Chapter 1651: Borrowing Power

"It is you, it is all because of you!"

Nine Hells Monarch Auston's eyes flashed brightly. He was clearly angry.

Yet in a few seconds, he calmed down.

"Castor's avatar awakened from the Nether River of Nine Hells?" he asked gravely.

"I saw him," Qin Lie answered.

"No wonder..." Auston's expression grew dark.

"Father, so those Abyss Devils that inexplicably disappeared..." Ling Yushi's expression changed.

Auston nodded. "It was definitely him."

"Why?" Qin Lie asked curiously.

Ling Yushi frowned and explained. "Recently, rank eight and nine Abyss Devils have been disappearing for no reason. We originally thought the Spirit Race did this, but we found that the Spirit Race experts did not go near the area of the missing Abyss Devils in our investigation."

"It must have been Castor's avatar using those Abyss Devils to strengthen his bloodline power." Qin Lie was certain as well. "Spirit Race clansmen were not of great benefit to his recovery. Only Abyss Devil flesh and blood can help him grow strong quickly to become powerful enough to fight Lord Auston."

"You received a portion of Castor's dead souls’ truths?" Auston suddenly looked strangely at him.

Qin Lie felt a wave of cold and feared he had other thoughts. He hurriedly said, "My main body is presently in the Flaming Sun Abyss. In the short term, my main body will not leave. This Soul Race subsoul doesn't know anything about the dead souls."

"You do not have to be nervous. I am not as obsessed about dead souls as Grom. I comprehended a bit, but I did not study any deeper. I only used the dead souls truths to perfect my bloodline power. My path and Castor's path are completely different. I do not want to follow his path to reach the ultimate realm and become the Abyss Master," Auston stated.

After his words, Qin Lie sighed in relief but he didn't dare to let his guard down.

"From what you’ve told me, it seems Castor has… chosen you. When his eight avatars obtain enough power, he will replace you, and use your physical body to become the Abyss Master once again," Auston concluded.

"I understand," Qin Lie answered.

"On the surface you seem very lucky, but the truth is, you’re quite pitiful. Fate… is set in stone already," Auston said coolly.

"Father, you say that Qin Lie will be replaced by Castor?" Ling Yushi said in shock.

"This is an established truth," Auston said.

At these words, Ling Yushi panicked. She was going to beg Auston to have him help.

But before she could speak, Auston shook his head. "I cannot help him."

"Then who can?" Ling Yushi said urgently.

Auston thought for a while and then looked deeply at Qin Lie's Dark Soul Beast avatar. He murmured. "Perfect Blood but with a rank ten Soul Race subsoul. Is the Imperial Soul Monarch... also paying attention to you or has he already secretly acted?"

He shook his head in obvious puzzlement.

A moment later, he said, "This boy is too strange. I cannot see through him and do not know the final direction of his fate."

"Then..." Ling Yushi halted.

"I cannot help him,” said Auston with a frown, “but I can help him with Nether City."

"That is enough," Qin Lie said.

"Also, I can make it hard for Castor's avatar in Nine Hells Purgatory to accumulate power to reach his peak in the short term. This way, you will have more time," Auston said confidently.

Qin Lie stilled and said, "Grom is dead..."

"He's him, I'm me." Auston raised his head proudly and said, "Grom did not have a proper mentality. In the last million years, he abandoned comprehending his own bloodline power and pursued Castor's dead souls truths. When he faced Castor's avatar, the dead souls power he had comprehended over the years was an obstacle for him. He could not win against Castor's avatar."

"I am different."

Auston snorted. "Castor's avatar has not yet recovered completely. Even if he is at his peak, I have enough confidence his avatar cannot do as he pleases!"

Qin Lie suddenly felt deep respect.

He suddenly recalled that Castor's avatar in Yellow Springs Purgatory found Grom within a short period of time.

Castor's avatar clearly felt that he did not need to recover much power to defeat Grom.

But this avatar in Nine Hells Purgatory moved in secret and did not dare to be exposed prematurely.

This proved that Castor's avatar here was very wary of the Nine Hells Monarch. He did not want to provoke Auston before he had enough power.

Or maybe he knew that Auston was more of a threat to him after so many years than Grom.

"The experts of the Spirit Race are all moving towards Nether City? Tian Qi is present?" Auston suddenly asked.

Qin Lie instinctively nodded.

"I understand," Auston said.

His shadow suddenly slowly returned to void, disappearing.

At this time, Qin Lie noticed the Spirit Race clansmen led by Indigo had flown toward Nether City.

It seemed that Indigo had detected when Auston's soul appeared in the sky.

She would know that a terrifying rank ten Great Lord of the Abyss would soon come here through the abyss passageway. To protect the Spirit Race clansmen with her, she chose to retreat.

Her choice was correct.

"I will go down and explain." Ling Yushi notified Qin Lie and flew down towards Dark Blood Canyon. "Many Spirit Race bloodline warriors are rushing to Nether City. Nether City is in a complicated situation right now. With just us, we probably cannot win."

"Did father just come here?" Aaren said.

"Yes, I notified him. His main body should come here soon with other Great Lords of the Abyss," Ling Yushi said.

"Why has the Spirit Race gathered in large numbers at Nether City?" Aaron was puzzled.

"There are some guests from outside the Abyss in Nether City, as well as my subordinates." Ling Yushi sighed. "Due to some reasons, Tian Qi and the Spirit Race clansmen want to teach them a lesson."

"Where are they from?" Aaron said curiously.

"Spirit Realm."

"Spirit Realm?" Aaron stilled. A disdainful smile appeared on his lips. "Those humans?"


"Are they coming to die?"

Aaron had a disdainful expression because he had studied the Spirit Realm’s human race due to Ling Yushi's arrival.

He knew that Spirit Realm was a super-sized realm but thirty thousand years ago, it had been conquered quickly by the God Race's Blaze and Darkness Families.

He also knew that Tian Qi had arranged for two wastrel princes of the Soul Race to go to Spirit Realm to create chaos.

Even a small force like the Night Ghosts could do as they pleased after entering Spirit Realm.

This caused him to have a low opinion of the local races.

In his eyes, the races of Spirit Realm were inferior beings, not even worth attacking.

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