Chapter 1652: Flaming Sun

"They might not be strong now, but I believe that they will have a seat in the universe in the future," Ling Yushi said.


Aaron twisted his lips and then laughed. "I fear it will be difficult."

In his thoughts, a remote realm like Spirit Realm would have a hard time making a difference in the major realms.

He was an Abyss Devil of the Eight Purgatories. He always felt he was superior to others. Most of the time, he even dismissed the Spirit Race and God Race.

He thought that the Spirit Race and God Race's evolution was similar to the Abyss Devils of the upper hundred levels, and that they were slightly inferior to the Abyss Devils of the Eight Purgatories.

This time, the Spirit Race used all their power and were only able to fight them in Nine Hells Purgatory.

If the Spirit Race had not caught a chance and chose to enter Nine Hells when the abyss passageway was temporarily closed, the Eight Purgatories could easily kill all of them.

He believed that the collective power of the Eight Purgatories was enough to withstand the Spirit Race, the God Race and the Soul Race.

Also, there were a hundred Abyss levels above, with even more Abyss Devils.

As a member of the Abyss Devils, he always thought the Abyss Devils were the strongest race.

"Oh, right, how did they come here?" Aaron stilled and asked, "Also, why are they coming to Nine Hells? Are they like the Spirit Race... and have thoughts about Nine Hells?"

His expression grew grave as he spoke. He suspected the motivations of the Spirit Realm humans.

Ling Yushi glanced at him and said, "They probably came to find me in Nether City..."

To avoid Aaron misunderstanding, she could only say this to avoid Aaron thinking of the Spirit Realm guests as enemies.

"So they came to join you." Aaron smiled and said, "They are smart. They know the Spirit Race and the God Race are interested in Spirit Realm. They fear that Spirit Realm will soon be conquered and they will be killed by the two races so they came to you for protection. However, it is strange they managed to enter Nine Hells when the abyss passageway is closed..."

As he and Ling Yushi talked, the Spirit Race bloodline warriors led by Indigo rode their demon pets towards Nether City.

At this time, all the Spirit Race warriors had disappeared from their sight.

"Your Highnesses, should we cross Dark Blood Canyon and depart for Nether City?"

A rank nine bloodline Lord of the Abyss suddenly walked over to ask for Aaron and Ling Yushi’s opinions.

This Lord of the Abyss was like Lawton and Daley. He had started as a high rank Abyss Devil so he did not have an enormous body.

"Sister, what does Father think?" Aaron said.

"Wait for him," Ling Yushi answered.

"Oh." Aaron nodded and said to the high rank bloodline Lord of the Abyss, "Lawson, have them wait with patience. My father will come soon."

Lawson, the Lord of the Abyss, immediately became respectful hearing Auston would come. "Understood."

He immediately went to settle the restless Abyss Devils.

At this time, Qin Lie's main body in the Flaming Sun Abyss was in a profound state.

His one-level Soul Altar floated silently above the ground, his true body atop.

The circles of light containing the “Magnetic Storm” ability continued to release mysteries power.

That kind of power seemed to be the origin power of Yellow Springs Purgatory. Because of that strange power and the circles of light that had merged into Qin Lie's Soul Altar, the shattered Yellow Springs Purgatory pieces merged into the Flaming Sun Abyss.

The lands of the Flaming Sun Abyss were growing by the second. The abyss devil energy was quickly growing denser.

At this time, Qin Lie was peacefully comprehending the laws hidden in the circles of light.

Near the Origin Sea, the volcanoes erupted with burning lava that... seemed to carry the destructive presence of the Blaze Family bloodline.

The thick lava streamed down, creating long, winding rivers.

Eventually, the rivers interweaved, creating mysterious patterns.

A similar flame pattern had formed on Qin Lie's Soul Altar.

At this time, if Qin Lie suddenly woke up, and examined the flame patterns on his Soul Altar and near the Origin Sea, he would find the origins of the flame pattern...

At the same time, Vermillion Bird Realm.

In Ice Emperor and Narsen's fight, this place had been frozen by the Ice Emperor when mobilizing full force of his nine-level Soul Altar..

Even after the Ice Emperor had retracted his energy, Vermillion Bird Realm has been surrounded in cold energy for a long time.

The Vermillion Bird Race who liked heat, and the other fire-attribute beings that cultivated in Vermillion Bird Realm had left long ago.

Qin Lie had promised the Vermillion Bird Race that their realm would one day return to what it had been.

He dared to say such a thing because underneath this realm’s volcanoes was a mysterious meteor.

The Flame Emperor had studied the powerful flame laws through cultivating in the heart of the volcano and studying the mysterious meteor.

Qin Lie had imprinted the words "Flaming Sun" on the mysterious meteor when he entered the volcano. In exchange, the flame patterns had been imprinted on his Soul Altar.

On that day, as Qin Lie's Flaming Sun Abyss consumed the fragments of Yellow Springs Purgatory and transformed to become Flaming Sun Purgatory, Vermillion Bird Realm also changed.

The dead volcanoes of Vermillion Bird Realm that run out of heat started to roar and shake.

The earth in Vermillion Bird Realm shook as well and many cracks formed.

Lava and flame started to furiously sprout from those cracks and the dead volcanoes.

Vermillion Bird Realm, which had been silent for a while, suddenly increased in temperature!

The low rank Vermillion Birds who were stationed in Vermillion Bird Realm detected the change and shouted in shock.

They did not know what was happening in Vermillion Bird Realm but they insensitively felt that their realm that recently hadn’t been suitable for them to live in, was undergoing a transformation.

They noticed the biggest volcano in the ancestral lands of the Vermillion Birds was wrapped up in flames and trembling violently.

The immediately told the other Vermillion Birds in Boluo Realm and Ancient Beast Realm about the change in Vermillion Bird Realm, assembling their race to observe the sudden change.

"Whoosh whoosh whoosh!"

In the burning volcano, that meteor that Qin Lie had inscribed the ancient words "Flaming Sun" released burning light.

The two characters representing "Flaming Sun" seemed to become two burning suns. Endless stream of fiery energy flooded in.

The fire energy from the two characters amplified by the mysterious patterns caused all of Vermillion Bird Realm to burst into blaze

The source of Vermillion Bird Realm's change was the imprint Qin Lie had left, that established its connection with the Flaming Sun Abyss.

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