeby phenomenon around the Origin Sea.

His main body could not detect it and his Dark Soul Beast avatar was even more ignorant of the change in Vermillion Bird Realm.

The avatar was in the sky above Dark Blood Canyon, waiting in panic for Nine Hells Monarch Auston to arrive.


Ling Yushi, amidst the clouds, comforted Aaron and her subordinates in Nine Hells before flying next to him.

"That guy is Auston's son?" Qin Lie asked.

"You mean Aaron?" Ling Yushi was surprised.

Qin Lie nodded slightly. "Since I have not used Dark Soul to disguise my presence, I could hear your conversation. That Aaron... seems to look down on us?"

Ling Yushi stilled and then said, "He will not look down on you. He just considers the denizens of Spirit Realm too weak."

"You and I come from Spirit Realm," Qin Lie retorted.

When Aaron spoke of Spirit Realm, his tone was filled with dismissal and disdain. Moreover, he doubted the motives of Qin Hao, Qin Shan, and the others, much to Qin Lie’s dissatisfaction.

Recently, the people he interacted with were either God Race experts like Lieyan Ge, An Hao, and Han Che, or Great Lords of the Abyss like Grom and Dawson.

Even facing hegemons like Lieyan Ge, Grom, and Dawson, he did not feel he was any worse than them. His confidence grew.

He could not adjust to Aaron's disdain of the humans from Spirit Realm.

—He always thought of himself as a part of the human race.

"Do not argue with him. All high rank purgatory Abyss Devils are the same as him." Ling Yushi smiled coolly and said, "Do you remember Diga? At the start, when the Flaming Sun Abyss was still an Origin World, he appeared as a purgatory Abyss Devil and immediately received loyalty of many Abyss Devils. The upper hundred levels’ Abyss Devils feel that the high rank Abyss Devils of the Eight Purgatories have superior bloodlines and much loftier status. This might have created their terrible personality and the feeling they are the noblest of races."


Qin Lie laughed.

"Oh, right, Diga should be in Yellow Springs Purgatory? I communicated for a brief moment with Diga through a bloodline art and asked him about you. How is he now?" Ling Yushi asked.

"He should be Grom's last living bloodline descendant. Before Yellow Springs Purgatory completely collapsed, I used the Galaxy Mirror to send him to the Frost Desolation Abyss," Qin Lie explained.

"It's good he is alive." Ling Yushi was silent for a while. She suddenly asked, in low spirits, "How did Ling Feng die?"

"Tian Qi killed him and Luz in order to get me to seal the Nine Hells’ entrance to the abyss passageway," Qin Lie said darkly.

"Tian Qi..." Ling Yushi gritted her teeth.

"This person is terrifying. You and I... are not a match for him right now," Qin Lie said with a sigh.

"In the entire universe, there’s only one person who can win against Tian Qi—the Imperial Soul Monarch. Killing is another matter though.” At this time, Auston's voice sounded. "Even the Imperial Soul Monarch cannot kill him."


As he finished, a thousand meter tall Abyss Devil landed.

This Abyss Devil did not have six pairs of wings like Grom. Instead, he had sharp black spikes on his back. It looked as though he had bone arrows over his back.

Those spikes were cold and sharp, flashing with intimidating light.

The thick hard horns on the head of this Abyss Devil stood straight, and if one paid close attention, they could hear eerie howls coming from within.

His two enormous hands would turn into a saw-like blade when they came together.

The power the blade could unleash was terrifyingly strong, as though it could tear apart the sky.

"Lord Father," Ling Yushi said respectfully.

Realization struck him, leaving him surprised. This was Auston’s main body..


The Abyss Devil called Azgalo came with a roar at the same time Auston arrived.

When Azgalo appeared, he roared and attempted to tear apart Qin Lie’s Dark Soul Beast avatar.

"Calm down," Auston shouted.

"Lord Azgalo!" Ling Yushi screamed.

She did not understand why Azgalo would suddenly target Qin Lie after appearing.

Qin Lie felt bitter inside. He knew that his Dark Soul Beast avatar had been recognized after turning into his main body.

When his main body led Qin Shan and Qin Hao into Nine Hells, the Abyss Devil dragon Azgalo had detected it, resulting in conflict.

The rank ten bloodline Great Lord of the Abyss Azgalo had been wounded by Qin Hao's punch and fled, covered in blood.

"Monarch! It's him, he's with those people!" Azgalo howled.

"I know." Auston snorted.

Azgalo could hear the anger in Auston’s voice and immediately froze in place, stopping his charge.

"Qin Lie, what is going on?" Ling Yushi asked.

Auston's main body arrived, and Azgalo appeared. Aaron flew up into the sky.

"Uncle Azgalo, why are you so angry?" Aaron said with a giggle.

Azgalo looked coldly at Qin Lie, snorted and did not answer.

"Qin Lie, the human that wounded Azgalo is one of yours?" Auston asked curiously.

He had just learned that Azgalo had a conflict with a group of outer realms’ experts when he came with Azgalo.

Azgalo had gone to investigate the Nether River on his orders and unexpectedly found the river dried up.

Soon after, Qin Lie had his relatives transported over and coincidentally arrived near the Nether River.

Azgalo misunderstood that the drying up of the Nether River had to do with Qin Lie's coup and went into rage.

In the end, Azgalo was defeated by Qin Hao. He had been resting to recover from his wounds in the last few days and only moved because of Auston’s summon.

He had just told the news of the group of others to Auston and saw Qin Lie when he arrived.

He couldn't resist but attack.

"What, an outsider injured Uncle Azgalo? Who?" Aaron shouted.

Auston looked deeply at Qin Lie and waited for his answer.

"That is my father," Qin Lie said.

"Powerful." Auston's eyes lit up. "Azgalo told me that the person who wounded him… might not be any weaker than the patriarch of the Spirit Race, Assad."

"Impossible! How is it possible?" Aaron shook his head. "That person is human? A mere member of the human race can win against Uncle Azgalo?"

"That person is indeed a human,” the dragon Azgalo said dispiritedly with his head hung low.

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